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Jhin Build Guide by Jhin and Tonic

ADC [13.20] Jhin guide for low elo players.

ADC [13.20] Jhin guide for low elo players.

Updated on October 15, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jhin and Tonic Build Guide By Jhin and Tonic 8 1 19,456 Views 2 Comments
8 1 19,456 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Jhin and Tonic Jhin Build Guide By Jhin and Tonic Updated on October 15, 2023
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Runes: Usual Runes

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Fleet Footwork
Presence of Mind
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Nimbus Cloak
Gathering Storm

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4
Passive playstyle
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Champion Build Guide

[13.20] Jhin guide for low elo players.

By Jhin and Tonic
Hello everybody. I am a Jhin OTP who recently hit Platinum in EUNE and I wanted to make a guide for all of you Jhin mains who are strugling to climb solo queue. I am not an expert by any means but those are the strategies and builds I used to climb out of the lower ranks. I hope you'll find this guide helpful.
Jhin is a weird adc because of his mechanics so here's a rundown of the most important parts of his kit and how to utilize it.

Jhin's passive which is also his selling point that makes him unique. Basically Jhin has only 4 shots on his gun and after he uses them all he will need to reload. His 4th shot will always critically strike and deals more damage based on your target's missing health making it a great execute. After some time out of combat his gun will automatically reload and get back to 4 shots. Using any ability will delay your reload.
Jhin's critical strikes deal less damage but grant him movement speed every time he lands them. Once you get 100% crit you are basically really fast and you can use that movement speed to either chase your enemies or kite them depending on the situation.
There's more to the passive but as long as you follow my build those are the only two mechanics you will have to play around with.

Dancing Grenade
Jhin's q ability that throws a grenade that will bounce around to up to 4 individual enemies that are close to each other. If q kills one of them it will deal more damage to the next ones. You can use this mechanic to get some really good damage if you manage to kill 3 minions with it and make it land on a champion with it's 4th bounce if the opportunity comes.

Deadly Flourish
Jhin's w ability which is a long range skillshot that can pierce through anything except champions. If Jhin damages or is nearby when an enemy champion is damaged by an ally a mark will appear on them. If his w lands on a marked target it will root them and grant Jhin his passive's movement speed.

Captive Audience
Jhin's e ability which places a lotus trap down that will go invisible after a couple seconds. Once an enemy (Minions, Champions, JG monsters) steps on it, it will slow them until it detonates after 4 seconds. If an enemy champion steps on it a w mark will instantly appear on them. The slow isn't strong enough to make this ability a guaranteed hit so anybody can just walk out of them unless you w and root them. You can use the slow however when chasing or kiting by throwing a trap in front of you opponents. When you get RFC your attack range will be the same as your e range so you can use it on bushes to gain vision if your ward is on cooldown.

Curtain Call
Jhin's ultimate ability. This is basically his passive but with a really long range. He can shoot up to 4 shots by pressing r. His shots will slow enemies down and can pierce through anything but champions like his w. They will also grant him vision on whoever he hits but it isn't true sight meaning you won't be able to see invisible opponents. The 4th shot acts the same way as the 4th shot of his passive. The hitbox of the ult is a little weird and you can still hit champions that are close to the boundary of your ult even if they are seamingly outside of it.
Tank Supports
Jhin is a champion with very limited mobility before he gets Stormrazor and at least 75% crit chance so he has very good synergy with tanky supports that can peel for him (e.g. Nautilus, Leona, Thresh).

Mage Supports
Mage supports (e.g. Lux, Xerath) also go well with Jhin as they can enhance his aggressive playstyle with their poke and cc but since they can't peel for him your synergy with them falls off during the mid game.

