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Anivia Build Guide by Undying Anivia

Middle [9.17] Anivia Guide (Bird of Prey Murder Stray Stun n Slay)

Middle [9.17] Anivia Guide (Bird of Prey Murder Stray Stun n Slay)

Updated on September 6, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Undying Anivia Build Guide By Undying Anivia 5 2 53,312 Views 4 Comments
5 2 53,312 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Undying Anivia Anivia Build Guide By Undying Anivia Updated on September 6, 2019
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport



Undying Anivia here. I'm going to try to make this guide as simple and straight forward as possible to help all my Anivia Mains out there. So, if your looking for a guide that is simple and straight forward, then you are at the right place.

I was basically a silver level player for years until I decided to main Anivia two years ago. Since then, I went from Silver to Platinum and I'm now well on my way to Diamond.

I'm including 3 builds below. I recommend you try all 3, decide on the one you like the most, and then experiment by modifying them. Once you are great with Anivia, it more than likely won't matter what build you use as long as you use her skills properly in a team fight and do not die more than 2 times in lane during the first 15-20 minutes of the game. This is why Anivia is so powerful. You have to be REALLY bad to die more than 2 times in the first 15-20 minutes with her. She is a very SAFE champion due to her passive egg and stun while being able to generally farm safely once level 6 with her ultimate.

I highly recommend if your going to use Anivia, to use Anivia and only Anivia for the next 200+ games. If you do this, I promise you that you will move from say silver->gold or from gold->plat. If you were to only take away one thing from this guide, that would be the most important take away. Stick with Anivia. Love her. Cherish her. You do this, and she will reward you with a very high rank and dominating victories.

Once you master Anivia, your games are basically going to go like this, so keep at it!
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Skill Sequence

/ / /

Get Flash Frost (Q) first so you can invade their jungler with your team. Stuns op.

Get Crystallize (W) at level 4 if you feel like you need it vs. a gank or to help your jungler out when he comes to gank for you. Just remember, this is going to cost a fair bit of mana. Only use it early on if you 100% have too. Keep in mind that you can use (W) to displace enemies. This means that if you place it right on top of the enemy, you can disrupt them. This can do things like cancel a Katarina Ult instantly since (W) comes out immediately. You can also use it to stop dashes if you time it correctly. Not to mention stop a Sion ult which is extremely satisfying.

Early on, 1 point is enough in (W), but later on, it's a-ok to invest another point in (W) rather than in (E) if you want that extra wall size. A well placed (W) can make or break a team fight.

Generally, you want to Max Frost Bite (E) asap. This is your burst damage, poke, and cs last hitter. (E) is going to do poop damage UNLESS the opponent has already been stunned by (Q) and/or has stood in your (R) ultimate for an adequate length of time.

Obviously, get Glacial Storm (R) every chance you get.
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Your Rune & Item Build Options

Sorcery Tree:

Precision Tree:

Item Purchase Order:

This build gives plenty of Mana via Mana flow band. You are also going presence of mind so that for 7 seconds after every level up, you get to Q,E combo for free to either help with wave management and/or damage the enemy champion.

You also have Coup De Grace to help with bursting those who are low on life. It's not a bad build. Try it and you might feel like it suites your play style. Anivia is so awesome, you can play her many different ways.

In all of these builds, it's always OK to get an Abyssal Mask instead of a Zhonya's if their team has allot of AP!

Inspiration Tree:

Resolve Tree:

Item Purchase Order:

This build is for playing passive. Early on, your going to simply farm last hits and try to freeze your lane so that you are not pushing too far. If the enemy roams, you are going to get easy damage on their tower. Demolish counters roamers. Also, minion dematerializer is going to help you with last hitting and help you if you end up having to last hit under your own tower.

Also, keep in mind that you can start the game with heal instead of teleport if you are using the unsealed spell book rune. Heal is great because it can be used to help your jungler when he ganks for you in case a 2v2 breaks out mid vs. their mid and jungler. If you end up needing to teleport to lane, then you can use unsealed spellbook in a pinch to swap for a quick teleport and in late game you can go back to using heal or whatever else you prefer to use during team fights because a teleport isn't going to exactly help you much in a 5v5 now is it. If you do not feel like going the Resolve Tree, then try out Celerity and Gathering Storm instead via the Sorcery Tree.

Inspiration Tree:

Sorecery Tree:

Item Purchase Order:

This build is great if going Top vs. a melee champ that cannot get to you easily. For example, this is my go to build when playing vs. Nasus top. It allows me to easily farm items off of Nasus via Kleptomancy. Feel free to pick and choose any runes you like, just be sure to choose Kleptomancy. Experimenting is the best way to learn what works for you.
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Strategy / Tips

Whatever your strategy (be it passive or aggressive) you generally want your Rod of Ages (ROA) completed by 12-14 minutes. If you complete your ROA around 12 minutes, it's usually due to awesome last hitting of minions and/or first blood and/or 1-2 kills on your laner. You want that ROA completed because for every minute that passes once you build the item, your getting stronger! The Rod of Ages takes 10 minutes after purchase for it to reach it's max potential.

