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Evelynn Build Guide by gankyourgrandma

Jungle [14.8] Max-Depth Challenger Evelynn Guide

Jungle [14.8] Max-Depth Challenger Evelynn Guide

Updated on May 1, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author gankyourgrandma Build Guide By gankyourgrandma 974 68 1,588,757 Views 29 Comments
974 68 1,588,757 Views 29 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author gankyourgrandma Evelynn Build Guide By gankyourgrandma Updated on May 1, 2024
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Champion Build Guide

[14.8] Max-Depth Challenger Evelynn Guide

By gankyourgrandma

Hello and welcome to my Evelynn Guide!

My alias is GankYourGrandma, it began as a joke name but it ended up sticking! After multiple requests from friends and viewers of my stream, I've decided to make an Evelynn guide. I peaked S11 Diamond 1 with a 73% W/R playing both Evelynn and Rengar. This guide was put together by myself and another Challenger player named Ejsner. I have played Evelynn for a little over two years now. Hopefully this guide can help some of you improve on Evelynn, or you can at least see how I play the champ!

I stream nearly every day at
Enjoy the guide!
I find this part of the guide to be the most important one of all since this is one that should be most discussed.

Evelynn is honestly a very simple champion mechanically. She can only be built for one objective, to quickly assassinate enemies and get out. The way to play Evelynn is to be permanently checking your lanes to look for which lanes are winning and which are losing, you must play towards winning lanes early since Evelynn before level 6 is very weak and doesn't have much map pressure unlike level 6 Evelynn. I usually start opposite to where I want to gank, so for example if you see a lane that's easily gankable such as a teammate who has heavy CC like Pantheon, it's in your best interest to early gank that lane if they can set up for you.
You can start blue and full clear to red-side or vice versa, depending on which ever lanes are strong. If your laners are taking trades you can easily blow flashes or get early kills especially against enemies heavy trading lanes once you finish your full clear. When I path as Evelynn I aim to focus lanes who have hard CC to set up ganks as I've said before, since it's super easy to abuse your opponents. Once I have ganked early I would have at least blown a laners flash which means I will path towards that lane again and look to repeat gank them either killing them or putting them far behind in XP as they have to base. Getting a kill before level 6 as Evelynn secures a win honestly, getting your core items like Blasting Wand early is an amazing start to a game as it opens many windows of opportunities for you, It begins your snowball process and you have more presence on the map with whatever you plan to do past that point.

Evelynn is about finding picks with her R, look to fight on side-lanes, getting picks on side-lanes is the Evelynn bread and butter, getting item leads and Mejais stacks is the way to win. Sometimes you can also pick on the mid-lane, this is dependent on having the enemy bot-lane be behind in the mid-game.

If a game is stale you can threaten Baron and 50/50 Baron as Evelynn her R + Smite in the mid game can do 1500+ Damage which means she can never lose a smite fight.
My plan for every game I play on Evelynn is to be passive early - we have no gank threat level 2 and can't fight many Junglers in the early game. So I usually aim to either survive early, or punish weak Junglers who have little to no dueling/skirmish ability

If you have really weak early laners such as Kassadin, you can full clear the Jungle but won't have mid pressure early. You'll be focusing mostly on farming to your level 6 power spike, and avoiding fights with the other Jungler since they'll have mid prio.

Invading Early Game

Invading in season 11 is very valuable as killing your opponent stops them from farming and if you take their camps it DENIES them until the camps respawn. Due to the decreased XP of Jungle camps, it is very easy to fall behind in Jungle if one does not keep up their farming / being productive on the map, and the more you put the other Jungler behind and deny them their own camps, the harder it is for them to exert pressure and stay in the game due to lack of XP / Gold.

A list of traits that some Junglers have that would make you want to early invade vs them;

-> Tanks
-> Farm heavy
-> Slow clear
-> Weak 1v1

Generally, if the enemy Jungler is/has at least one commonality listed above then we definitely want to be invading them early and putting on the pressure. I will talk about HOW we go about invading, but for now it's important to talk about WHERE to invade.

The majory of lower elo Junglers will start at the bottom side of the map for a 2 man leash, as it helps them with clear time, so this tells you 1 of 2 things already, 1) they will be clearing towards the topside of the map, and 2) you can track them depending on what kind of champ they are, so if they can clear quickly you can assume they're finished their clear by 3:10, so meaning they should arrive at their 2nd buff around roughly 2:55, thus allowing you to invade them on their 2nd buff. Or, if they're a strong duelist early game such as champions like Xin Zhao or Rek'Sai It's probably best to avoid them with this knowledge and either surrender scuttle, or get a collapse on scuttle if your laners have prio of the waves to have early control and take it for free.

