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Teamfight Tactics Guide by LuxIsMyCrush


9.17 TFT most effective comp

By LuxIsMyCrush | Updated on September 5, 2019
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Teamfight Tactics Guide

9.17 TFT most effective comp

By LuxIsMyCrush
Hello again, there your casual plat rank senpai teaching you what you need to play in this patch for the easiest way to climb, and probably the funniest.
I usually would just update an existing guide, but since the meta is chaning so fast, and my older guides were dedicated to a certain build/trait (ex i did a meme lock of glacials and demons few patchs again, the goals was to make your enemy unable to do any action, needless to say now its not a great strat to win).
Anyway there is my recent match history on tft if anyone is curious.
Early game Back to Top
Early game you want to make knights and a holder for your items, any unit may work, it is not really important. You can even use a cost 1 unit knight since you will sell it later for a better one.

If you encounter Evelynn or morgana buy them.
mid game Back to Top
Focus to get level 2 those 2 units:
- Aurelion Sol
- Evelynn

even if you can get just one of them it will be ok, but you will need to adapt.

If you encounter Pantheon in carousel or roll at any stage take him without hesitation no matter what.

Try to keep your econ on 50 if you are in a winning streak, and focus on get level first then roll, if you are losing and below 50hp try to level some units you have.
late game Back to Top
Just focus on leveling your units and get the items.
Items Back to Top
You will need at least onefor Evelynn and Hextech Gunblade, then depending on what they run and your options Guardian Angel or Phantom Dancer (Personally i prefer phantom dancer)
For Aurelion Sol you want Rapid Firecannon just the laser dragon meme (bsaically he will never leave his spot so he can shot the entire map), Spear of Shojin to help charge faster the laser and last one again is optional, Phantom Dancer is always a good choice tho since you will get a good defence from magic resist with your trait once you get pantheom (or shyvana if you are really unlucky), being able to block attacks will make you basically immortal.
For Pantheon spam Spear of Shojin and a Warmog's Armor or, if you had a hextech and didnt found and leveled a [[evelynn] you can give it to him.

The rest of champs doesn't really matter, you want all resources invested into those 3 champs, but Force of Nature will work just perfect on anyone except your carry, Morgana can handle a Morellonomicon or you can place a red buff random on a tank if they have healings.
Champions and affinity Back to Top
Needless to say, you want to make Laser Dragon and Evelynn some monsters damage dealers which take no damage. Your main mission is to get 3 sorceres, 2 dragons, 2 guardians and maybe, if you have enough slots 2 knights (one of them must be Seujuani for Braum glacials) but if you do not have much imaggination just spam as many pantheon on field for every free slot you have remaining.

So to enumre all champions you can use:
Early game
- Garen
- Darius
- Morde but he's garbage
- Kassadin (keep him until you get morg and veigar)
- Ahri (same)
- TF (sell him fast tho, hes just a holder for sorcery bonus)
- Braum
- lulu
(how you see, many options)
Mid game
- Morgana
- Veigar
- Aurelion Laser Dragon Sol
- Sejuani
- Evelynn
- literally any knight of higher cost (you can go for poppy and do a yordle combo or kayle if you are lucky but she kind of got nerfed so meeh)
- Brand (demon bonus, not really a must if you alerdy have morgana and ve)
- Aatrox (as brand)
- Pantheon
- Swain (if you have a free slot and basically main traits completed)
- Karths (if you need a sorcerer, you may subsitute him with veigar if you feel like it or morgana if you have darkin)

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9.17 TFT most effective comp
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