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Shaco Build Guide by TheSoulForged

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheSoulForged

[5.6] Shaco Jungle - Assassination

TheSoulForged Last updated on March 27, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Lee Sin Avoid him abilities and you will be fine. Don't desperate when he reveal you, calm down and remember that his vision is temporary.
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Introduction - Introdução

Well Guys, i main Shaco at the Brazilian Server and my current elo is Diamond 5 (the elo hell).

Well, this guide is focused on soloQ and assassination.

Some times you are on teams that doesnt understand that Shaco is an ASSASSIN!!!

Well, thats my first guide so i will always update it with more options and news, tips & tricks.

Fala pessoal!
Eu sou main Shaco no servidor BR e atualmente meu Elo é Diamante 5 - o Elo hell.

Esse guia é focado em SoloQ e em assassinatos que te levam pra vitória.

Esse é meu primeiro guia então eu estarei atualizando sempre que possivel com novidades, dicas e truques.


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The Start!

Shaco's early game is strong, but not that much everybody thinks, his decisions and costs are too damn high!

At the beginning of the game you need to know what are u about to do in that game.

You have some options.

-Focus on CountJungle
-Safe and Help Teammates
-Farm and ward to countergank

Actualy i prefer the mix beetween the first and second options, but the 3rd is viable too.

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Routes of Counterjungling Focus

First make one of your big monsters from jungle, it doesnt matter if u start blue/red or even gromp, for example.

The important is that u need lvl 2.

Why that? Isnt better get red or blue before do something?

Yest it is, but sometimes the other team try to activate ur boxes just to make u lose time.
If u see they do it, so ask for help at gromp/krugues and go counter jungle!

Always look to the other team movimentation and be careful or avoid that strategy if the enemy adcarry is alone.

Always get in mind what the other jungle can be doing and what u have to escape!

Try to ward enemy jungle and ask for help to steal their buffs later.

Now, WHY counterjungle is a BAD IDEA?

well,its risky and it is not worth when ur teammates are losing their lanes.
If they can't hold up the lane, forget about counterjungle and help them!

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Routes of Safe and Help Teammates

Make your red or blue, then make wolves and the other buff.

After that, GANK!

If the enemies are too safe for a gank, make the Rift Scuttler of both sides and farm your jungle.

Always battle for vision and try to make your team get advantage of your excellent gank power.

Use it as your favor, because on team fight its hardier to do an assassination, and if u get focused u will simply explode.

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Team Fight

Dont iniciate a fight.

You are an assassin, its terrible if you start a team fight, even for Zed/LB it is terrible.

So, as an assassin look for oportunities to jump with your Q and aim to their AD/AP Carry.

Use your red smite to reduce damage they deal to you.

Basically the art of assassination use that combo:

Q + Red Smite + AA (Gots critical from Q) + Hydra + E

If the target dont die (fed or u are behind on game) Use your ultimate to deal damage and confuse it.

Don't forget that Hallucinate makesyou invulnerable for 0,5secons that is awesome to escape from huge burst (Collateral Explosion from graves, for example).

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All my team is squishy, what i do?

Well, you have 2 options.

Focus on split push and make your teammates to be safe and avoid fights or try to pickoff.

Never fight 5x5, especially if they have huge CC.

Remember that shaco is an assassin, and for EVERY ASSASSIN is hard to play against heavy CC.

Sometimes i avoid build of assassination and look for tank/utility.

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IF there are another questions, ask me, comment below or add me at Brazilian server - TheSoulForged.

Always ready to help.

And remember, this guide is not complete.

Sorry for the english guys, i hope its not that bad!

Thank you!

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