You generally want to recall back to base once you have enough gold to purchase your tear of the goddess. Why you ask? Because you want to start using it asap to begin building up your mana pool. Anivia is one of the most mana hungry champions in the game and you cannot always rely on having blue buff on Anivia.

Anivia Power spikes around mid game (20 or so minutes) when you have your ROA, boots, and building towards your Archangel's Staff. This is when your going to own it up in a team fight especially once you finish your Archangel's Staff. Generally, the whole point of your mid lane experience is to get as powerful as possible for when that team fight mid game occurs.

When you are in your laning phase, generally, you do not want to follow the mid laner if they leave your lane to go gank top or bot. Why? Because Anivia is one of the slowest moving champions in the game. Stay mid lane and farm farm farm while alerting your allies that your mid lane opponent has left lane to gank. Use your question mark pings to alert your team mates or type it in ally chat.

Sometimes, you might lose a game because your top, bot, and jungle do poorly. You will then ask yourself, what should I have done to help my side laners? You also might get yelled at by your team like "Anivia, do something!". Listen, you need to ignore them. 90% of the time it is wrong to follow your mid laner. Most mids that get the jump on Anivia when they have field of vision on you when you try to follow are going to win the trade/kill you/force you out of lane. Instead, you need to push the lane, look for enemy wraiths to clear, auto the turret, take the free recall back to base, or use your teleport to help with a fight that breaks out. This is one of the reasons so many Anivia users take teleport on Anivia so they at least have some form of map presence early to mid game on side lanes.

Your not picking Anivia to help dead weight side laners. You pick Anivia to **** block any attempt at sieging your tower and you wait for them to make a mistake so your dead weight side lanes can make a come back. Holding the tower is something Anivia was made for. Being able to defend this pressure is one of the most efficient ways of helping your team. If your trying to roam and make a mistake, you stand the chance of losing your tower thus drastically reducing your chances of winning.

If you can steal the enemy jungler's raptor camp once you are level 6, by all means do it! I typically steal the enemy junglers raptor camp several times per game. Anivia's ult makes clearing the raptor camp very easy.

In between enemy waves, always remove yourself from your enemies field of vision. Never let the enemy know where you are in between waves. Make them guess whether you are trying to clear the raptor camp or not.

When in a team fight, how you play depends on your team composition and the enemy's team composition. If they have strong stuns and grabs like Sejuani ultimate or Blitzcrank, then you generally do not want to be out in front unless your flash is available. If you are fed (have generated more gold than most everyone else during the course of the game) then it is fine to be out front and try to make plays with your wall, slows, and stuns.

While in lane, vs. certain champs, you need to hold on to your Q spell. For example, vs. a fizz, if you use your Q and miss, then he is likely to go all in on you. However, if you have your Q stun available, then if he jumps on you, you can point blank Q stun him in the face. If you ever die in lane, ask yourself, was my Q up when he damaged me or did I use it earlier and it was on cool down?

If you are running Unsealed Spellbook, you can start the match with flash heal, flash ignite, or flash exh and switch to flash teleport later if you need to. This allows you to have an effective second summoner spell incase you need it and if you never end up using it, then when you do your first back, you can switch heal, ignite, or exhaust to teleport to get back to lane.

If you are running Unsealed Spellbook, if you have 2 summoner shards, you can reactivate one of your summoner spells such as flash by changing out flash (when its on cool down) with someone else and then changing your second summoner spell to then be flash. You will then notice that you now have flash with no cool down. This is very useful late game when you know the next team fight determines the winner of the game. Something as small as having your flash ability up could be a game winning factor.

Vs. certain champions, you can sit right next to the minions you know they are going to try to last hit. If they try to get close to last hit the minion, you can anticipate it, and Q stun them. This works really well vs. someone like Nasus or whenever you are ahead of someone in lane. You can basically deny someone experience and gold by positioning yourself between them and your minions. If they get too close, you make them pay the price via your Q + E combo.

If the enemy team does not have many ways to stun you, it is ok to try to get out in front of your team and make big plays with your wall, stuns, and slows. However, if the enemy team is fed or has ways to stun you, then you need to stay in the back and peel for your team mates (mainly your adc). When you see someone like an assasin like Zed or Fizz go for your ADC, it is your job to stun, slow, and wall to save your adc. You can also do this vs. tanks that rush in vs. your team. Make them come towards your team in these situations and punish them for it.

Basically, with Anivia, you can either use her walls to capture people, stun, and slow opponents or use her to protect your allies. As you use her more and more, you will know which one to do depending on the situation. Just always remember to ask yourself, did I over extend with Anivia? Should I have stayed in the back and peeled for my team? Should I have been in front that game and did the engaging or tried to help pick off an enemy while we were engaging the enemy tower?

