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Sona Build Guide by MaikeruGadier

AP Carry [ 5.24 | S6 Build Guide ] Sona: The Maven of Strings

AP Carry [ 5.24 | S6 Build Guide ] Sona: The Maven of Strings

Updated on January 16, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MaikeruGadier Build Guide By MaikeruGadier 3,240 Views 0 Comments
3,240 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MaikeruGadier Sona Build Guide By MaikeruGadier Updated on January 16, 2016
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Sona is one of the champion that is sort of easy to kill. You will be force to feed her to make her stronger in the middle of the game. Sona can poke enemy champs and you might have the "First Kill" if you study her skills and abilities seriously.

Using her at first is SUPER HARD, you might hate her, but you're going to love her as soon as possible.

She is the perfect champion if you want to be sort of tanky and support.
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Pros / Cons


- Sona can poke enemy Champions and you might have the FIRST KILL if you're going to keep poking and killing the enemies Champs patiently.


- Sona can regenerate HEALTH for herself or to her ally Champions using her 2nd Skill.


- Sona can HEAL her allied Champions.

- Sona can help herself or her allied champions to escape a battle zone. [ But don't be confident ]

- Sona can stun an enemy/ies for awhile using her 4th Skill, "Cresendo"


- Sona can't escape a battle zone easily.

- Sona will die ASAP, if you keep pushing a lane.

- Sona can be gank easily.

- Sona is easy to kill if you're not going to ward in the bush on your lane. (By not warding using "Eye of Watchers you won't see the enemy champs coming, you might want to use "Warding Totem" as well).
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Creeping / Jungling

If you're going to perform some Jungling, make sure that your Sona can kill it. 'Cuz you're gonna be a pain in the *** if you can't kill the Jungle monster. You can mostly kill the Jungle monster once you reached Lvl. 6 or 7. Once you killed the Jungle Monster head back to the fountain (b) and heal and back to your lane. :)

You might want to ask assistance if you want to but, they might steal you creeps and you don't want that to want right? :< So keep killing minions as fast as possible. So that you can keep you lane safe from the other champions. :D

But I usually just stay on my lane and keep killing minions/creeps and I gained gills (money wtf) and I can buy items. :)
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You might want to buy her a "Frostfang" and a "Refillable Potion at the first phase of the game. You might be confused, "Why bought a Refillable Potion? instead of Regular Potions" Here's my answer, there are a lot of difference between those two. The one is refillable and the other one is not refillable, and you can upgrade the refillable potion to Corruption Potion at the middle of the game.

You might want to keep killing creeps, minions, jungle monsters, champions or whatever so that you can buy stuffs that will help Sona in her battle.

Buy Eye of the Watchers if you have the money and upgrade your potion or boots (either of the two). And buy Lich Bane second. Keep killing enemy champions and buy Luden's Echo.
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Sona is one of the beautiful champions in League of Legends, she is one of the most hard to kill if she has her allied champions beneath or beside her or maybe not. (It depends on how you play Sona). Always pay attention on the map so you will not be gank in a lane.

You'll learn how to play Sona as fast as possible if you pay attention how her skills doing and if you're a type of person that want to support players in their game. If you do that in that way, people will keep adding you and will invite you in their game and you might be famous instantly.

Here's my tip:

If you're nervous or premonized that Sona will die in the lane, return to the Fountain ASAP. Because you don't want not to die right?

Anyways, thanks for reading this build guide. Actually Sona is the champion that I usually use in PvP's. So, I want to share this build even thought that deep inside I don't want to share this because people will know my secret playing her. HAHAHAHA! Just kidding. XD

Note: Please message me if this build works or suits for you. And tweet me on my Twitter account if you want to play with me, and I'll teach you how to Sona if I have time. :) I am planning to create another YouTube Channel and show you my builds on some champions that I play. :)

Have a great day! :D

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MaikeruGadier
MaikeruGadier Sona Guide
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[ 5.24 | S6 Build Guide ] Sona: The Maven of Strings

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