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Shaco Build Guide by Jabroni1337

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jabroni1337

[6.16] One Shot Shaco - A Definitive Guide To Playing Shaco

Jabroni1337 Last updated on July 27, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Shaco with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Amumu - Amumu's Q can be dogdged by using Shaco's Q or placing a box in front of the bandage. - Shaco's ultimate can be used to avoid Amumu's ultimate. - He takes little damage from camps at the start so invading will likely be unsuccessful. - Amumu is a frontline initiator and Shaco normally penetrates the enemies back line so it is rare that Shaco will encounter Amumu in team fights.
Master Yi - Master Yi can be feared while he is using his ultimate. - Master Yi gets weak at the start allowing for an easy invade. - Late game a Master Yi that has not fallen behind will be a problem due to his high mobility but if he fell behind in early game he will be useless.
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You! Yes You, The Reader!
Are you looking for a champion who tilts enemy laners? Are you looking for a champion who can juke the enemies, making them scratch their heads in dismay? Well, You have come to the right place! Let's dive into the guide shall we?

Hello and Welcome to my Shaco guide. I have played Shaco for 2 years as I started playing League Of Legends during the start of season 5 and I have amassed 350+ games with Shaco. I really enjoy playing Shaco because his kit makes him one of the most deadliest champions in the early game and late game allowing him to gank successfully with his Deceive and trap enemies with his Jack in the Box ability.

In this guide I will explain Shaco and his one shot-combo that chunks ADC's health bars!

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Shaco's Q - Deceive

Shaco is one of the characters that has an ability with invisibility. It allows him to sneak around the map without being spotted and allows for stealthy assassinations. It makes him "flash" to a location and turn invisible for 3.5 seconds and grants a on-hit critical strike that deals scaling damage.
Shaco's Q has a much larger ability radius than shown in game as he can Q over most of the walls in-game. His Q is also used to escape dangerous situations by walking one way then quickly using Q behind him this can also be used by walking up to a wall and Q'ing behind Shaco giving the illusion that Shaco went over the wall.

Shaco's W - Jack in the Box

When used, Shaco will place a box which stealth's after 2 seconds and lasts for 60 seconds if an enemy champion or minion walks near it, it will trigger causing the enemy to be feared it also shoots at the enemy with scaling AP damage. Shaco uses these to clear the first jungle camp without help. They're also used during ganks to trap the enemy champion which also happens during the first invade.

Shaco's E - Two-Shiv Poison

When not used, it applies a slow and reduces enemy attack speed. When used it slows an enemy and causes AD and AP scaling damage. It is used mainly for chunking enemy opponents health and taking camps without losing much health.

Shaco's R - Hallucinate

Shaco disappears for 0.5 seconds, then creates a clone of himself that stays alive for up to 18 seconds and explodes upon its death, dealing magic damage to all enemies around it. It can be used after going in during a team fight to deal damage and also is used to solo champions reliant of targeted abilities i.e. blocking projectiles. It can also be used to tower dive as well as to go over walls in emergencies.

Shaco's Passive - Backstab

This is what separates Pro Shaco players from Beginner Shaco players. It deals 20% more damage when attacking from behind. It is often used with Q as it scales the Q's critical damage which enables for deadlier damage. It also works with Shaco's E which allows for more damage when used from behind.

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Ignite on Shaco is good because it reduces the healing of enemies by 40% which in late game plays a massive role in whether you kill the enemy ADC or they survive due to their life steal items that provide sustain in team fights. It's also used to secure kills in early invades where sometimes you will not do enough damage with your auto attacks and abilities and they often flash away but ignite deals true damage and will often secure the kill.

Smite is essential to any jungler as it provides bonus XP from killing the camps and buffs and it applies more damage to jungle minions than other items. It's also used to secure large objectives such as the dragon or baron nashor quickly so the enemy team has a lesser chance of stealing it by dealing true damage to the camps/buffs.

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One Shot Combo

This combo is done by following these instructions:

- Use Q to get behind the enemy ADC.

- Once you are behind the enemy ADC auto attack them. This will trigger the Q's critical strike, the Statikk Shiv and the additional critical damage from the Infinity Edge .

- Secondly, throw your E as soon as possible ensuring that you benefit from Shaco's passive which increases his E's damage.

- Now activate your Ravenous Hydra and continue auto attacking until they die.

- After that combo they should either be dead or have used flash / heal depending on their summoner spell choices.

Note - Please acknowledge that a balanced champion will never be able to auto attack an enemy and they die instantly as it would lead to unfairness and ruin the fun.

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Pros / Cons


+ High Mobility
+ High Burst Damage
+ Good Jungle Sustain
+ Lots of Utility
Shaco has high mobility due to his Q which allows him to go over impassable terrain which also combined grants high burst damage with his Q (critical strike) and E. He can use his boxes to soak up much of the damage of jungle creeps granting him more health to gank with. Lastly his kit, it has a slow with the E and fear with the boxes which come in handy when you can defend your ADC with one.


- High Skill Cap
- Struggles in Late Game
- Almost useless if behind
- Easily countered with Pink Wards
Shaco requires many games to master his kit for example the radius on his Q is shown to be smaller than it actually is as Shaco can often go over most of the walls ingame. The third point is a principle that applies to many other champions except without good items Shaco will barely scratch the enemy ADC. One thing all Shaco mains fear is encountering a pink ward near the enemy ADC as this will often lead to their team pouncing on you without you having your Q to escape.

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Ganking with Shaco

Overview of Ganking with Shaco

When ganking all junglers should possess the mindset of this;
1) Does the enemy have flash?
2) Does my ally have enough mana/health?
3) Do I have enough mana/health?
4) Is the area warded? - No point in ganking when the enemy knows you're going to gank him.

How-to gank as Shaco;
1) Deceive in to land critical strike
2) As soon as you landed your critical strike place a box behind the enemy. - Doing this ensures that if they don't have flash and they try to walk away from you they will get feared back into you.
3) Auto attack once more after placing the box to enable the slow on Shaco's E
4) Use Shaco's E and continue auto attacking until they die/flash away.

Ganking Techniques

The circles on the maps represent where you stand and the arrows represent where you Q (Deceive) over.

As Red Team

As Blue Team

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Thanks for reading my guide! If you have any criticism PLEASE comment so I can improve, even if it's negative I will always be happy to listen. Also if you have any questions just message me or comment. I will always respond to questions. This was my first good attempt at a good guide, sorry if it doesn't meet up with good guides.

Thanks for reading, Jabroni.
*jabroni Q's out of sight*

Jabroni's Update Notes