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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Sejuani Build Guide by Lazy Kingfisher

Support [8.13] Sejuani Support - All Hail to the Frozen Boar

Support [8.13] Sejuani Support - All Hail to the Frozen Boar

Updated on July 6, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lazy Kingfisher Build Guide By Lazy Kingfisher 45 4 408,263 Views 17 Comments
45 4 408,263 Views 17 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Lazy Kingfisher Sejuani Build Guide By Lazy Kingfisher Updated on July 6, 2018
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Magical Footwear
Cosmic Insight


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


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Hello Summoners!
Table Of Contents

Let me promptly introduce myself: I play on EUW as Lazy Kingfisher since season 3, and I main support since the end of the 4th season. This is also my first guide, so I would be pleased to have any feedback or comments to answer!

Anyway, let’s go back to our main topic, which is “Why should YOU play Sejuani support?”
Sejuani is commonly seen as a very tanky jungler, with strong ganks and early game pressure. Thus, why not make her a great initiating/tank support? In a nutshell, she is a perfect pick to enhance ganks and teamfights, secure kills and peel for your carries. Her kit is very complete and allows you to have many opportunities to catch your opponents. This humble guide will give you intel about how to build her, use her and most importantly it will help you to switch from "not another troll supp" into "Wp Seju!". If it sounds like a deal for you, let's proceed!

I won’t go into every detail about the support role (in particular warding, roaming and map awareness in general) so if you are interested in this essential parts of the game, I can recommend you the amazing “In depth guide for supporting” by Wicked Eye. It is not the most recent one but it is definitely a very complete one!

Allright, no more boring talk, let’s dive into this! :)

Ps: big up for UOL Hylissang who lately picked Seju sup against FNC, it kinda failed but that's a nice start ;)
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Very tanky
Lots of CC
Great engage potential
Anti-burst passive
Strong peel
Good mobility: untargeted dash with rather low cooldown
%HP damage: good scaling,
allows you to go full tank and still deal some damage
Great catch and chase capabilities
Not punishing: easy to learn, satisfying to play!
Unexpected as a support (let's bait some junglers!)
You can ride a badass Poro to battle and that should be your best and only reason to pick her

Vulnerable against compositions and lanes with lots of poke
Low to average damage output mid to late game
Early mana costs (not a problem later in game)
Can be kited by high mobility ADCs ( Vayne, Kalista, Ezreal...)
Poor synergy if your jungler and/or top laner aren't melee (they can't proc Permafrost stacks)
If the game dont go well you might obtain the honorific title of "report Seju x9 troll". I am decently tilt proof so it doesn't affect me much, but you better know it. Mute OP ;)
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New runes are quite obvious, and self-explanatory. Let's give a look about it:

You are looking for tankiness, therefore Resolve is very important in first tree, for the Aftershock keystone. Easy to proc, makes you tankier and deals a nice bonus damage.
After some trials I prefer Demolish over Font of Life, but that's honestly up to you. If you want to adapt your runes before each game I would advice to take Demolish if you can push faster than the opposite bot lane, and Font of Life otherwise..
Conditioning is the most versatile option but you can choose Iron Skin if vs full ad, or Mirror Shell vs heavy AP comps (like let's say Varus/Brand bot).
Lastly, I like Overgrowth for the scaling, but Second Wind can be used if you face hard poke.
For the second tree, I prefer Inspiration with free cookies (for sustain if you trade, and even more importantly, mana regen) and Magical Footwear (you are quite unlikely to buy them that early anyway), both of the option are very gold efficient. You can try Approach Velocity instead of cookies for a more aggro playstyle (or if the lane is passive), or Cosmic Insight for items CDR.
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Standard summoners:

