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Rek'Sai Build Guide by Whurnor

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Whurnor

[6.17 - SEASON 6] The tanky killer: Rek'Sai TOP [COMPLETE]

Whurnor Last updated on October 8, 2017
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Threats to Rek'Sai with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Akali She won't escape, because of your passive. You can see where she is when you're underground. Try to stay underground - if she will ult you, you can knock up her. Ez.
Shaco His invisibility is useless, ganks will not work well, because you can see him as Akali.
Evelynn Same situation as in Shaco describe.
Rengar Same situation as Shaco, but when he jump on you, dig out - it will knock up him and now, you can duel with an advantage.
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Hello there summoner!

I'm writing this when 6.16 patch is on. If you're wondering if Rek'Sai on top alley still works - don't worry - it's still very powerful. I just want to bring you some old, but smart tips which you can use to get some advantage.
- It would be nice to gain as much fury as you can at lv 1;
- You can trade lvl 1 for first blood with most of toplaners, but you have to play smart;
- The biggest mistake you can make is die pre 6 there. You don't have any way to get back to top alley without tp, so wait for ultimate!
- Rush tiamat!
- Harass enemy with your E (remember about fury bonus)

Hope now you feel more confident about picking Rek'Sai to the top alley, if you're still not sure - trust me and try it!

I am Whurnor, SS Jungle's toplaner. I main Riven, Rek'Sai and Gnar in the top alley. In S4 i was Gold V, In season V i was Gold V too, but hope that this season I will get plat. I'm very glad that you visit this guide. Hope that you'll learn somethin' here. At last - welcome in the complete Rek'Sai top lane guide!

Have a nice read!

EDIT: THANK YOU FOR 5K VIEWS <3 Love you guys and ladies ^^



20K VIEWS! Thank you very much. It really makes me happy when I see that someone use this guide. I wish you luck with playing top lane Rek'Sai!

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- Passive - Your attacks increase amount of fury, fury heals you when you're underground. Simply.


- Q - This skill makes your hits AOE and increases dmg. Use it to last hit minions and farm. Always use in engage!
- Borrowed - You send projectile of energy which slow enemy and deals dmg.


- W - Very important skill. It gives you some sustain and CC. When you took farm, use it to dig yourself and regen HP. When you're not farming, stay underground to see enemy ganks.
- Borrowed - When you use it being borrowed, you jump out and knock up nearby enemies.


- E - It's a bite, which damage depends to your fury - if it's higher it deals more dmg and at least when fury is full, you deals a lot of true damage.
- Borrowed - You're making a tunnel. You can escape by this, follow enemy or iniciate teamfights. Remember that enemy can destroy it.


- R - You dig yourself and goes very fast to one of your tunnels. It's like teleport.

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Another spells options:

+ (when you want to have great roaming possibility)

+ (when enemy is mobile like Riven)

+ (when you want to play extremly agressive)

+ (when you want to have good roaming ability vs mobile enemies)

+ (when you want to have very good roaming ability)

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- Attack Damage Marks - It will provide you early DMG to easier farm and poke opponent.

- Flat Health Points Seals - After 5.10 patch I think it will be better for Rek on the top lane. At lvl 1 you'll have the same amount of health as before 5.10 patch. You'll get more tankier early.
- Armor Seals - After 5.10 in my opinion it's worse pick than flat HP, but still good aganist AD and AA opponents.
- Magic Resist Glyphs - Good pick for top lane aganist AP opponent as Rumble or Nidalee.
- Attack Damage Quintesence - These Quints with AD Marks gives you a lot of DMG to farm, poke and teamfights.

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This item scales very well with our Q and helps us collect fury. I rush it, because it provides also some lifesteal, what is useful in dueling. Farming with Hydra will be very, very easy - just use Q and active Hydra skill.


It works great with Q, because you can deal crit. It scales also DMG from E, what is very important. Another reason to buy this item is that it looks badass.



This item works great, because or AOE Q will slow now. It gives us also huge amount of HP and some AD for our E damage. Great pick.


