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Sett Build Guide by lol Wero

[13.16] Season 13 Sett Top Guide

[13.16] Season 13 Sett Top Guide

Updated on August 28, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author lol Wero Build Guide By lol Wero 60 6 202,675 Views 4 Comments
60 6 202,675 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author lol Wero Sett Build Guide By lol Wero Updated on August 28, 2023
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Runes: Standard Runes

1 2 3
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Second Wind

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[13.16] Season 13 Sett Top Guide

By lol Wero
Hello Sett mains that want to try my Sett guide. I am a Masters/Grandmasters in the NA/LAN servers named lol_Wero I stream on twitch. I've been playing League of Legends since Season 2. I'm also an AD Neeko Top Main who also plays that in high elo mainly. I have an AD Neeko Top Guide if you want to check that out on my profile. I've been playing Sett since his release and I'm happy to finally share my guide to everyone who is interested on it.

Why Do You Play Sett?
I find Sett to be super fun to play as! He is my 2nd main to play in Soloq. Sett has never once bored me even when I have a bad game on him. His Kit really fits my playstyle when it comes to playing a melee bruiser. Since his release, I manage to know every match ups at this point so its fun to keep playing the same match ups in the top lane as Sett.

Why Bruiser Build Over The Tank Build?
In the top lane, you are meant to do damage for your team and you're able to do great trading vs a lot of the match ups. Either Rushing Stridebreaker or Blade of the Ruined King you will be able to out trade your opponents most of the time. maxing your W Haymaker while building bruiser helps a lot into match ups and Sett still becomes really tanky with a bruiser build.

Does This Build Scale?
Yes it definitely scales into the mid/late game. This build also scales way better than the Tank build. With running Overgrowth, the health bonus will help a lot to survive in the later fights or scrimish small fights. Regardless of not taking Overgrowth , you will still be tanky since You're maxing the Haymaker first.

What's The Play Style With This Build?
Killing isn't necessary for the laning phase; but Zoning the Laner from CS and Experience is very necessary. Sett is able to do great trading vs the enemy if you use your Haymaker and Facebreaker correctly. After the laning phase is over. Depending on the situation of the game, you can split or group up. Sett is able to clear jungle camps really fast so make sure to take every jungle enemy camps when you can. Pit Grit and Knuckle Down helps for the fast clear and fast clear on towers or objectives. You're also playing to catch enemies caught with Stridebreaker so make sure you roam with your lead.


Front line
Great Engager
Great Flex Pick
Great Movement Speed
Great Scaling
Great Split Pusher


Easy To Gank
Immobile In The Early Game
Can Get Kited on Easily
Bad Vs Range Match ups
Summoner Spells

FLASH: Flash is always necessary for every game.
TELEPORT: Majority of the games, Teleport will be needed for the safer scaling laning phase and teleporting while split push to create pressure for the mid/late game. Teleport will also help your team if needing back up from fights.
IGNITE: For a cheese kill lane or if needing grevious wounds badly for the early game.

Stacking Conqueror with Sett is really fast since it synergizes really well with his passive Pit Grit and Knuckle Down auto resets. Sett is also made for long extended fights so the healing and stacking damage synergizes really well for Sett in 1v1s or team fighting

Fleet Footwork is another rune that Sett can use for hard match ups or poking match ups. The healing from Fleet Footwork will help you survive the laning phase from rough situations/scenarios. The healing and movement speed will help still even for the mid/late game.
Sett can have a lot of clutch moments where Triumph can save you in a lot of situations. The 20 Gold you gain can help with the snowball. Sett can also heal a lot of health since Triumph restores 12% of your missing health.
Legend: Tenacity will help you a lot in the team fights. Since you will be front lining or Enagaging a lot, Legend: Tenacity will come in handy a lot when the enemy team uses their CC {Crowd Control) on you.
Last Stand is a very good rune when youre building a lot of Health. It also helps with Haymaker since you use it a lot of times when you're low health.

Since Sett builds a lot of Health items, this can make you tankier in the later game. You're also building as a bruiser so having Overgrowth will keep you alive more in fights or 1v1s. Can also help you proc Haymaker more for being more tanky. Overgrowth will be the rune to take majority of your games.