Flash is the best summoner you can get on almost every champion, it will give you mobility, escape and offensive engage potential. There are a few tricks to know with Sejuani. You can Arctic Assault and immediately Flash to surprise an enemy. You can Winter's Wrath and Flash the same way as Taric can do with his Dazzle. You can also Glacial Prison + Flash in order to change the trajectory of the projectile (the target will remain unchanged however). It is not the most useful trick but hey, there you know! :)
Exhaust can win fights by itself, so don't underestimate it. Using exhaust wisely is probably one of the most important things to know as support. Exhaust has two main uses: first one is to protect your allies by reducing damage output from an enemy. Second one is to slow and cut resistances from an enemy for easiest kill. Therefore, it is a very versatile summoner spell.
Ignite can legitimately be picked in some matchups. In bottom lane, against champions with a lot of heal (typically Soraka), but you should also pick it when an enemy with lot of healing potential is in the game and either mid or top haven't picked it ( Vladimir, Aatrox, Warwick, Swain, Illaoi, Dr. Mundo...). You can also pick it if you are willing to play aggressively and snowball with you ADC and your jungler. I consider that Exhaust usually "scales" better into late game though.
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Sejuani's passive, Fury of the North, has two very useful features. The first one is Frost Armor. It gives you 20/60/100 bonus armor and magic resist for 1/2/3 seconds after you have taken damage from an enemy, a tower or a big monster at level 1/7/14. It also doubles your armor and magic resist and makes you invulnerable to slow for the same amount of time. Cooldown is 15/12/9 seconds but it will be reseated if damage is taken. This passive is a very nice tool in lane to absorb damage from poke or burst, but you need to play wisely in order to have it up before taking trades. Later in the game, the doubled resistances makes you virtually unkillable and impossible to slow for 3 seconds, which is really huge.
The second feature is Icebreaker. It removes a nice chunk of health when you deal damage to an enemy you have stuned (10/15/20% of enemy’s max health). To be honest, as a support, this is probably the ability where most of your burst come from, so you want to maximize the number of stuns you will apply on an enemy.
This one is a pretty simple ability: you have an untargeted dash with a range of 650 and a 0.5 seconds knock up on the first enemy champion hit. It is actually possible to hit multiple champions but they have to be very close to each other (I am still unsure if it's a bug or a "skill" to master with her :p ). Just after the knock-up, you will automatically give an auto attack, applying a Frost stack. It can be used to cross walls. Also, you are not forced to go to the max range, so be sure to aim well! Use it to engage, to peel or to disengage.
Winter's Wrath is a skillshot with 2 animations, each one applying a Frost stack. The first one will deal damage in a cone, and gather the minions and monsters in a nice line, and the second will deal more damage in the line matching the middle of the cone and slow enemies for a short period. The animations hitbox will follow your movement, same as Taric's Dazzle. I'll let you read the details for the spell damages but remember it deals % of YOUR maximum health as magic damage.
Teamwork OP! Your abilities and auto attacks apply Frost stacks to enemy champions. When reached 4 stacks, your can launch a targeted projectile, stunning for 1 to 2 seconds. The nice feature is that melee allies are also able to apply Frost stacks! The cooldown of the spell is very low, so if you and your allies do well in teamfights you will be able to stun lots of them. Since it is a targeted stun, it can be very useful to lock and start to chain CC slippery champions like Master Yi, Katarina, Yasuo... The counterpart is that it can be sometimes slow to apply these 4 stacks.
You launch your frozen bolas, the first enemy champion hit is stunned for 1 to 2 seconds. If your reach a minimum distance, you also create a large storm slowing enemies by 30%. After 2 seconds, the storm explodes and deal damage an slow enemies by 80% for 3 seconds. You don't need to hit to create the storm.
This ultimate is an amazing tool for long range engage. It is a skillshot, so you might need some practice to use it well, but the projectile velocity is quite high, the casting time very short and the hitbox rather large. Also, the minimal distance for having all the effects in only 400 so don't try to use it at max range. Also, the base damage are very decent, and the storm zone is big and will slow everyone for 5 seconds (2s. by 30% and 3s. by 80%). Final advice, sometimes you will not be in range for the stun but you will be able to slow with the storm, which might be enough for a catch.
Rapid conclusion: Sejuani's kit is very versatile in the support role. Her long range engage can be very surprising (total range of 1825: 650 fom the dash and 1175 from your ult, which is roughly more than 2 times under ultimate twitch's range!!). You are also very likely to survive an initial engage or an unexpected combo from an enemy trap for instance.
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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
The best ability to max is definitely your W, Winter's Wrath. There is some reasons to that: the mana cost is quite high initially but it won’t go higher, which means your mana will be used more and more efficiently over the game. Moreover, it deals damage according to your max hp, and that’s a very strong stat. Finally, it is your main and almost only push spell, so it helps you managing the lane with your ADC. The second ability to max is a bit trickier. I chose here to max the E, Permafrost in second position rather than Arctic Assault. It is mostly to give more hard CC time (from 1 to 2 seconds). Maxing Permafrost is really good if your jungler is melee and decided to help your lane a lot. Maxing Arctic Assault second can help you taking small trades but the cooldown reduction is rather low and won't change a lot if you look at the damage it deals. Oh, and I didn’t mentioned it earlier, but of course take Glacial Prison as soon as you can!
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Your support item needs to be the relic shield, as your primary goal is to tank. It also gives you some sustain in lane which is comfortable for the early levels, and can help your ADC to push faster. You can consider exchanging the 3 biscuits for a Refillable Potion if the enemy lane is very passive. The Stealth Ward is also mandatory to prevent early ganks, you will change it for a Sweeping Lens when you’ll have your [sightstone], and for an Oracle Lens at level 9.