It works good, because of attack speed, some damage and lifesteal. If you want to make solo baron, you can buy this item. It's not bad also in duels, because of active ability.


That's good option when you play aganist heavy AP team. AD will increase your E damage and magic resists will help you survive party with enemy. It has also great passive.

Sterak's Gage

That's a new item for League Of Legends. It grands you: 500 health, +25% basic attack damage and UNIQUE skill: Upon taking at least 400 to 1800 damage (based on level) within 5 seconds, gain STERAK'S FURY for 8 seconds (45 second cooldown). STERAK'S FURY: Grow in size and strength, gaining increased size, +25% additional base attack damage, and a rapidly decaying shield for 30% of your maximum health.
And this skill makes this item truly nice for Rek'Sai top - why? You can swap lane with bot and in company of your jungler, duel enemy adc&supp. Build this item 2nd - after Hydra.

I think that I don't have to describe rest of items.
Enjoy your Rek'Sai!

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Pros / Cons


AOE damage
True damage
Good dueling
Great initiation
Amazing splitpush

Enemy can stop your tunnel by CC
If enemy will destroy your tunels, your ult is useless

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When to pick Rek'Sai on top?

When your team have ap mid and ap jungle

When your team need some CC

When enemy team picked few tanks (top, jungle and half tank on mid)

When enemy team picked assasins (Katarina, Zed etc.)

When your team seems to need help on lines

Explanation third point:

In this situation try to always have full fury bar. You're goin' to roam mid? make gromp first, then go. Goin' back on top? Make raptors first. It's simply, but very important in every situation, but I said it now, because in case when enemy team have a lot of tanks, it's hugely important. In teamfights you can use it on AD/AP Carry, but also on tanks!

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Early game

How to play early game?
If you have that runes and masteries you can farm easily even at lvl 1. Don't let enemy farm and get 3 lvl first. At 3lv you should have Q, W and E. Kill more than half of enemy wave of minions and try to duel with opponent. Remember, that you have your underground Q, using it you can kill escaping enemy. You should kill him, if not, he should be enough low to back to base. In this situation farm a lot, when your fury bar get almost full or full, use W to regen your hp.

That's the early game.

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Mid game

Here you should be about 6/7lv. Remember to make a safe tunnel when you want recall. You can use ult and back on lane without using TP. In this part of game you should farm and harass enemy. If you're winning lane, you can use TP to gank mid/bot. Then back on your lane with ult.
Your advantage is that you are powerful in dueling, so if you play on the "blue" side and if enemy jungle started with red, you can steal it in ~7 minute to increase your domination. If you play on "purple"/"red" side and enemy started with blue, you can also steal it for your midlaner in ~7 minute.

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Late game

Here you are very powerful. You are very usefull in teamfights, because you have AOE and CC. Your huge advantage is fast pushing. You can exploit every moment when enemy lane is free to take a turret. Remember to keep eye on fury bar, when it's full, use E on tanks - Trololo TrueDMG! Teamfights, teamfights, teamfights...

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You are tanky toplaner with tons of damage. How to behave in TF? Iniciate it. Use your E, to get into enemy team and W to knock them up. Then focus on AD/AP Carry. Before every TF you should take raptors or wolfes to earn some fury, because when it's full, you deal true damage by your E. When your team won a TF, go push lane or take bosses - Drake or Baron, not Blue :P

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Rek'Sai is truly good champ in dueling. Here you've got some advices which will help you in this stuff:

Always have minimum half of your fury bar when you're goin' to duel

Try to use your E when your fury bar is full

You can chaise enemy by your underground E, but remember that you can finish him by your underground Q

Remember that your life is more important than kill

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Thank you very much for reading it. Hope that it will help you playing this brute on top alley. I'm sorry if you found there some mistakes or you have some tips to make this guide better you can write it down in comment. This is my first guide, but hope that not last. Let me know if you enjoy it!

Good luck and have fun!

EDIT: Special thanks to @BunchPunch and @TheMasonJar for few usefull suggestions!