Unflinching is mainly used when the enemy team has a lot of CC (Crowd Control). This will help you so much in team fights.

Only use Revitalize when taking Fleet Footwork for more healing in the laning phase vs hard match ups or range match ups.

Second Wind
Second Wind
Second Wind is the rune you will want to take every game on Sett due to synergizing so well with Sett 's Health Regen passive healing and the Doran's Shield health regen healing. Second Wind is very useful in rough match ups or range match ups since this will help you sustain more in lane. Range match up can proc Second Wind many times.
Using Abilities
Pit Grit (Passive)
Sett 's autos synergizes very well with Conqueror and Blade of the Ruined King making Sett really strong in 1v1s and taking objectives. Taking enemy jungle camps is an extra to make yourself even stronger since you can clear them so fast. Take advantage of trading with Pit Grit . Many people dont know this when playing Sett , but Sett 's Pit Grit can regenerate a lot of health in a trading scenario. Combine with Second Wind , Doran's Shield , and Pit Grit you will be gaining so much health regen.
Knuckle Down (Q)
When playing Sett , First auto with your Pit Grit then quickly auto reset to make your Knuckle Down really useful in trading or in general. This will be your 2nd skill to max. You can even max this 1st vs an enemy that is stacking a lot of health since maxing Knuckle Down scales dealing Max Health damage. (Example: Cho'Gath )
Haymaker (W)
Haymaker will be the 1st skill to max. Haymaker is what mainily makes Sett 's trading so well in the top lane. You can also use Haymaker to farm in rough match ups where you cant walk up. Very useful to wave clear fast when you want to recall as soon as possible. One trick you can do with Haymaker is save your Facebreaker to center the enemy to deal true damage easier.
Facebreaker (E)
Facebreaker will be the 3rd skill to max. When you want to engage with Facebreaker , Use your Knuckle Down to gain movement speed to make it easier for you to use Facebreaker . In team fights, use Facebreaker with both enemies to stun them for great CC (Crowd Control).
The Show Stopper (R)
Possibly one of the best engaging skills in the game that can win you team fights instantly. In team fights, you wanna use The Show Stopper on the target with the most health. In laning phase, you can use this as a way to engage on your opponent to slow them or deal damage when they're low so they don't try to escape. You can also use The Show Stopper to escape from ganks.
Stridebreaker will be the first item that'll be purchase.
Rushing this mythic item is recommended due to the movement speed mythic passive it gives. Stridebreakers Active can synergize so well with Sett due to how immobile Sett can be. catching people with the Stridebreaker active can help you catch enemies to win you objectives and catch yourself kills. Stridebreaker stats are just too good for Sett .

Blade of the Ruined King will be the 2nd item to be purchased. Blade of the Ruined King 's basic attacks deal 10% of the target's current health and this passive synergizes so well with Sett 's Passive Pit Grit and Sett 's Q Knuckle Down . Now that you have Blade of the Ruined King purchase, you will deal massive damage and you will be able to clear objectives and enemy jungle camps so fast. Do not worry about feeling squishy, you will be feeling tanky still with Overgrowth , Stridebreaker 's Health stat, Health Regen passive from Pit Grit Doran's Shield Second Wind , and the Haymaker Shields.


Blade of the Ruined King can sometimes be purchase 1st item vs enemies stacking a lot of health ( Example: Cho'Gath Dr. Mundo )
the only downside is that you will feel immobile until purchasing Stridebreaker .

Depending on the enemy team, 3rd purchase will either be Dead Man's Plate , Randuin's Omen , Spirit Visage , Chempunk Chainsword , or Thornmail

Dead Man's Plate is basically the core build where you mostly buy for a 3rd item. Dead Man's Plate makes Sett very mobile at this point of the game and more tanky. Dead Man's Plate can help you sett (haha) up engages or catch people more easy now.

Spirit Visage will be a 3rd purchase if you're needing magic resist. Spirit Visage is a great purchase for Sett 's health Regen and the healing from [[Blade of the ruined king] 's lifesteal. Very good item to get even more tanky.

