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Shyvana Build Guide by Katrisa

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Katrisa

[5.19] Shyvana - Queen of CDR

Katrisa Last updated on October 5, 2015
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CDR Shyvana

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi there I'm Katrisa and these are my CDR Builds for Shyvana. CDR builds are where you focus on maxing CDR (to 40%) and pair with attackspeed, item based slow, some tenacity and tank stats. The goal is to combat Shyvana's weaknesses in order to be a threatening bruiser all the way through late game.

Shyvana's two critical weaknesses:
1) Can be kited
2) Has no natural CC to maintain auto attack range.
3) Has hybrid damage which without penetration scales poorly into late game.

Each of these can be solved through clever rune/mastery choices and itemization:
First we max CDR which reduces Shyvana's cooldowns to very low levels allowing more Q double punches, More E dragon breaths, and most importantly more W burnouts. Max CDR reduces burnout to ~7 seconds, and burnout can extend to up to 7 seconds long. This gives you a near constant run speed bonus and nasty AE damage. This greatly reduces her problems with being kited and fled from.

Finally we use hybrid penetration in both our runes and mastery choices. Normally this causes problems with early clearing power. We compensate by picking up both jungle masteries: bladed armor and butcher, along with havoc and brute force. This allows Shyvana to maintain fast jungle clearing along with enough hybrid penetration to cut through enemy defenses during any part of the game, early or late.

The combination of max CDR, item based slow and hybrid penetration gives a CDR Shyvana game play unlike any other Shyvana build out there! Keep reading if you want to know more ;-)

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Pros / Cons


Strong mid game
Good damage from start to finish
Very fast run speed with AE damage
Easy to split push without getting caught

Weak early ganks
High cost build
Her ultimate is currently lack luster and not as tanky as it should be
If you don't get many early-mid kills you'll have to farm (which is easy)

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Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

When deciding on runes you have many options which work. Personally I have chosen the following emphasizing movement speed, jungle protection, and hybrid penetration to emphasize damage which scales from early to late game.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed: Movement speed allows Shyvana to maintain auto attack ranger longer and secure ganks. Having an early movement speed advantage allows you to easily chase enemies down. It also allows you to counter jungle aggressively stealing buffs and mob camps, while easily escaping since you're fundamentally faster.

Greater Seal of Armor(9): Armor gives early jungle resilience which is needed for farming and dualing.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist(3): Magic Resist gives an early edge for dualing and ganking.

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction(6): 6 Glyphs of cooldown reduction are needed to reach 40% with her item and mastery build.

Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration (9): With the masteries we are running we have both jungle masteries which boost jungle clearing speed along with some of the extra AD and damage masteries. We consequently can afford to use hybrid penetration runes along with hybrid penetration masteries. This gives Shyvana a noticeable early damage boost against enemies early game. Mid game though you will find yourself doing some frighting damage to laners who haven't invested into health yet. Finally having this much base penetration will allow Shyvana to scale into late game more naturally.

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Masteries for Shyvana are often built along similar lines, emphasizing a bruiser or tanky roll. Personally I find Shyvana scales the best lategame with slightly more offense emphasizing hybrid penetration which gives you a significant boost to damage making you a serious threat and allowing late game scaling.


With this said you can also run the above utility build, which emphasizes speed. Speed gives you significant advantages early and allows you to more easily secure kills, counter jungle safely, escape dangerous situations, split push aggressively, etc.

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I just wanted to drop a quick section on spells and my thoughts. My use of summoner spells changes as the meta changes. Sometimes one is notably better than others, and it can change with both team comp and current meta trends:

Smite(Must Have): Must have for Jungle Shyvana not much else to say.
Cleanse(Good): Extremely powerful in a tank meta where CC is constant, allows free movement in team fights and small scrimmages.
Exhaust(Good): slows and disables an opponent for 2.5 seconds, gives much needed CC along with a hybrid armor/resist reduction.
Flash(Good): Wall jump, escape, and get anywhere tool

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First my core for Shyvana and priority is the following:

    Sated Devourer
    Boots of Ionia
    Spirit Visage
    Warmog/Frozen Mallet/Randiun/Banshee's Veil

Early game:
You should absolutely build your Sated Devourer first and Ionia Boots next. Sometimes I will get a Doran's blade on my first back. You can get considerable money out of using one on Shyvana. Doran's will give you an early power boost (in recovery, damage and health). I frequently am the highest level character in my games because of type type of playstyle.