Core Items

My personal favorite since Ninja Tabi small nerf, mainly because of Mercury's CC reduction. Move speed bonus helps you to put your last auto attack for Permafrost and to roam to midlane. Consider picking the Tabi if enemy ADC is fed or if opposite team have a lot of auto attack based champs.
This support item has very good stats for your lane phase: lots of HP, CDR, 4 wards and a nice shield as passive. Now that Face of the Mountain is gone, this is a mandatory item as a support. I usually don't build the last tier until late game, it only adds 1 ward and some HP, which is not bad but you rather want to invest into "real" items.
Since the multiple nerfs of the knight's vow, I really prefer to pick the Glory first. All the stats are great on Seju: HP, Armor, Mana, CDR, HP regen and a great engage tool active (Remember: you can use it as a peel aswell). The build path is also pretty good during lane.

Magic resistance Items

The well known Iron Solari is a super strong item to have when you start teamfighting. Since you will have a very large Health supply, the item naturally synergies with Sejuani and your item build path. I honestly feel Solari is a must have on every tank support.

Nice base stats if you encounter lots of AP dealer. The passive is also very interesting if your own team have AOE magic damage. The mana buff is also nice even if it's not the reason you're buying it.
This new item is also a benediction for you! Nice base stats and it has a lot of synergies with Sejuani: you engage with your Frost Armor, and when it breaks use the active and you basically have no spell left for the 4 second duration so you don't care about the damage reduction. Moreover, it makes you crazy tanky during this short time period. Use it in combo with Locket of the Iron Solari to give your allies a massive shield. (cooldowns are the same, how amazing is that?)
This item shouldn't be bought for no reason, but it can be very effective to counter some compositions or champions, like Cassiopeia, Teemo, Ryze, Swain and every dot/poison champion. I prefer Abyssal Mask if no dot champion are present in the enemy team.

Armor Items

I find this item to be very effective since its rework, so you should definitely consider buying him if 2+ enemies are auto attack or attack speed based (ie. random ADC + Tryndamere ).
Classic anti critic item. Basic stats are great, you will also be able to use the active at every fight, so it is a safe item to buy.
Not as strong as before, but the stats are still nice. Don't rush it, or you'll miss some HP for the solari active. Finally, the passive gives you sustain trough your ADC and more importantly, prevent him from taking some damage.
Zeke is a very good item now, the stats synergies well with Sejuani and the active will make you fearsome in teamfights. It is also pretty cheap and you can try to cheese by crafting it early.
Alright, Warmog isn't a true armor item. Basically, it gives you a massive amount of health and allows you to fight, back and regen very fast, and go back to fight. It means you can surprise a lot of chasing enemies. Care about your mana though, as you are more likely to run out of mana after that much fights!

