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Orianna Build Guide by FlopQueenEra

Middle [13.20] Orianna / The Lady of Clockwork

Middle [13.20] Orianna / The Lady of Clockwork

Updated on October 19, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author FlopQueenEra Build Guide By FlopQueenEra 8,099 Views 2 Comments
8,099 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author FlopQueenEra Orianna Build Guide By FlopQueenEra Updated on October 19, 2023
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  • LoL Champion: Orianna
  • LoL Champion: Orianna
  • LoL Champion: Orianna
  • LoL Champion: Orianna
  • LoL Champion: Orianna
  • LoL Champion: Orianna


1 2
Phase Rush
Manaflow Band

Presence of Mind
Coup de Grace

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10% Tenacity/Slow Resist


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

[13.20] Orianna / The Lady of Clockwork

By FlopQueenEra
Introducing Clockwork lady
Hello! I'm FlopQueenEra and i started playing Season 10, I'm a weird player who wants to experiment all things that people will hate, anyways my main champion is Miss Fortune and i have 100k points to her.

but i found that Orianna know as balanced midlaner which is makes me to try her, and i rank up using orianna and i love using orianna because of being agressive midlaner on early. BTW i will explain why i prefer damage build than mana build.

We will kill your enemies. That will be fun.

+ High Damage
+ Amazing Poke
+ Zone Control
+ Utility
+ Wave Clear
+ Sustained Damage

- High Skill Ceiling
- Vulnerable to Assassins
- Dependent on Cooldowns
- Mana Management
- No Mobility
- Low damage in early game
  • Clockwork Windup - Orianna's auto-attacks deal bonus magic damage every few seconds. This passive encourages Orianna to weave auto-attacks between her abilities to maximize her damage output.

  • Command: Attack - Orianna commands The Ball to travel to a target location, damaging all enemies it passes through. When The Ball reaches the destination, it lingers for a brief moment. You can also reactivate the ability to immediately return The Ball to Orianna's current location. This skill is her primary damage ability and zoning tool. It's often used to poke enemies, farm minions, and control areas in team fights.

  • Command: Dissonance - When activated, Orianna commands The Ball to release an energy pulse that damages enemies in a circular area around it. If The Ball is already in motion (from Command: Attack or Command: Protect), this ability will trigger the effect at its current location. Additionally, enemies hit by this ability have their movement speed reduced for a short duration. Command: Dissonance is useful for both damage and crowd control.

  • Command: Protect - Orianna shields an ally champion by attaching The Ball to them. While The Ball is attached, the ally gains a protective shield, and Orianna's passive, Clockwork Windup, will trigger on their auto-attacks. This ability provides a defensive option for allies and can be used to initiate aggressive plays when attached to a diving ally or a frontliner.

  • Command: Shockwave -
    Orianna's ultimate ability is a game-changing AOE (area of effect) spell. When activated, The Ball emits a shockwave that damages and pulls in all nearby enemies toward its center. Command: Shockwave can be a game-winning ability, especially in team fights, as it disrupts enemy formations and deals significant damage. Properly timed Shockwaves can turn the tide of battles.


Sometimes i use Orianna's third if the opponent have CRAZY or HIGH DAMAGE at the early game to late game opponent like Irelia, Akali, Yasuo, Fizz, Katarina etc.

Command: Protect damage is only 60 on early game and cost 60 mana! and giving her 6 mr and 6 armor which is not helpful on squashy enemies, i upgrade her third if my lane is always get gank by the enemy jungle. But i need to explain more...

Orianna's third basic ability, " Command: Protect" (E), can actually be quite helpful against squishy with high damage enemies, but it may not appear as impactful compared to its effects on tankier allies or in certain situations. Let's break down why it might seem less beneficial against squishy targets:

1 Shield Scaling: The primary function of Orianna's E ability is to shield the target and provide them with a protective barrier. This shield's strength scales with Orianna's ability power (AP), which means it can become more substantial as she builds more AP. Against squishy enemies, who generally have lower health pools, the shield may not appear as impactful as when used on tankier champions. However, it can still mitigate a significant amount of burst damage, potentially saving an ally or turning the tide of a fight.

2 Utility: While the shield itself may not be the most noticeable aspect when used on a squishy target, the utility it provides is still valuable. The E ability also grants a small bonus to the target's resistances, making them slightly more durable. This can be beneficial for an ADC or an assassin who needs to dive into the enemy team briefly to deal damage and then get out safely.

