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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aether Skies

3v3 Irelia, The Blade's Law

Aether Skies Last updated on April 19, 2011
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3v3 Irelia, The Blade's Bane

Keep in mind this is a 3v3 build, runes, masteries, and item choice were chosen accordingly.
I hope that you enjoy this guide, but if you feel something is wrong with it please leave a reason as to why.

Dont forget to vote (:

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Irelia is a very powerful champion. She is an assassin that wields decent CC, burst, and survivability. She deals solid dps, and this is what the build mainly encompasses.

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Overview of Skills.

*for information regarding what the skills are and what they do, look in the skill sequence section at the top.

Ionian Fervor is a cc reduction passive. This is a nice passive for 3v3, as a simple cc team can wreak havoc on your team. This passive reduces that factor, and can eliminate problems such as Kennen.

Bladesurge Use this skill to farm a little. You should be last hitting with your auto attack, but i mostly use to reach in to quickly get into the opponents zone for a last hit. As for combat, this skill is pretty good. I level it up at about the same rate as Hiten Style. This skill does proc the Sheen effect. After receiving sheen this can be used a harass styled move in the laning phase.

Hiten Style More damage. This damage goes through thornmail. Activate it before rushing in with bladesurge only if you are going to commit to the attack. The health restoration is nice in the laning phase, but you should not be auto attacking minions constantly.

Equilibrium Strike Pretty cool skill. In the laning phase its used more so as an anti-melee attack. When a melee comes up to you smack em with this, hit em once or twice and then walk away. Remember that if you do not have a lower hp percentage than your enemy then you will only slow your opponent with this skill.

Transcendent Blades This ultimate isint that great, but it has its uses. In team fights rather than focusing a carry with this skill, the most effective strategy would be to try and hit as many targets with it as possible, while you focus the carry with your other abilities and skills. At level 16 this skill has a pretty low cooldown, and i find myself usually popping it to heal myself on minion waves.

Skill Sequence

Equilibrium Strike is chosen first for the 3v3 first blood. Try and take some damage before using this skill, even if you dont the slow is still useful. Do not be stingy with it in the early gank.

Bladesurge and Hiten Style take skill priority. Bladesurge is used as burst damage, while Hiten Style is dps. This is a strange combination but in 3v3 you will commonly get locked onto a character, just batting away at them. This is why priority is shared between these skills, and no focused on one.

Skill Combo

Bladesurge -> Hiten Style Is the basic combo. Auto attack after Hiten Style activates, and Equilibrium strike as needed. There is no definite combo with Irelia, you really need to judge the situation at hand, and use your skills accordingly.

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Item Sequence & Selection


Your first item depends on your playstyle. I will say that the most reliable items you can choose first are Boots of Speed + 3 HP potions OR Cloth Armor + 5HP potions. Another option is Doran's Sheild or Doran's Blade. I usually go with the Boots of Speed and 3 HP pots.

Getting this item early on screams aggression. This item procs your Bladesurge. Your ganking and laning ability greatly increases when you get this item. I would recommend grabbing the Sapphire Crystal before the Amplifying Tome.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity These boots scale well with your utility masteries. Mercury Treads are perfectly viable though, and make you very resistant to CC. Always examine the opposing teams champion composition when making a decision. I will say use either one about 50% of the time with Irelia.

Youmuu's Ghostblade A wonderful item. When you get this item you need to treat it as Yi's ultimate. Gives very useful qualities to Irelia: CDR, Arp, and AD. Activate the passive only when you have the chance to hit your enemy numerous times in succession. The reason we get this item so early is for the high amount of small team fights, and the ability it has to quickly destroy a tower.

Trinity Force Make sure you pick up Phage before Zeal, as it helps with ganking. Trinity Force is nice for Irelia. The upgraded Sheen passive helps your burst, while giving you extra Survivability and Dps power. There isint too much too say about this item, its pretty basic and doesnt bring anything specifically worth mentioning to the battlefield. I will however say that the crit chance scales nicely with Youmuu's Ghostblade but it is not obtained for the crit.

The Black Cleaver A good build finisher. I like this item better this late in comparison to BT and IE because a common 3v3 metagame is going against a tank squad. You will find people building armor commonly in 3v3, as a result i like this item for Irelia. The Arp from all your items(including The Black Cleaver passive will put you around 75Arp. If the opposing team has zero tanks, switch this out with Infinity Edge

- OR -

Randuin's Omen A really great item for Armor. Out of all the Armor items this is the one you want to pick. The Active is what makes it so useful, slowing enemies movement and attack speed. After you get this item make sure you are using its effect when you need to. This item turns you into a CC machine, along with Phage and Equilibrium Strike. If the enemy team has 2+ Casters, get Banshee's Veil instead.

Banshee's Veil Good Item Vs. Mages teams. Also good item Vs. a team with good composition. The spell block is nice Vs. opposing team CC initiation.

The choice between Banshee's Veil and Randuin's Omen basically boils down to the enemy team. Simply assess what the higher amount of damage type you will be taking is, and buy one of these items accordingly.

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Runes, Masteries, and Spells.

Preference, Preference, and Preference.

Most decent players are going to pick their own versions of these anyway. This is what i personally use on Irelia, they are there to use as a guideline.