Mid game:
Mid game you are shooting to finish your finish your Cutlass and Sunfire ASAP followed with a Kindle Gem. These will allow you to keep in close rage, while doing serious damage and tanking what you have to.

This mid game core will make you tanky with 40% CDR and serrious damage. You should be a frighting threat during this portion of the game. Ganks should net kills (as you can tank towers for a short bit) and enemies caught out will have trouble surviving. Also with this mix of stats and a charged devourer Shyvana will be very difficult to solo, and you will win nearly any solo fight.

Late Game:
What you finish next depends on your team. If the enemies have lots of CC, poke or magic damage finish Banshee's Veil. If they have lots of AD damage or their ADC is fed work on your Randiun's. If their damage is spread out build Warmogs. If you are carrying super hard make a BORK, Trinity, or Wits End (you can build a Trinity instead of a Frozen Mallet if you are fed).

Please note that if the game goes super late and you are buying elixirs you should swap Ionian boots for Mercury Treads (since you will still have 35% CDR with an elixir) giving you more MR and some tenacity.

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Special Thanks

Special thanks to IonDragonX and Copperpoint. Many of the ideas I've come up with here stem from forum conversations with them both which came up from Shyvana's new PBE changes. They have really put considerable thought into items and how they currently function on Shyvana along with what status are really valuable to her. Without their help and chatting I doubt this guide would have been started.

Also thanks to Rehabilitate who recommended I try Hybrid Marks of Penetration. He read a post I had dropped and put some honest thought into what I was trying to do. He was right and I can honestly say most Shyvana players should probably be running Hybrid Marks of Pentration reguardless of their build. They greatly increase Shyvana's late game scaling and ability to maul enemies at all points in a game.

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I wanted to mention just a tidbit on how I came to this build. First there are a couple different CDR builds here. Currently I run "Jungle CDR Tank". With all of these builds, I find that max CDR on Shyvana is strong. You farm faster, you chase down opponents more easily, you have higher uptime on your auto attacks, you can chase down that last thread of health on enemies, and you ultimately do more damage.

Outside of CDR I am really found of offensive masteries and runes. Giving Shyvana more hybrid penetration makes her really scary mid game along with the hybrid penetration runes. The combination raises her overall damage to players and makes her tough to deal with.

I've played classic AD Shyvana builds for well over 200-300 games and finally decided there had to be a better way to make Shyvana work. While this was going on I did a deep dive talking with other Shyvana players, trying to understand the subtle details of how her kit functioned and scaled. I tried many builds, most of which were failures. I gave up a few times, but kept coming back thinking there must be something someone hasn't tried.

Finally I stumbled on an idea. Shyvana's damage is truly split in the middle. If you look at your post game numbers magic damage consists of half her damage.

Finally I played around with maxing CDR on Shyvana. Suddenly things came into place I didn't know were possible. 7 Second long burnouts with a 7 second cooldown (holy heck!), multiple flame breaths in team fights, breath weapons which actually hurt (with Nasher's Tooth based builds). I started looking deeper into the build and tuning it, adding more penetration for armor and magic. And at this point I think I've come up with something truely powerful and ultimately game changing for Shyvana.

With CDR Shyvana if I get fed, people start to wonder what the freak is going on. Enemies panic, teammates cheer. I already run multiple ranked games with really crazy carry kills/deaths/assists, multiple quadra kills. Just fun chaos and mayhem which should occur when you play smart, snowball early, and devastate the enemy team for underestimating you.

My win percentage has probably gone up 10% with these new CDR based builds. For the first time I can carry with Shyvana when I play smart. I can't save every game, but I can really change things up. And this is something which should be possible with every champion when you play smart. CDR Shyvana builds make is so when you play smart, it pays off.