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Soraka Build Guide by Shderen

Middle [9.10] Soraka Mid ~Kite till the goats come home~

By Shderen | Updated on May 14, 2019
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Runes: Confident

1 2
Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band

Ravenous Hunter
Cheap Shot

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


The usual
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


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Support Role
Ranked #12 in
Support Role
Win 53%
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Threats & Synergies

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Champion Build Guide

[9.10] Soraka Mid ~Kite till the goats come home~

By Shderen
Wow, you're really doing this, huh? Soraka mid is an ancient art passed down generations of hard working theorycrafters just to have been presented to me and me only. But I suppose Pretty boy (formerly known as EL FLAMBO, formerly known as brenda) of the OCE server can SPARE you with a few tips on how to wrangle this beautifully awkward concept of Soraka mid.

Authenticity Back to Top
I know what you're thinking; "who's this baby OCE player thinkin he runs stuff round these parts? how do we even KNOW Soraka mid is good?"

First of all, I'M THE SHERIFF.

Secondly, if there's anything a Soraka mid is, they are someone who is confident in their word. And if my word is I'm a DAMN GOOD SORAKA MID then you BETTER BELIEVE IT.

Fun fact: I was gonna show you my unsuccessful Soraka mid games, but there are none.
Mentality Back to Top
Before learning ANYTHING about my precious tactic, you must first have the mentality of a Soraka mid.

What do you think of when you hear the name "Soraka"? Someone who's compassionate? Caring? Courteous? Just? Well, yeah, that's about right. IF YOU'RE A BABY *** SORAKA SUPPORT. SORAKA MIDS ARE EMOTIONLESS, HATEFUL, SELFISH, CHAOTIC FORCES OF MASS DESTRUCTION THAT YOU SHOULD DARE NOT CROSS. You roam? TAX THEIR LANE. Killed an enemy? FLEX YOUR MASTERY. Stole an ally's CS by accident? CLAIM IT WAS COMPLETELY INTENTIONAL AND THAT YOU ALSO ****ED THEIR MOTHER. Accidentally forgot to ult to save an ally? SAY THAT YOU DID IT ON PURPOSE SO YOU CAN TAKE BLUE BUFF WITH MORE HEALTH.

Soraka mids TAKE NO PRISONERS and you better damn well start acting like it. We have an IQ of 7000 on average, outliers being you FOOLS who think it'll be EASY to pick this up.
Pros / Cons Back to Top
Alright, positives.+Great laning against mages who don't inflict/build Grievous wounds
+AMAZING sustain as of 9.9
+Decent waveclear
+So underground ya GRANDPA won't know this matchup
+Scales from a mid game damage dealer to a late game mega utility machine
+Enables you to FLEX on fools
+INSTANT AOE silence with good range and decent damage
+Lets you be the JERK youve secretly always wanted to be as a Soraka support

Now, negatives.-If you're as good as me? There's none
-But assuming you're not, she realistically has NOTHING that others can't do except for crazy heals, in which you should just be playing her as support
-Obscenely high IQ required to make full use of her
-**** all mobility
-Requires u to swagg on kiddies unconditionally (which can be physically and mentally demanding)
Ranked Play Back to Top

I'm assuming this chapter insinuates what to do when playing Soraka mid in ranked/when to play her. Well, first thing's first, consider muting everyone. I guarantee they will ridicule you. Ice those fools, show them who's boss.

As for when to pick her, take a look at the easy matchups above. If they have picked those characters and you feeling the mentality mentioned above, lock in this banana slinging animal and prepare to ICE some fools. Also, consider it if running a hypercarry comp (Kog, Vayne, etc.)
Summoner Spells Back to Top

Generically, or in blind pick, you're gonna wanna go Ghost + Flash. Flash is mandatory, obviously, but Ghost is interchangeable with Exhaust, Barrier, Cleanse, or even Ignite. It's a counterpick thing.
Skill Sequence Back to Top
Items Back to Top
If you think there are any core items for Soraka, you're wrong. Natural mana regen, low costs, easy sustain, all you REALLY need is high AP. Anything that gets you there is what you want, and any kind of CDR and mana is good, but not mandatory (although hard to avoid nowadays). All of the situational items listed above are just as viable as the ones in the core build. You must feel Soraka mid and build accordingly - there is no set formula.
Farming Back to Top

Early on, you gotta be a MASTER of last hitting as Soraka. Luckily for me, I've been practicing by 'ACCIDENTALLY' stealing my ADC's CS in bot lane for years now. As for you? You gotta just feel the motion of the banana. If you manage to nab a lot of AP early, sorcerer minions are usually a Starcall and AA away from being turned into JUICY gold. When you get a Luden's, it usually handles them in one Starcall. Don't be afraid to use your Q JUST for CS'ing, it has such a small cost.
[UPDATE 7.13] Back to Top
Items for Soraka Midâ„¢ (trademarked property of Pretty Boy Industries, formerly known as EL FLAMBO Corp.) haven't changed at all really in the recent patches. I will be updating matchups with new information where appropriate.
[UPDATE 9.9 & 9.10] Back to Top

It's been a long time coming. I made this FANTASTIC guide in 7.2, updated it in 7.13, and look where we are now. Ezreal's getting another legendary skin, I have a partner and I'm somehow passing university. Still, still the fans beg me to return and update this guide. Here you have it. I've accounted for reworks (some have been not impactful enough to change matchup info) and I'm considering on my next visit adding synergy matchups considering the guide's visible emphasis on it. Personally, I think teammates are a HINDRANCE on Soraka mid's success. But broke *****es shall be broke *****es, no? New runes have brought Soraka mains many great things, but the Soraka mid mains care about Arcane Comet only. You may also consider the GLP + Glacial Augment build, but I feel your damage may be lacking on top of the Q+E nerfs in this patch. Your sustain is FANTASTIC now though and I've seen BUM *** AMERICAN streamers thinking they can APPROPRIATE my CHARACTER? Cowards. The sustain is an afterthought. You are here for DAMAGE and STYLE.

A lot of this season 9 update is theoretical and may not fully be accurate. I implore my disciples to step forward in the discussion and present their own experiences to me. I will be resuming my Soraka mid play in the weeks to come.

And now we have a buff to the movement speed that Starcall grants. I have indeed baited people into this guide by insinuating this buff is for kiting - wrong. This buff is for chasing down incompetent fools who dare disrespect you.
Summary Back to Top
All in all, everything you need to know to get you started has been said. Just know that if an ally EVER asks you for mana, you must treat them with complete disrespect for the entire game - they must know how awful of them it is to remind us of our past.

Now what the hell are you still doin in my presence? Get OUT of my SIGHT.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Shderen
Shderen Soraka Guide
[9.10] Soraka Mid ~Kite till the goats come home~