Enchanter Supports
Enchanter supports are really bad for Jhin as they only provide survivability which will help you against hard lanes but won't let you snowball. The only exceptions are Nami and Milio as these two give a very strong boost to your auto attacks as well as some movement speed enabling some aggressive plays. Look at the synergies tab for information about Yummi.
Laning Phase
Jhin is one of the best early game adcs. His root along with the 4th shot's damage and extra movement speed make him a really strong laner. Make sure you abuse that and play aggressively. As long as you are not playing against a counter one of three things will happen.

Outcome #1
You score some early kills and dominate early game. In that case make sure you maintain your lead. If the enemy bot tries to fight you, you get more free kills and you get even more ahead. If not try to freeze the wave and deny the enemy adc as much cs as possible. Having a strong support is vital for this strategy as it will be more dangerous for the enemy adc to come close to the wave. Good supports for this are either tanky engage supports like Nautilus or mages that can spam abilities like Xerath.

Outcome #2
The enemy botlane knows you can kill them and they don't fight you. If that's the case then you can simply follow the same strategy denying them cs and forcing them to fight you. This time however you won't have a lead other than the fact that you have a stronger champion so try not to be too reckless.

Outcome #3
You lose the fight and the enemy adc gets some kills. From now on play as safe as you can maintaining a distance. If the enemy denies you cs just stay close enough to get the xp. If your support is a tanky engage support you can still turn the tables and beat them in a fight but if it's an enchanter just utilize their shields and healings and play safe. Try to get some help from your jg if possible.

Wave Management
Because Jhin only has 4 attacks it is hard to manage your wave without overpushing or missing cs. Try to isolate minions so that you can q them without your q bouncing on the rest and use your w to kill any minions that you would miss. When pushing you can w + q the caster minions which after the first item, as long as you aren't too far behind, should kill all 3 and land on one of the melee ones. Coordinate with your support especially if they have the minion support item so that you can always keep your wave at a favorable position to deny cs to your opponent or setup a gank for your jungler.

Laning phase ends after one of the bot towers goes down. After that point you should go mid and make your mid laner go bot. You can go top as well if your mid laner is too stubborn but after a tower falls up there as well the only safe lane for you to farm is mid.
Mid Game
Unless you get fed, Jhin isn't a great mid game adc and you won't be able to do much. Instead of playing like an adc you will need to shift your playstyle into that of a mage. You should go in, burst the enemy team with your 4th shot and abilities and go back. Your ult is a vital element of this playstyle as it will allow you to deal a good amount of damage without getting too close. A good strategy is to always keep just two bullets so that you can get to the 4th shot faster and get away.

The best thing you can do in mid game is stay mid and farm until you have 4 items which will give you 80% crit making you extremely strong and mobile. Due to the recent changes to IE his mid game was buffed by a lot as IE would normally be 3-4th item but since it's 2nd along with the movement speed bonus of Stormrazor he is a decent burst damage dealer which means you can easily play aggressively as long as you have a bruiser or tank assisting you.
Late Game
Late game is when Jhin's potential as a burst damage dealer shines the most. Keeping 2 bullets in your gun is essential for late game fights as most adcs can kill you before you manage to unload all 4 shots on them. A simple AA-Q-AA will destroy any squishy and with the movement speed you can just kite them and kill them or get far back and ult them. With LDR you can also shred tanks and it is recommended you don't do the same strategy of keeping 2 shots against them as they can't really kill you first.

Because Jhin is a burst damage dealer you should be really good at positioning yourself during the fight. Make sure you are in a safe spot where your team can keep you safe from assassins and where the enemy adc can't reach you. That way you can reload and fight back again. Use your movement speed to change your position according to the enemy team (e.g. if they have a Fiddlesticks stay away from walls).
This was the guide and I believe it contains all the necessary information on how to play Jhin in low elo. Because your team half the time won't be able to assist Jhin's playstyle as it's a complicated one it won't be an easy journey. I hope you found my guide helpful and I wish the best of luck to all of you fellow Jhin mains.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jhin and Tonic
Jhin and Tonic Jhin Guide
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[13.20] Jhin guide for low elo players.

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