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Kayle Build Guide by JLP_21

AD Carry 6.6 - SWING THAT SWORD - Kayle Top, Mid, and AD KAYLE! :O

By JLP_21 | Updated on April 4, 2016

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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Kayle
    Top/Middle Shrediing Angel ^.^
  • LoL Champion: Kayle
    Counter Building/ ADC Kayle


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Well hello, I'm JLP_21. Don't search me up, I'm not that great. But Kayle has been my main and I love playing this great champion. She's a unique champion that is on-hit attack speed AP. And besides Teemo, Kayle seems very underrated considering she's 450.

I've took pride that seeing someone playing Kayle was rare and took pride that I played her a lot. But this season Kayle's popularity has been rising and people discovering how OP she is.
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Why Go AD Kayle

Kayle is, of course, weaker if she goes AD. But this season buffed her items making her stronger than last season. It's mainly because for me for counter building. She does best at top for her shredding and range, plus the sustainability. If you're up against a tank they'll build Magic Resist and you'll end up building Attack Damage. It's kinda trolly but AD Kayle still proves to be strong.

Just give it a try to my build either counter building or ADC.
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Play Teemo I insist...

Teemo and Kayle have similar abilities and are both top laners. Their q are a locked on target scaling on ap. Their w give them more movement speed. Their e enhances their basic attacks and do magic damage. and they're both ranged. Plus they build nashors. From playing Kayle to Teemo is a really easy transition. (Teemo requires more skill) They're both really fun champs that I love.

(I drew that picture, I would ship them >:) )
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Right now Kayle has a good win rate and has potentials in outdueling many. This is just a simple build I have. I would like some respectful feedback if you do want to comment this build. But thanks for anyone that has read this and perhaps you might give this a try? Well hope this may help and I hope I didn't waste you time :D
League of Legends Build Guide Author JLP_21
JLP_21 Kayle Guide

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6.6 - SWING THAT SWORD - Kayle Top, Mid, and AD KAYLE! :O
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