Alternative (but viable!) Items

This is your best offensive item down there. The AOE slow is huge when your Frost Armor is up, that's very useful during teamfights. Stats are also really decent if you face lots of physic damage.
Very good item versus enemies relying in their attack speed (eg. Vayne, Jinx, Twitch...)
That's a very situational item, the base stats aren't that bad for the price and the ZZ'Rot can be a good way to counter some split pushing champions, or to secure objectives.
Not my favorite since our friends from Riot nerfed the Health supply, bit it remains decent. I consider it as a Iron Solari bis with delay. It also gives vision so you can use it to check Nashor for instance.

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Hard matchups
Your worst nightmare. Insane kite potential, will dodge all you can throw at her and eventually will chase you to death. She can also keep her support very safe. Roaming can be a solution if your ADC is safe enough. A good ult from you probably means she’s dead though.
Lucian can be a pain in the a$$. His dash Relentless Pursuit will make your day very hard, as a good player will keep it to dodge and cancel your engage. You can still try to bait his dash with your Q and catch him with your ult. If your ADC or juggler has some CC too it can be enough to hold him.
Cait is a very strong laner. Her great range and mobility will keep her safe from your engage, and she can still be able to harass you and zone you under tower with her Yordle Snap Trap. Don’t lose hope though, you will be a big problem for her later in fights. Hopefully your ADC will have a better scaling, so stick to farm in lane and ward defensively.
Lot of mobility, lots of poke, good burst: Corki isn’t an easy opponent. Since a couple of patches he deals more magic damage than physical damage, so don’t rush armor, especially if his support is also AP (I like to go Gargoyle Stoneplate then Locket of the Iron Solari ). You should wait for ganks, try not to lose vision advantage and focus on farming. Insist on miss pings as he can roam to other lanes very fast.
Even matchups
Xayah have very few mobility, but her invulnerability can be used to dodge your ultimate or your engage combo. She is very exposed to gank pre 6 tho, and you can probably catch her with a gank. Try to anticipate her leaves so your passive don’t get wasted for nothing.
She can be quite slippery, with a big resetting Rocket Jump, but remember your dash can cancel hers. Important fact, she can’t freeze a lane because of her passive Explosive Charge.
Kog can be terrifying late game and melt you to ashes: big range, very high damage output. However, he is a very slow champion so you shouldn’t have too much trouble landing your ult if he makes the mistake of playing in front of his tanks. Take the upper hand during the early lane when he is not a problem yet.
Skill matchup. Good Vaynes will be hard to manage. However you can control her long enough for your team to seriously threat her. Late game she does good amount of % max hp true damage, so you won’t last long if she focuses you.
He has a surprisingly long auto attack range. You shouldn’t worry too much about his arrows since your Frost Armor should prevent a lot of his damage. He has no mobility, but he can lock you long enough to be a problem.
Very slippery. He has no way to stop all of your CC so you should have him with a gank. He has a rather weak late game compared to other ADC’s though. Try to dodge his Mystic Shot in lane to save your passive, and remember he has no pushing power apart from Trueshot Barrage. You can try to freeze and zone him if you are ahead.
She will likely be pushing you undertower until her lvl 6. Her Spell Shield makes her safe from your ult, and the move speed given by On The Hunt makes her safe from your engage. Consider choosing another target, she is not an hyper carry ADC.
A bit early to decide probably,
it is not really a problem for you because a controlled Kai'Sa is a dead Kai'Sa,
howver she can be a pain in the *** for your adc (instantaneous burst, no time to react, you can't predict where she's going to dash). For now the champion is relatively weak but care about the snowball.
Lucian can be a pain in the a$$. His dash Relentless Pursuit will make your day very hard, as a good player will keep it to dodge and cancel your engage. You can still try to bait his dash with your Q and catch him with your ult. If your ADC or juggler has some CC too it can be enough to hold him.
Accessible matchups
Relatively easy matchup. She has no way to prevent you from controlling her, late game you basically have 3 seconds of slow immunity and damage reduction. Plus you are the Freljord Queen, she’s just a pale copy. You also get a hidden quest when playing against her, Battle for Freljord, to win a badass yet useless frozen crown.
Jinx long range rockets from Switcheroo! can bother you. It’s basically a Caitlyn with less mobility, less burst and better late game. She can be quite free with a gank.
No escape, no disengage. That's all you love. Freeze him to death, ult when he does. Care about the 4th auto attack from Whisper.
This sneaky rat usually won’t be a problem for you. His lane phase isn’t that strong and he will have no mobility until the end of the game. You need to care about his classic “It’s me” and ult classic combo though. You basically just have to ult at him when he appears, so he shouldn’t last long.
Miss Fortune is a pretty easy matchup, she will be fairly easy to catch and your ult can cancel hers. Watch your positioning, don’t stay behind your minions and care about wombo combos later. Consider holding your ult to cancel hers.
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Please keep in mind that I won’t specify the auto attack from your Arctic Assault as it is automatic and you can’t miss it. Another important point, you should always try to keep your Arctic Assault to disengage if you have the opportunity to engage without it! It will save you from a lot of trouble.