Chempunk Chainsword or Thornmail are the only items that will be purchase with Sett when needing Grevious Wounds. Thornmail is build when the enemy team has a lot of on hit champions that can be easily proc with Thornmail (Example: Lucian )
Chempunk Chainsword is the build as the core item as Grevious wounds needed. Its a great bruiser item with a slight Health stat and good Attack Damage needed.

Randuin's Omen One of the best On Hit Tank items in the game that gives a lot of defense stat for Sett . This is a must needed item when enemy has a lot of on hit champions.

Sterak's Gage , You can purchase this item as a 3rd item or an item as 4th or 5th depending on the game. You can build this as a 3rd item when you're ahead in the game due to how much worth it this item is for damage and survivability.

Death's Dance is a great item to build when you're snowballing the game. The stats and passive provides great survivability even if it has no health in it. can still synergize really well with Sett 's Health Regeneration.

Black Cleaver is not as great as the other items but it still provides great stats and armour reduction. Black Cleaver movement speed can help Sett be more mobilize when attacking enemies.

Serpent's Fang Is obviously not a tank survivability item for Sett but it can still provide from helping your team needing when the enemy team has a lot of shielding. Now remember that if you have Overgrowth , you can be a little more tanky to survive the team fights or 1v1s.

Guardian Angel Is build rarely, but you can build Guardian Angel when needed for the last team fight or a big objective fight in late game.

Boots of swiftness

Plated Steelcaps

Mercury's Treads
Boots of Swiftness is purchased when you want more mobility in the game.

Plated Steelcaps comes in as a defensive boots against laners who can all in Sett during laning phase such as Irelia, Camille, Jayce, and Kled. Purchasing Plated Steelcaps also helps if the enemy has a full AD team. This makes Sett more tanky vs champions who have a lot of On hit champions.

Mercury's Treads comes in handy if the enemy team has a lot of CC (Crowd Control). Buy it too if the enemy has high AP.

Early Game

Early Game is all about Trading during the laning phase and hoping yourself you can get some kills. Focus mainly on zoning your opponent from CSing and gaining experience. Keep your distance and don't over extend with your positioning due to being immobile in the early game that this can cause you get to ganked quite easily. Try to push the wave early the game to help your jungler in the early game with the scuttle since Sett has a lot of power to win 2v2 fights. Don't be afraid to go in first since you bait a lot of times with Haymaker . Remember that Sett wins in a lot of trading if using your skills correctly and having the Health Regen advantage from Pit Grit , Second Wind and Doran's Shield . If you do manage to get a kill during the laning phase, you can take tower plates really fast with Pit Grit and Knuckle Down . You should able to have Stridebreaker pre 20 or around 15 minutes of the game, this is when you start to look for picks and roams. Remember to take objectives with your team and try to go in first to Sett up kills.
Mid/Late Game
After Laning phase is over we head to the mid game where things get a little spicy with the damage and the mobility. Just remember that Sett does scale into the late game with providing a good front liner and one of the best engagers in the game. Focus on split pushing and grouping depending on the game. while split pushing, try to focus on also taking the enemies jungle camps. Sett is able to take jungle camps pretty fast with Pit Grit , Knuckle Down and Blade of the Ruined King . Place Vision around the enemy jungle while your split pushing to help your team with vision. When Grouping, group to help with team fighting and engaging. Majority of team comps, you will have to be the one to engage and front line. When starting a team fight, if the enemy with the most health out positions himself to do a huge The Show Stopper , take the chance to catch him to do a big massive damage on the enemy team. This can win you games a lot of times and remember to position yourself with The Show Stopper to win you those games. Group whenever there's an important objective coming out, when this happens in the game, just remember how mobilize you are at this point of the game. So try to look for the engages. You don't need to just focus on engaging with the biggest enemy health, you can also engage on an enemy who misposition's themselves and go for the kill on them by The Show Stopper to your team or simply kill them with your abilities/damage.
Thank you everyone who took the time to read my second ever guide! I would really appreciate if you can check out my Twitch Channel anytime if you want to learn more about Sett .

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League of Legends Build Guide Author lol Wero
lol Wero Sett Guide
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[13.16] Season 13 Sett Top Guide

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