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Ahri Build Guide by koko444koko

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author koko444koko

[6.6 update]>Why Ahri ADC? >You will see

koko444koko Last updated on April 11, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Ahri with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Jhin Trully easiest champ to play against as Ahri. Low early, hard cs'ing. Just like Ahri does, but she is scaling better later vs other adc's. But he is really fragile for her mobility and CC(0 defensive skills).
Janna Defensive support - may keep you away from ADC/her. But since you have 3 dashes, cc and great movement speed it doesn't bother you. You will get them anyway. She's range but her poke isn't too hard.
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Introduction and item explanation

Ahri is champion with incredible potential when it comes to snowball. Her mobility allows you to catch any enemy who would escape if you'd play someone else. She has great utility and isn't easy to beat. I like her mechanics and range so i once tried ADC Ahri - once you go AD you never go AP! Since AP relies on full combo and actually tryhard casting spells you don't have to bother about it anymore as ADC! She's pretty convinient as long as you control everything due her playstyle, there's nothing what could surprise you, except Fiddlesticks maybe? .

Honestly i can't find any better build for her than i proposed. I've seen some guides for AD Ahri but none of them was at least decent when it comes to items building. That's why i wanted to share with you guys my idea of ADC Ahri.

I pretty doubt there's any better item set. Why? She needs some mana, she relies on CDR, she uses critical strikes and don't really need attack speed.(you're not hypercarry and wouldn't ever be, don't try to kill vayne with just AA). Moreover, casual lifesteal won't work on her due lack of sustainable AA and high skill dmg. All of items from my set provide this. When it comes to defensive item quicksilver and mercurial fits 10/10 her weakness and makes her nearly unstoppable(or maybe better, legendary).

I know my english is quite invalid but i hope you guys don't mind my mistakes and understand everything I want to say. :) If you would enjoy my guide I'm going to make it look better with clever bbcode, more depth explanation of items/skills and pictures!

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Remember that these games were played during one day. It's not like "once upon a time i would win lane". In only really unwinable matchups i had bad score. Moreover i usually got worse than decent random support or somebody who steal farm/feed/let them zone me.

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Skill Sequence and fighting tactics

It's as simple as it may be.
If you fight in range:
Usually you start with Q and AA, depends of how far away is your enemy, then you reposition yourself and go for another AA. Save E only till you're 100% sure it is unescapeable, it may be even your engage. You don't have to bother about your Q, it may but doesnt have to deal dmg, important is to do not waste time casting it during travelling, it's for in range fight or finishing running enemy. Spam all the time W as it doesnt take any time nor high damage, but save it if it's not burst fight and minions are close. Your ult is just for chasing enemy quick and a little more dmg 1 vs 1. You may also avoid some skillshots alike while dueling somebody. When you get catched you'd better have QSS or ult away as fast as possible, the precious of Ahri ADC is that you can always escape any damage till you get CC'd for your lifetime.

When you're just defensive harrasing:
1.Try to cast E well, then AA +QQ and run, noone could catch or harm you during this time since Q is providing you movement speed boost.
2.You may spam Q even if it doesnt deal high dmg, due high movement speed you should be able to run -> poke with triforce passive on AA so it would be enough to punish them for coming too close.

During teamfight:
1. Save your E for more important targets or if you are saving teammates lifes.
2. Try to spam skillshots and AA during it on targets, position yourself so they couldnt catch you, your AA's would make them cry, even tankies.
3. If they harm you cause you're too close - > use ult, remember you have enormous heal from Hextech and should be able to catch their squishy as revenge.
4. Don't spam ult too fast, give time triforce to reset his passive or use it with another spell. Remember that spamming only skills in quick time won't deal highest dmg but would leave you with lack of utility.

I won a trade, what now?
You simply go for a candy if timing fortunes you-> if they're already not on full HP and don't have enough cc to kill you quick you can go with ult/flash + quick range E, then it should be over soon and you'd have 2 stacks on ult -> you can escape or go for more.

Always remember:
Your range may be not as low but you always have to be in movement. Don't let them go too far(2/3 of your aa range is perfect) and just escape any damage income with your mobility.
Beware of chasing too far without vision - it's cool if you want to catch somebody on a lane, dive turret etc, but facechecking bushes isn't funny usually.
Be as aggresive as their CC allows you - you have clearly advantage, you can peel/poke/harass them running around them, at lest till they won't stop you with wombo combo.

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You may start with 1st spell E, it depends if you want to trade out of lane before minions wave comes. Generally i pick Q cause i wouldn't anyway catch anyone on 1st level, most likely.(or even don't win this trade?)

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Pros / Cons

Why Ahri ADC?
1. She's pretty unkillable, every your death is caused by your fatal mistake, lack of vision or just wombocombo cc trap.
2. Enormous mobility.
3. Huge damage. 60% AD, 40%.
4. Hard to build resists againts.
5. Easy to land CC with low CD.
6. Mechanics are quite easy and even with stupid move you can go back - you can't say it about any other ADC.
7. Mid/Late game god.
8. More funny than any other ADC.
1. Absolutely no scaling.
2. Mana draining.
3. Really hard early in some matchups.
4. There's no any interesting item with penetation you could build, none suits you well enough.
5. You have to be confident all the time - since you're losing control you lose trades.

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Creeping / Jungling

Ahri's Q provides a lot of waveclear late, but in early game you have to be focused more on CS than for example Cait. Your q/w don't really help during laning phase and it's not worth to waste E. But interesting is that you can always spam Q to "kill creep"(and champion hit) go fast for one AA poke and run. Be aware of your mana pool till 4 and right after 6. Enemies would most likely underrate you and your defensive abilities.

Since you will get 2 items you can go jungle anytime you want - especially with Hextech. Mechanics aren't require special combos, just E on grand minion and spamming everything(but be aware of your mana pool, you wan't to be useful still).

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Team Work

Ahri, when it comes to teamwork, finds a place near champs like Morgana, Thresh or Blitzcrank. When anyone of them lands their CC it's pretty simple to land anything you want on poor enemy.

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