If you wish to not invade or fight pre-6, a good understanding of Jungle and other Junglers pathing will help a lot to make sure everything works fluently. Generally, If your opponent starts botside then they will finish their clear at topside Scuttle. Since starting botside is the most common side in low-elo, you can start topside to make sure you get a free scuttle botside when your first full-clear is done. These are some of the things you must think ahead about when you're playing Jungle. It can also be very helpful to learn effective ward locations so you don't get invadaded while you intend to full-clear. If you show up at your opposite side to get your second buff level 3 and it's gone, that can ruin your pathing up and enable the other Jungler to bully you out of the game.

Clearing tricks for the best efficiency

One of the biggest issues I notice low-elo is that people aren't efficient with their time. At the end of the day, every single player who has the league client installed and plays the game have the same OPPORTUNITIES and CAPABILITIES as everyone else. The thing which separates a low-elo player from a high-elo player is their efficiency with their gameplay. This means that EVERY SECOND COUNTS. There are many Youtube videos which will show you the best Evelynn clears, it is important to mirror them with every single detail. Kiting camps to the next one with your Q and auto attacks shave off quite a few seconds of your clear, enabling you to reach scuttle or gank a lane faster. Kiting camps also helps with your health values since you don't take as much damage when done correctly. This can be game changing if you run into the enemy Jungler, it can either reward you with a kill or a successful escape because you had a higher health pool to work with. Another mechanic I see even Diamond+ players not doing is using Evelynn's movement speed granted by her E Whiplash to move between camps. You want to be finishing your camp/last hitting with Whiplash, as it gives you a burst of movement speed to your next camp. This small and simple trick can save you A LOT of time on your clear speed.
As you know, Evelynn is a super weak champion before level 6. The reason for this is because she doesn't have her level 6 passive which allows her to roam freely around the map stealthed and she doesn't have her ult which allows her to execute her enemies at a threshold % of HP which makes her such a powerful duelist. Playing after level 6 as Evelynn is really quite simple, you need to look for picks and gank lanes that have little to no mobility as it can make your job of ganking and hitting your charm much easier. Lanes that your teammates have some sort of follow up / CC that can assist you set up a gank and hit your charm. Most enemies will buy control wards since they know Evelynn is a stealth champion, obviously. Try to remind your teammates to clear them as much as possible or just check for the wards in general as it will make it a lot easier to get ganks off, and it's 100% better for your teammates to clear them over you. If your team clears them for you, then you wont show on the map, and since you're a stealth champion the longer they don't see you the harder it is for them to track you.
Evelynn is a very unique champion when it comes to teamfights, always try to flank in the backround and try to execute the carry, this is the only way you can play Evelynn in a teamfight setting. For example, you can not just run in on the frontline and try to fight melee with a 11/5 Yasuo with Immortal Shieldbow, that just wont work out for you. Your only choice is to flank, go behind the teamfight and catch the carry by surprise and instantly oneshot them with your ultimate, thus allowing your team to run through the rest of their team. If you feel you're restricted and you can't get to the backline because their frontline is blocking every possible route to get to the backline, all you can really do is wait for your frontline/fighters to go in and start fighting, and then you wait until the perfect moment for the carries to position wrong, and you need to kinda just hail mary it and just go for the leap of faith to try and kill them. Even if you die and you go down with a carry or two that's super worth the trade. If you get two of them that's literally the best thing that can come out of your death.
Night Harvester is a great option on Evelynn for dealing the maximum amount of damage in a short period of time. This is great against squishy comps so that you can instantly delete their carries with a simple Q + E + R combo.

Hextech Rocketbelt is a great option for Evelynn when you need a source of mobility and a little extra bit of damage. This item is great against squishies aswell, however It also helps against champions with higher mobility such as champions like Ezreal. This item would allow you to close the gap on these champions to get you in range to deal damage.
Luden's Tempest is also a possible option, It was built a lot by quite a few Evelynn players awhile ago, it gives you good mana so you don't need to worry about that in the early / mid game stages, however I believe personally Night Harvester or Hextech Rocketbelt is just better.
If you've never had a reason to play Evelynn, I really hope that this guide has shown you the type of champion Evelynn is and that this shows you her true potential. If you already play Evelynn, I hope this guide has helped you in many ways to help you achieve success in your Solo Queue games and gain some LP or just improve you as a player in general whether it be mechanically or in your macro and playing Evelynn in general. I made this guide with the purpose of sharing my thoughts making someone's Solo Queue games with Evelynn a little easier. I remember being new to Evelynn way back, and I wish there were guides to help me out like there is now. There's so many resources players now have access to, and I hope this was one of those resources that made your life slightly easier.

If you have any questions or concerns, as mentioned before, I stream almost daily @ and all questions are greatly appreciated and I'm always happy to help you out with anything! You can also join my discord to ask questions if you need, my discord server invite is I am happy to answer all questions. If you'd all like to see more guides from me please be sure to let me know on my stream, and I will get to making more guides ASAP!

I hope this guide helped you out, thank you so much for reading!

"The night is my veil."
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League of Legends Build Guide Author gankyourgrandma
gankyourgrandma Evelynn Guide
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[14.8] Max-Depth Challenger Evelynn Guide

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