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Master Yi Build Guide by layton20

Jungle [13.17] Master Yi to Diamond (non in-depth, quick read, quick tips)

Jungle [13.17] Master Yi to Diamond (non in-depth, quick read, quick tips)

Updated on October 8, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author layton20 Build Guide By layton20 9 1 12,626 Views 2 Comments
9 1 12,626 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author layton20 Master Yi Build Guide By layton20 Updated on October 8, 2023
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Runes: Standard Rune Page

Lethal Tempo
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Eyeball Collection
Treasure Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor

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Champion Build Guide

[13.17] Master Yi to Diamond (non in-depth, quick read, quick tips)

By layton20
What kind of guide is this
This is a small, quick guide to getting that sexy blue border. It's not a full guide, it's very brief. For those who need a quick 3-5 minute read before they get into game. It will give you a few (but essential) macro and micro tips to get that upper hand, and avoid mistakes that I often see in lower elos.

This is for players who have little to large experience with Yi who aren't finding success. Apologies if this Yi guide feels rushed or isn't that helpful. This is my first guide <3 But I will commit to updating this gradually into a full in-depth guide.

I would you say all you need is 20 games to get a good grasp on Yi, and have a good feeling for his damages. Some may say this guide is bad, but hey! I say it works and got me to where I am from lower-elo to masters. Please, take this guide with a grain of salt and add your own tweaks to your gameplay if you have different opinions.
Who am I (optional read)
Hello folks. I am currently a master yi OTP. I have been playing yi for 3 months. "Wtf" you say? Yi to masters in 3 months? Yh, I say "disgusting champion" too.

What I do
I learn a new champion at get them to masters per season. I have OTPd Zac (S11), Singed predator mid (S12), and now completed Master Yi (S13). All climbed above or around 200 LP masters.

Master Yi smurf accounts
Here are some smurf IGNs I play on for Master Yi: my lithp ith bad, flushed cheeks, flushed cheeks . I am sorry I smurfed against my opponents and won't do it again (I'm not sorry and will do it again)

Previously hardstuck diamond 4
Previously, I was hardstuck d4 for 2 years. I mained support, playing leona and nautilus. I'm the bottom of the barrel. I started in season 9 so I am relatively new compared to others. If I can do it, you can too my friends.
How I play master yi (generally)
I play a clean and honest game of Yi. I am a reactive jungler and do not force ganks that do not confirm a kill. An enemy flash is not enough for me to gank, only kills. Otherwise, I will continue to farm. You should be patient.

Generally, you are expected to play for yourself. At least, this is what I do. I cannot count on my allies to do their job. I will do it for them.

Most important tips
  • You are a great counter ganker. If you 100% know enemy jungle will gank your allies soon, go hide in a bush and wait for that opportunity
  • You should always track the enemy jungler and I extremely recommend you to ping your allies the enemy jungler's location and whether if they will gank soon. This is a game-changer
  • Keep in mind numbers (of allies and enemies) when considering team fighting. Do not take a fight with a disadvantage in numbers when you are not fed enough. This means, if you see them taking drake and you do not have prio or it is risky, you do not take it. You go and take enemy jungler's camps or do the opposite objective. If your ally pings for this risky fight, you tell them no.
  • In a teamfight, you be patient and let your allies engage/be engaged on. Enemies's focus are on them. Now you go in for the kill on enemy squishies (adc, support, mid)
  • Playing Yi required patience in a teamfight and aggressiveness in a solo 1v1

Be consistent! Learn patience
Early Game
10/10 times I full clear top to bottom. Doesn't matter if enemy top is an easy gank or bot is hard to gank. Currently, the meta is to get that bot lane ahead. Better to get 2 allies ahead (support can roam after) over 1 ally most-cases. Top is poo role anyways.

Camp clearing
Red side: Red > Krugs > Raptors > Wolves > Blue > Gromp > Scuttle > Look to gank or recall
Blue side: Blue > Gromp > Wolves > Raptors > Red > Krugs > Look to gank or recall

You do not need a leash, you are full clearing.

Advantages of no leash
  • Your laner does not waste time leashing for you and can match his enemy laner
  • Enemy jungler does not know where you have started. You get to dictate if you want to face the enemy jungler later without their knowledge (i.e., setup a counter gank)
  • Your solo-clearing is perfectly fine, you are not affected.

My enemy jungler is playing an invading jungler
These champs may include Graves, Kha'Zix, Elise, Kindred, etc.
You are aware of this. You may ask your allies to ward your camp. You may call your allies to come aid you before you meet the invader - if they do not want to come, do not force it. You may invade their jungle instead.

When should I gank
9/10 times you should look to full-clear, and very rarely you gank mid/top before this full-clear. Ganking top without a guaranteed kill risks you losing your camps opposite side, and ganking mid without a confirmed kill leads to the enemy jungler knowing your position and the number of camps you've currently taken.
Only gank a lane if they need help shoving, or enemy is extremely low (< 30% hp).
Just be aware that the enemy jungler may counter gank.
Mid and Late Game
Play for your objectives
  • This includes drakes and heralds
  • Make sure you arrive at your objective before they spawn. Your allies should also do the same. Remind them and ping them of this
  • Use your herald mid > bot > top. Heralding mid allows you to open up the map sooner for pressure
  • First herald is worth more than a drake. In early game, you and your ally gain tower plate gold, which is more valuable than a percentage buff from drake that is miniscule early-game
  • You can solo drake with a pickaxe. Just make sure you do it uncontested
  • It is possible to take baron with another ally with 2 items at level 13 so long as you are not behind

Punish enemy jungler for ganking (and failing)
If your enemy jungler fails a gank, he deserved to be punished like the dog he is. Go take his camps, then return to your camps. Your camps are going nowhere.

