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Xin Zhao Build Guide by mattmarques

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mattmarques

[6.22 - 7] Xin Zhao Jungle AD + Tank

mattmarques Last updated on November 23, 2016
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Hey Guys! I'm Matt and this is my first Guide here at MOBAFire.
I did my best to describe e explain everything for you to understand how this Champ works.
Hope you have the patience to read all I gotta say. =D

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Explaining Champ Abilities


XZ's basic attacks reduces the armor of Champ targeted by 15%.
Its Q and E when used also reduce the Champ targeted by 15%.

Three Talon Strike - Q

It stacks with Atk Dmg and each hit reduces the CoolDown of the other abilities.

So, if you build CDR items and get the 40% CD, your Q will be at a 3 seconds Cool Down.

Battle Cry - W

Passive: every third auto atk XZ will have 100% crit chance. In other words: he will certainly have a critical strike.

As you increase the ability level, the Bonus Crit Dmg increases. What does that mean?
Let's start with point that "what if you didn't have a Bonus Crit Dmg?". If you didn't have Bonus Crit Dmg, you would only hit a critical strike and its "amount" would scale with your Atk Dmg.

However, since this ability gives you a Bonus Crit Dmg, then whenever you hit critically, your damage will be even higher because of this bonus.
When you have this ability at lvl 5, you will get a 75% Bonus Crit Dmg. This is A LOT of Dmg!

Another part of his passive is his healing, which are great for jungling sustain.
I advice starting with W as a jungler.

XZ heals more with AP items than with AD items.
The amount of healing he gets is increased by +40% of his AP and +0.2 of his Bonus AD.

XZ gets up to 60% Atk Speed when at lvl 5.

Audacious Charge - E

When used against a Champion, XZ deals up to 230 at lvl 5. He deals more dmg if he has AP. The bonus dmg is 60% of his AP.

IMO, the most importante fact about this ability is the second part, which follows:
When used to atk a Champ, it SLOWS them by 45% for 2 SECONDS.
In other words: they lose 45% of their Movement Speed.

Putting this to practice: normally a Champ at lvl 18 have around 400 Mov't Speed. If you E them, their MS will go to 220.

Something to be taken into consideration is the fact that when you E a Champ, all nearby enemies receive the slow too.

Crescent Sweeper _ R

It deals a great deal of Dmg. Up to 275 Physical Dmg +1 per Bonus Atk Dmg plus 15% of target's current healt.

In other words:
If you have 250 Atk Dmg, then his Ult (at lvl 3) will take 275 + 250 = 525 Atk Dmg to all nearby enemies.
If the enemy Champion has 1,500 of life then Ult will take:
15% of current life = 15,000 * 15% = 225
+ Dmg from Ult = 275 + 250 = 525
= 225 + 525 = 750 physical Dmg

This is just Ult! And it alone would take half of target's life 750 = 50% of 1,500).
That's HUGE!

When used against more than one Champ, it will knock back all the NON-CHALLENGED enemies, stun them by 0.75 seconds and dealing that Dmg above.

How to know who is the "Challenged Champion"?
- You will see a Mark above his head similar to the edge of Xin Zhao's Spear.

Last but not least:
For each enemy champion hit by Crescent Sweep, Xin Zhao also gains 15/20/25 bonus armor and magic resistance for 6 seconds.

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Explaining Build Items

Jungle Item

Since we want an Atk Dmg focused build, I would go with Warrior (Atk Dmg) instead of Bloodrazor (Atk Speed).


It depends of the game and your preference.

If you are winning, then going for Swiftness is great for more Mov't Speed.
But you could also use Greaves for more Atk Speed.

If you are losing and want to be a more tanky, you could go:
Mercury - if the opposite mid-laner is winning (if he is an AP Champion)
Ninja - if the opposite bot lane or top lane is winning

Attack Focused Items

Infinity Edge
This Item stacks A LOT with Xin Zhao's W. Few people have noticed this!
Xin Zhao doesnt need to build Crit Chance since he crits every third auto atk.

When you have W maximized, you'll get 75% Bonus Crit Dmg.
If you add this to the 50% Infinity Edge gives you, then you'll have 125% Bonus Crit Damage.

What I understand from Crit Dmg is this:
Infinity Edge is the only buyable item in game that increases your Crit Dmg.
The only way to increase it apart from IE is through Runes.

From readind Infinity Edge's Passive I understand that Critical Damage hits is by set up 200% of Atk Damage.

How is that in practice?
Pretend you have 250 Atk Dmg, W maximized and Infinity Edge.
Then you'll have:
75% Bonus Crit Dmg from W
50% Bonus Crit Cmg from IE

That gives you 125% more Crit Dmg beyond the inicial 200%.
That makes 200 + 150 = 350% of Critical Damage.

If you have 250 of Atk Dmg (which you'll probably have more than that if you have JG Item, IE and W maximized), then;
250 * 350% = 875 of Critical Damage

Guinsoo's Rageblade
This item will give up AP, Atk Speed, Atk Dmg e Mov't Speed.
When fully staked (6 times) you'll have a "second" auto atk every other atk.

It increases your healing since it gives AP.

Trinity Force
This Item is good to use if you're ahead of enemy Jungler.
Using it with build you'll get 40% Cool Down at lvl 18, which is the best deal for Xin Zhao.

Tank Items

Frozen Mallet
This item gives you Atk Dmg and life.
Passive: Your basic attacks SLOWS target's Mov't Speed by 40% for 1.5 seconds.

WHAT?!?!?! Can you connect the dots??

Yep! If you attack a Champ, then his Mov't Speed will be reduced by 40%. AND if use your E ability (maximized), then your opponent's Mov't Speed will be reduced by 45%.
This two added up will make yout opponent's Mov't Speed be reduced by 85% (40 + 45).

Let's say they have a 400 Mov't Speed. If it's reduced by 85%, then he'll have 60 MS.

NOTE: This will be happen for 1.5-2 seconds.


Spirit Visage
This item is good for Magic Resist, Life, Cool Down Reduction and Increased Healing.

The Increased Healing is great for Xin Zhao' sustain!

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Skill Sequence

Why MAX E first?

I choose to Max E first to help more in the ganks because of the slow it gives.
If you build Forzen Mallet quick, you'll have really good/successful Ganks.

Can I Max another skill instead?

Of course you can!! It all depends on what you want.
If you want a build to explode your enemy Champ, then I could help you with that.

First, Max you W, then go to Q. And...
...Instead of building the Tank items, go for AD items such: BloddThirster (for lifesteal and Damage), Youmuu's (for AD, CDR and Mov't Speed out of combat) or Maw of Malmortius (for AD, MR and CDR).