If your egg passive and/or flash is available, it's generally safe to be out in front if you know your team is with you and will defend you if you get grabbed / stunned.

Anivia is great at sieging towers. Place down your ult properly, and you can cover most of the lane next to and under the enemy tower while staying far enough away that the tower shots cannot hit you.

Late game, a well placed flash + wall can separate half the enemy team from the other half thus giving your team the win.

Mid and Late game, Anivia is awesome at securing baron. Sometimes, it is better to stay back and disrupt the enemy team via choke points with your wall, stuns, and slows rather than helping your team kill baron. If you buy your team time, then it is worth it.

Anivia has a high win rate because she is a very safe champion to use due to her passive, slows, stuns, and wall. She is also AWESOME at team fighting once you get good with her.

Anivia is one of the hardest champions to CS with pre level 6. Do not be afraid to last hit using her (E) if two minions are low health at the same time. Her rate of fire with her auto attack is so slow, that it is rather common for you to have to use her (E) periodically to last hit. Generally, you are going to use her auto attacks only though to last hit pre level 6 because you need to conserve your mana.

Do not be afraid to use your Q to damage the minion wave if you are vs. someone who is trying to push very hard as a means to get you to have to last hit under tower. Anivia is pretty bad at last hitting under tower due to her weak auto attack damage and slow auto attack speed. If you can line up your Q in such a way that it hits all the minions and the enemy champion as well (2 birds with 1 stun) then more power to you.

Anivia is generally not a mid laner that is going to get a ton of kills in lane. What she is going to do though is do allot of work during team fights. Your job is to die little to none by the time team fights are breaking out.

You generally want to use your spells at max range. However, sometimes, you want to get up very close to someone and wait for them to try to dodge. It's very hard for them to try to dodge a point blank Q stun.

In team fights, if you stay far back, its very hard for the enemy team to reach you due to your stuns, slows, and wall.

Placing your R ultimate is very important. You want to use it in such a way that it is doing damage and in such a location that enemies are going to walk into it. Sometimes, you will put down your R in a location like where your ADC is if you know the enemy team is going to try to kill your ADC. If your ADC is smart, he will use your ultimate to his advantage by making the enemy team run through your ult to get to him and/or make them fight him in your Anivia Ultimate.

If you place a wall between you and a melee enemy champ, it can be the difference between life and death. You can make awesome saves for your team mates by doing this as well.

A major counter to Anivia is stunning her while her R ultimate is active. Stunning her while her R is up effectively cancels her R ultimate. Knowing this, be careful that you do not get stunned by the enemy team after you place your R ultimate. Sometimes I will get a Banshee's Veil on Anivia late game to help counter a long ranged stun ability like Sejuani's ultimate, Amumu's Bandage Toss, and Ash's Crystal Arrow.

Liandry's Torment is fantastic on Anivia because it gives you health which in turn increases the health of your egg passive. Also, since Anivia is so hard to kill, the UNIQUE attritube of Liandry's – MADNESS: Deal 2% increased damage for each second in combat with champions, up to a maximum of 10% is very easy to achieve.

Liandry's Torment UNIQUE – TORMENT: Dealing spell damage applies a damage-over-time effect that deals bonus magic damage equal to 1% of target's maximum health per second for 3 seconds. This bonus damage is doubled to 2% of target's maximum health against Slow icon slowed or Stun icon immobilized units, and capped at 100 damage per second against monsters. As you can see, whenever slow or stun an enemy with Q or R, you are doubling the damage to 2%!

Fun Fact: Anivia was added into League of Legends on 7-10-2009. She will be 10 years old before we know it! They grow up so fast!
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Video Examples + Strategy

Here above is a short video with multiple examples of Anivia Gameplay. I will explain what is going on.

@ 0:30, notice how I hit the stun on both of them. This is the power of Anivia's AREA OF EFFECT stun. So OP.

@ 0:38, notice the wall placement. They want to run away. They are denied that option.

@ 0:54, notice how I get up close and personal with the enemy. This is to ensure that I more than likely will not miss my Q stun skill shot. Notice how I let the ball pass through the enemy before I detonate it. This is an advanced tactic. You will get damage when the ball passes through them and again get damage when you detonate it by pressing Q again.

@ 1:24, notice the wall placement. Anivia is VERY strong when team fighting in the jungle due to her ability to separate enemy team members. This kind of play can sometimes be the difference between winning a game and losing.

@ 2:30, master the wall and you master the universe.

In the below video, I talk about Anivia and do commentary on an entire Anivia Rank Match.
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In Conclusion

If you want to main Anivia, don't give up on her. Always take pride in being an Anivia user! Consider creating intro and victory music custom made for your Anivia. Buy an Anivia T-Shirt, Coffee mug, wallpaper, etc. to show off your Anivia Pride.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Undying Anivia
Undying Anivia Anivia Guide
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[9.17] Anivia Guide (Bird of Prey Murder Stray Stun n Slay)

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