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Teamfight Tactics Guide by Xander100


[9.16] 6x Nobles + 2x Hextech

By Xander100 | Updated on August 21, 2019
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Teamfight Tactics Guide

[9.16] 6x Nobles + 2x Hextech

By Xander100
Item Tier List (For 6x Nobles + 2x Hextech)
- special thanks to Jovy for the banner :)

In this comp, the most desirable item Red Buff 100% healing reduction = utterly broken. %Max HP True damage destroys Brawlers, which there are A LOT of. Place it on Lucian & Jinx.

Second most desirable item is Hush. 33% chance to Mana Lock (can't gain mana) on-hit for 4s is beyond broken in this build. You always save Tear of the Goddess only for this item. Again, go with Lucian & Jinx.

Third one is Rapid Firecannon. Double Range means your Jinx will be safe and "Attacks cannot be dodged" counters both Yordles and Shen.

Fourth item is definitely Knight's Vow. Getting early 4x/6x Knights is too valuable to pass up.

Fifth one is Runaan's Hurricane because it has absolutely crazy synergy with Jinx.

Sixth item is Titanic Hydra. Now this is an interesting one, but I tested it on Jinx and she was activating her rockets extremely fast. I wonder if the 10% Max HP Physical damage from the AoE made her activate the rockets faster. Either way, it boosts Jinx's DPS like crazy.

And lastly Infinity Edge. It's been buffed and it's the only good item you can make out of B. F. Sword. Preferably placed on Jinx!

Priority picks in Carousel are always: Spatula -> Giant's Belt -> Chain Vest -> Recurve Bow -> Negatron Cloak.

ALWAYS pick your components from the Carousel depending on what components you currently have. You need those items combined as fast as possible!
How to play this comp Back to Top
General Strategy: This comp is best played with Economy Strat. If you are new to econ strat, it means you have to Reroll very scarcely and play close attention to how much HP you are losing every round. Try to lose as little HP as possible while gathering up gold.

Only go into a Reroll frenzy if you are losing more than 6 HP at the end of a round OR if you are near 40 HP.

I almost never go for lvl 3 pieces unless I'm offered one for free. Going for lvl 3 pieces will slow down your Economy, and level 3 pieces in this game are bad because Cursed Blade exists. Keep in mind that: a lvl 1 Garen with 3 items is stronger than a lvl 3 Garen with 0 items.

Early Game: Buy literally anything you see. You need level 2 pieces, doesn't matter what they are. Also, remember to gather all 6 Nobles + Vi and Jinx.

WARNING: Right now in the Meta there are only 3 builds: Brawlers+Jinx > Nobles+Jinx > Demons /w Hypercarry-Brand. And very rarely you will see Rangers+Guardians/Sorcerers/Draven+Swain.

Mid Game: After the early game dice-rolls end, this is when you have to try and look at what pieces you currently own and form a strategy with them. My most common mid-game strategy is (4x/6x Knights + 2x Gunslingers). Other good mid-game comps: (4x Brawlers + 3x Voids), (4x Brawlers + 2x Imperials), (4x Knights + 4x Rangers), (3x Shapeshifters + 4x Demons), (4x Ninja + 3x Elementalists), (4x Wild + 3x Shapeshifters + 2x Dragons).

Late Game: This is when 6x Nobles + 2x Hextech + 2x Gunslingers comes online. If you managed to get this far and have a lvl 2 Jinx with 3 items, it shouldn't be that hard to get 1st place.

Beware though, this comp's biggest weakness is 3x Voids + 6x Sorcerers. Do not despair since you can still win against this comp with some clever positioning and bad AoE RNG ults from the enemy Cho'Gath.

UPDATE: It's gotten much better now with 2x Hextech potentially hitting a 3 item Cho'Gath and the new Hush mana-locking him.
Proof that it works Back to Top

Standard game for this comp. This Positioning is against Brawlers+Voids. His Blitzcrank used to go for my Lucian but due to the random Dragon's Claw on him, he was surviving 3 consecutive stuns with ease.

Remember that the strength of this build is its incredible Flexbility. 6x Nobles can make use of most late game pieces so you'll be having a much easier time playing without having the need to Reroll.

The above picture was a normal unlucky TFT match. I did win early game with 100 HP, but I have never gotten Kayle and I did manage to get Lucian lvl 2 only before the last round.

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[9.16] 6x Nobles + 2x Hextech