Basic combo:

Very easy one, you dash to the enemy with Arctic Assault, and start channeling Winter's Wrath just before your dash hits. It is a very short trade, and if you go back fast enough you will have your Frost Armor during the whole trade, which means you will basically take no damage. That’s why Sejuani is very good in short trades.

Long trade combo:

> > > >
This is you classic harass in-lane combo. You start the same way as your basic combo. At this point the passive from Permafrost will have 3 stacks (one from the dash AA, two from your W). You just have to land that 4th AA to be able to use your E, and a last AA to proc the damage from Fury of the North.

Long range engage:

> > >
You will need this quite often. The trick is to launch your Glacial Prison and immediately Arctic Assault, so your body will “hide” the projectile and will surprise the target. The minimum range to activate the storm is rather low so don’t worry too much about being far. The effect of surprise is most important than some fractions of second of stun. Another problem is that your ultimate will trigger Icebreaker cooldown so you will not be able to use Permafrost until a long time.

Optimal crowd control combo:

> > > > >
This combo will be perfect either to engage an enemy at close range or to peel for your team. The goal is to proc Icebreaker 2 times on the same target and in a single fight. You will start to engage with Arctic Assault like in the first combo and immediately launch your Winter's Wrath. A last AA will allow you to cast Permafrost. You will then need to move back and use Glacial Prison to maximize your ultimate stun duration (up to 2 seconds). Finally, go back to the target and proc Icebreaker with an AA or with Winter's Wrath if you have enough cooldown reduction.
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Hi again everyone!

My summoner name is Lazy Kingfisher, I am 23, from France (therefore my English is not perfect) and I play on the EUW server since fall season 3. I like supporting because I feel that this play style is a very rewarding and interesting one: your impact in games comes more from the decisions you make rather than your gold supply. I am currently around Gold IV, so as you can understand I am not pretending to be the most legitimate player to talk about strategy. Now you should ask yourself "Well, should I trust him?" and the best answer is definitely NO, try this pick by yourself and suggest improvements!

For the record, I would like to clarify that I don’t see this pick as a “troll” pick or a non-viable one. To be very honest, I decided to write this guide because I wasn’t completely satisfied with the few other Sejuani support guides and I feel kinda sad to lose such potential. So here I am attempting to fix this, so thanks a lot for reading this, I’ll be glad if this guide can be of any use to you!
I do have okay results though, with a winrate of 56% with Sejuani and 63% with Braum last season. My main picks are Braum, Sejuani, Lulu and Janna. I managed to climb gold 4 last season mainly with our friendly Pig rider (yey!).
Here are some screenshot of my profile, nothing fancy, just to show you it works very decently at my current elo (ps: was taken last season, still have to play her in ranked season 8).

What's next?

Well, If this guide is useful for enough players, I'll probably keep it up to date and maybe improve it, so it would be great to have some feedback!
If you tested her and have interesting results either good or bad, please leave a comment and explain me what you liked or disliked! ;)

please :)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lazy Kingfisher
Lazy Kingfisher Sejuani Guide
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