3 Synergy: Orianna's E can synergize well with certain champions or team compositions. For example, if your team has an AD Carry who relies on positioning and staying alive in teamfights (e.g., Jhin or Vayne), shielding them can be critical. Additionally, if your team has other engage tools or divers, like a diving jungler or top laner, shielding them can ensure they survive long enough to disrupt the enemy backline.

4 Versatility: Orianna's kit is versatile, and her E ability can be used both offensively and defensively. You can use it to shield allies in danger or to enhance their engage potential when they dive into the enemy team. Against squishy enemies, you might use it more defensively to protect your teammates from enemy burst damage.

In summary, while Orianna's E ability may not seem as impactful when used on squishy targets compared to tankier ones, it still offers valuable utility and protection. The effectiveness of Orianna's E often depends on the context of the game, team compositions, and the specific needs of your team and allies... lol charot

Orianna has good burst vs squishies and she also has good sustained damage, just comes down to adjusting your build.

In early game, Skip the tear item it's just not good. Once you get a proper second item spike you will notice a substaintial difference in your damage output. There is nothing inherently wrong with Orianna to make her deal noticeably less damage than other champions... If you dont build mana items your dmg will be 10x better than midlane varus😜.

Early Game (Levels 1-6):

1, Farm Safely: In the early game, Orianna's primary goal is to farm minions to earn gold and experience. Use her passive ability Clockwork Windup to last-hit minions more effectively. Keep your distance and use Command: Attack (Q) to poke your opponent or zone them away from the minions.

2 Harass with Q-W Combo: Use the Command: Attack (Q) and Command: Dissonance (W) combo to poke and trade with your opponent when they step out of position. This combo deals decent damage and can force your opponent to play defensively.

3 Warding: Place wards in the river and jungle entrances to protect yourself from ganks. Orianna is vulnerable to jungle ganks due to her lack of mobility.

4 Mana Management: Be cautious about your mana usage. Orianna can run out of mana quickly if you spam her abilities, so use them wisely. Consider taking the Manaflow Band rune to help with mana sustain.

Mid Game (Levels 6-11):

1 Roaming: Once you reach level 6 and acquire your ultimate ability Command: Shockwave (R), look for opportunities to roam to other lanes or assist your jungler in securing objectives like the Dragon or Rift Herald. Your ultimate is a game-changing ability in team fights.

2 Wave Clear: Orianna has good wave-clearing abilities with her Q-W combo. Use this to quickly clear minion waves and put pressure on your lane. This allows you to roam or help your team in skirmishes.

3 Control Vision: Continue to place wards and control vision around key objectives like Dragon and Rift Herald. This helps your team secure these objectives and deny the enemy team.

Late Game (Level 11+):

1 Teamfighting: Orianna shines in teamfights. Position yourself in the backline and use Command: Shockwave (R) to catch multiple enemies in your ultimate. Coordinate with your team to follow up on the engage for maximum impact.

2 Protect Your ADC: Use Command: Protect (E) on your AD Carry or other high-priority targets to shield them and provide additional damage and protection. Orianna's shields can make a significant difference in keeping your carries alive.

3 Itemization: Build items that enhance your damage and build utility if you really need, such as Luden's Echo, Rabadon's Deathcap, and Zhonya's Hourglass for survivability. Adapt your itemization to the enemy team composition and threats.

4 Map Control: Continue to control vision, but also focus on controlling Baron Nashor and Elder Dragon, as these objectives can be game-deciding in the late game.

5 Stay Safe: Positioning is crucial in the late game. Stay at the backline and avoid overextending. Orianna doesn't have any mobility spells, so positioning is key to surviving teamfights.

Remember that effective Orianna play requires practice and good decision-making. Adapt your playstyle to the flow of the game, communicate with your team, and use Orianna's versatile kit to control fights and secure victories.


Strengths of Orianna:

Versatile Control: Orianna can control the battlefield with her Ball, allowing her to zone enemies, scout areas, and deliver powerful area-of-effect damage.

High Burst Damage: She can burst down enemies quickly with her combo, making her a threat in team fights.

Safety in Lane: Orianna's range and shields make her relatively safe in lane, and she can farm from a distance.

Scalability: She scales well into the late game, becoming a potent damage dealer and utility provider for her team.

Synergy with Engage: She synergizes well with champions who have strong engage tools, as she can follow up with devastating AoE damage.

Orianna Is a good early-late game midlaner just like Ahri but orianna can't carry team.

Sometimes other lane are losing and your lane are winning. You can visit the other lane but if your teammates are egg. Your team will be lose, Orianna is TOO squashy not like Katarina, Akali, and Aurelion Sol That can carry the whole team. This is my problem everytime i play orianna.

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