From here on, you invade enemy jungle, look for unsuspecting victims strolling around with a "come and eat me" sign above their heads. But, just be wary of where other enemies are at.
  • If you win a team fight, go get your baron.
  • If you cannot siege a lane's tower, ask your top laner to side lane and push as mid (you hide closely by out of vision) to pressure.
  • If you can siege a lane's tower, push on (you hide closely by out of vision)
General matchups
You win almost all matchups in a 1v1, no questions, if played correctly. You win almost all 1v1s if the enemy is not extremely fed and you are on equal (or better) stats.

If I have not put a champion that you'd want to know the matchup for in the 'Threats' tab, they are insignificant. You win the 1v1.

When taking a 1v1, you should be knowledgable in knowing your enemy's abilities. Use your Q and W to dodge/negate their damage.

  • As darius is about to Q, use Q
  • As an ezreal ult is flying at you and you have fast reflexes, press W or Q an enemy target
Keeping a mental with toxic teammates
  • Mute the chat or turn to premade chat. If you are a toxic player, flame to yourself. Do not spam ping teammates
  • I play Eternal Sword Yi skin for calm mental
  • If allies are spam pinging for ganks, if you know it is not worth it, mute them or ignore them. You are in control. If they threaten you that they will do X, you simply do not type. They will soon focus on the game
  • Mental plays a huge role on the jungle role, spam pingers should get muted
  • If you are doing well, and your teammates are doing well. I do not hype them in chat or type. It sounds counter-intuitive but it may put them off, increase their ego and lead to consequences. Leave your hype until post-game, let them focus on the game
  • After a loss, take a 20 minute break to go eat food or watch YouTube
    You do not want to enter another game and begin crying about your previous game to new-lobby chat

This champion requires patience, and a mental fortitude to ignore bad calls from your allies. Repeat after me in-game "I am not a filthy greedy monkey. I am not a filthy greedy monkey".
Micro tips
Extra auto with W animation cancel
You can animation cancel W to get a fast auto attack.
  • Use when a jungle camp is about to attack you
  • Use on enemy champion before they are able to escape
  • Use on drake when they are about to attack you

Soloing drake
  • You may solo drake after your 1st recall with a pickaxe. Make sure you know where enemy jungler is
  • Use Q and W to dodge drake attacks

Attacking raptors
On early clears, AA small raptors while pulling camps, get big raptor to 50% HP, then do the same for small raptors to 50% HP. After each auto, your pet will hit all monsters twice. You can use this tip to pull camp while your pet hits meantime. This will save you a few seconds

Attacking Krugs
You can Q large krug opposite to small krug, so that when you face big krug, its back is faced towards small krug. Small krug will not be able to hit you.

Escaping enemies using minions
When running away from an enemy (after you've taken a kill), you can Q the minions ahead of you to get gain a further distance from your pursuers.

You or the support should engage when tower diving
If you know you can gain a kill from a tower dive, let the support get aggro. If they do not want to, you should do it, then use your Q on minions to escape that aggro.

Ganking a lane post-6
When ulting into a fight, you should look to save your Q. Your movement speed from your ult is enough to reach the enemy. Use that Q for when they escape or flash.

Using Q on champions that can wall-jump
When you are focusing a target that has a wall-jump ability or flash, save your Q. If they are walking towards a wall, 9/10 times they are about to flash over. Use that to make a prediction of when to Q so that you travel across with them (e.g. Ezreal E)
Best Skins
  • Default - Smurfing
  • Eternal Sword - Beautiful auto-attacks, elegant movement, good for mental and learning patience

From the consensus, the default skin is the skin that pisses the enemy off the most.
Common low elo mistakes
These mistakes I see all-to-often in low elo master yi players. They say they don't make them or it's common sense, but what they say it not that they do. This also applies to jungling in-general:

They do not punish enemy jungler ganks
If your allies are getting ganked and you are opposite side. Do not just move to your next camp. You move to the enemy jungler's camps and rob that ****. Or even gank the opposite lane you are closest to.

They think they can solo drake without knowing the jungler's whereabouts
With no knowledge of where the enemy jungler is, you should not be doing drake on 50% HP, you are practically almost giving a free leash. God forbid you did not sweep the dragon pit. You should not also be doing drake without priority in mid or bot, but if you do, and you see the enemy laner moving towards you, you should drop the drake (if not on its dying breath).

They engage in a teamfight and die immediately
You should not be engaging unless you have insanely snowballed or know guaranteed you win if all 5 enemies CC you. You are a mcdonalds janitor here to cleanup. Repeat after me, "I am a mcdonalds janitor ready to cleanup the mess. I do not cleanup a mess that has not been created.".

They force fights constantly until the game is no longer recoverable
If you are behind, you should not be forcing fights constantly. Doing so will get the enemy ahead, and pull you further behind. As a Yi, farm, wait for your R to be ready and gank. 9/10 times, you do not gank a lane without your ultimate.

You have just been perma-farming and your ally is pinging you to help a frozen lane
Go help your boy shove his lane, then go back to farming.

They have a bounty and ego tower dives
With a bounty on your head, you should not be making plays that pose a big risk to you dying, and giving that gold to the wrong enemy. God forbid you give it to a Bel Veth. Take small wins (i.e, tower plates, taking enemy's camps, taking only confirmed kills) that will add over time. This is how you become consistent and how you become a gorilla late.
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