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Cassiopeia Build Guide by JoBilly

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JoBilly

[4.21] Cassiopeia Support, Let them be poked in cctyle

JoBilly Last updated on December 15, 2014
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Cassiopeia Build

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Threats to Cassiopeia with this build

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Soraka With Morello you counter her heal a bit.
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My IGN on EUW is JoBilly, I'm level 30 and decent at this game. This is my very first Guide.

I love to play champs which really aren't played that much since, really, most of them are really fun. A prime example is Cassio. High poke, high damage, high cc, CDR & Rabadon's Deathcap built in... you get it I guess. Since I don't really play Champs how they would be played in the current meta and experiment around a bit, (*cough* Anivia ADC/Tank/Sup ftw / Swain ADC ftw / Jungle Urgot ftw... (kinda)*cough*) the idea to this little buildguidesuggestionthingy came up & together.

The Cassiopeia Support.

(Any reactions/suggestions are welcome btw)

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Pros / Cons


- Great Poke
- Great CC (2 Sec Group Stun/Slow with Petrifying Gaze, Slow with Miasma)
- Great Utility (7 Sec Ward with Miasma)
- Great DoT
- Great Initiator


- Is a bit squishy
- Needs a bit of mana (Can be refreshed with Twin Fang though)
- Potential "Kill Secure" due to poison damage and luck
- 3 Skillshots (Not that hard to learn, bit harder to master though)
- No Hook

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I never had any runes since I play pretty much any lane with many different champs... I use a lot of IP on champs...

In short:
Use those you deem fitting for your playstyle. (Agressive/Tanky/etc.)

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Summoner Spells

Teleport It is what it is. If you backed to buy something you can quickly return again (remember, reduced CD if cast on a tower)

Exhaust Use it to save your ADC/yourself or to initiate an attack on the enemy.

Flash If you can use it and are able to flashult, use it instead of Tele.

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Here are some explainations for the items.


Sightstone Use it for vision for your team. It is important.

Frost Queen's Claim This is your support item of choice. It gives you a slow, gives you gold each time you poke with your W/Q, AP and CDR. What else do you need?

Rylai's Crystal Scepter It makes your W a more potent slow aswell as your ult. All your abilities will slow after purchase.

Morellonomicon I figured this item is pretty awesome. There are many ADC/Supps which use Heal in a dangerous, low life situation. The Grievous Wounds are applied with your poison, that means it's always at least 7 seconds, if you hit your abilities properly that is. It's also great to counter a Ultimate or general heal. The AP and CDR is a nice addition too. With your passive and Frost queens you get maxed CDR.


This choice is up to you:
- If you want to get faster to your ADC/escape a bit better, you can use the mobilites.
- If you want to poke harder, buy the sorcerers.
The point of time you buy it, is up to you.

The enchantments depend on the situations aswell. Use the captains if you have a bit of money and use Banner of Command. The captain enchantment helps to push with the aid of your minions.


Banner of Command Use it to push with your minions. A mage minion on steroids protected by a horde of Baron buffed melee minions is fun.

Abyssal Mask Use this if you have magic damage champs in your team in order to buff their damage to the enemies aswell as yours. If you sucessfully ulted the enemy team, a veigar, sejuani, thresh, o.o. can deal a bit more damage with their abilities (ults).

Zhonya's Hourglass Well, if you want to, do it. You can bait safely with it to some extent at least.

Zeke's Herald This is simply to support AD champs if you want.

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Aspect of the Serpent Her passive stacks as you poison enemies which you will do if you poke. So POKE! Did I mention the 25% CDR? You can get the CD of your ult down to 60 seconds with items and this.

Noxious Blast This is to help you stack your Passive aswell as a bit of a poke. Use it also to escape hairy situations.

Miasma This is your holy grail of poking. It provides vision to where it is and expands slowly over 7 seconds. If vomited into a brush it acts like a ward while it holds on and in addition to that, it slows. The slow gets stronger the higher you level this ability. Together with a mobile champ you can hunt very well and also escape with it. (The slow is real.)

Twin Fang Now, this is another poke. Use it on poisoned enemies to decreaase the CD greatly. If you have your passive stacked a bit, this heals on hit and debuffs your enemies to get more poison damage so it supports your pokes. If you kill a unit with it, you regain 3% mana. So if your ADC is not looking, get a minionkill or two with it. (Talk with your ADC about it though. There are oportunities an ADC can't kill all of the minions). Mana is important for you.

Petrifying Gaze This is your ult. A great initiator or denitiator... sounds like a word, doesn't it... anyway. You can use this in sticky situations to get away if you have max CDR. Spam it if you wish, 60 seconds isn't that long in lategame :P. Use it to secure a kill. Use it to stop agressive bot lanes which go for a kill and turn it around... kill them. (with the help of your ADC ofc) Use it to slow escaping enemies. It's a great ult to say the least.

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Last Words

It worked for me the past few times I played her like this. It's nice with a relaxed ADC *cough* which doesn't mind one cs less or 18. *cough* (man, today I have weird coughs...)


I tried to make it pretty understandable and I welcome any suggestions to increase her viability.

Have fun with this if you try her.

PS: Also, play more underplayed champs. Give them a chance, most deserve it imo!