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Ornn Build Guide by Dreadscythe95

[9.23] ~Ornn Jungle S10~ Step aside Sejuani, Freljord is our

By Dreadscythe95 | Updated on November 20, 2019
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Runes: Aftershock + Future Market + Cosmic Insight = OP

Font of Life
Bone Plating

Future's Market
Cosmic Insight

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+8 Magic Resist


Summoners Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Chilling Smite

Chilling Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Win 52%
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Champion Build Guide

[9.23] ~Ornn Jungle S10~ Step aside Sejuani, Freljord is our

By Dreadscythe95
So, why Ornn Jungle?
"This is for my followers!"

Ornn has never been one of the popular champions and many claim that he is not good at all. Let's not forget tanks in low Elos have never gotten much love. So why?

Well, in my opinion Ornn's passive makes him a deadly jungler and a great team asset.

He has:

1. Good camp clear, especially since after taking the red/blue he can build his second jungle item.

2. Decent gangs.

3. Survivability and forgiving kit.

4. Great team fighting.

5. Strong scaling/late game for him and his team because of his passive items.

6. He is always usefull. Offensive champions rely on gold and snowballing to be effective. If something goes wrong though, you get useless. On the other hand, with cc/heavy champions like Ornn, Nautilus, Sejuani etc, you are never really useless as long as you put your spells on the table, even if you fall behind your opponent.

So, in many ways Ornn is a Sejuani but worse. They are both tanks, both aim for team fighting, both revolve around their massive CC and both have weak dueling early. Still Sejuani has better clear, much deadlier gangs, more mobility and a bit more objective control. So why Ornn then if he is a poor man's Sejuani?

The reason is that Ornn has 4 assets that make him unique and a worthy jungler next to Sejuani, and he is even better to some areas. I explain:

1. His Passive item building. If you play Ornn well, you almost NEVER need to recall. This puts MASSIVE pressure to your opponents and with Future's Market you can outscale them in itemization by far, especially early game.

2. His Ult. WIth it's massive range, Ornn can gang his teammates from the Jungle, which makes him reliable.

3. He is safe even if you make bad calls. With Sejuani, when you engage you go all in, since you need your Q for the knockup, the passive stack and the space gap. With Ornn you first need to apply your Q (slow + terrain) and then E. So eventhough this gang is clumsier than Sejuani's, it allows you to have more time to decide if you need to go in, since you still have your gap closer on your E.

4. Big scaling for him and his team because of his upgrated items. At lvl 13 Ornn upgrades all his items that can be upgraded and after that he can upgrade one item for each of his teamates each level, and all that is for FREE. And if you think that the upgrades are some splall nummbers you are mistake. Each upgrade is like buing half more item, and it's for FREE.

I believe that one day, like with many meta strategies of today, people will realise how strong Ornn+His Passives+Aftershock+Future Market are in jungle. Till then, only a select few will abuse this strategy.

If you still have doubts about Ornn think that he is the jungler than never leaves the Jungle and gives his teammates free gold.

Use this strat and also give your feedback. We will meet at Summoner's Rift.
Itemization Back to Top

Mercury's Treads are always great against AP teams and hard CC combos so most of the time they are a good investment.

Ninja's Tabi are OFFERING more armor for ornn which is always a welcome offering, and if the opponent adc or bruiser is fed it's the best option.

My personal favorite for Ornn jungle are Boots of Swiftness though because they give you a lot of movement speed and mobility, even in the heat of battles, and Ornn needs that a lot. Also a sticky tank is always a bad experience for the enemy.


I always prefer blue smite on Ornn because he is kind of a clumsy ganger and so it helps a lot with chasing and escaping. Dueling is not what you want to do with Ornn in most situations anyway.

Core Items

Iceborn Gauntlet and Abyssal Mask are The Core of Ornn jungle. They give 30% CDR which is very important, Health, Armor and Mana for sustain, slows for the gangs and escapes and good synergy with aftershock.

Something to know is that you will have managed to build these two items in most games around lvl 13-14, so by the time your passive hits both of these items will get upgrated and you will get upgrades of around one extra item for free, which is massive scaling.

One last thing to note is that we don't build sunfire cape on Ornn Jungle, simply because Cinderhulk has the same passive, so it's a waste of money.

After the Core (5th Item)

Most of the times righteous glory is a great investment on Ornn since it gives the last 10% cdr you need, more tankyness, health regenration which means more sustain and of course the movement speed active which means more chase potential when the opponents start to have a lot of movement speed.

Final Item

The last item depends on your needs.

Gragoyle is amazing because it gives everything Ornn needs late game and the active allows him to abosrb a lot of dmg from enemy team by sacrificing his dmg which is not that important late game since most of your carries will have the dmg you need.

For pure Magic Resist Locket of the Iron Solari is much cheaper than Spirit Visage and it also gets upgrated by the passive which gives you more in the end with less money (for the rare circumstances that you won't have built both iceborn gauntlent and abyssal mask so you still have an upgratable item).

Spirit visage is still cheap though, gives more flat MR and also synergises well with both Righteous Glory and Warmog's. Both good options.

Warmogs gives Ornn massive healing and even more health though combined with Righteous Glory it is a bit of an overbuy imo.

As for Armour, I always found Randuins Omen better than Thornmail in most circumstances.

An interesting final pick is Titanic Hydra. Eventhough you may sacrifice some tankiness for it, there are situations that your team combo lacks in dmg and so you need to step up your dmg game. At this specific situations Hydra is amazing. It does A LOT of dmg, especially if you consider that you are playing a tank. Something to consider is that since you have 10% attack speed from your runes after lvl 10 as well, you can put the hydra to even better use and all that health you have gathered Hydra is gonna turn it into dmg (evil laugh).

As you can see, itemization on Ornn is quite specific, especially in jungle. This is because of his passive upgrates and his needs as a jungler.
Runes: Aftershock vs Predator Back to Top
A few words about our Rune setup:

Aftershock activates with Ornn's Q -> E combo and with his Ultimate. It is better imo than Grasp for Jungle because you need to go on the front many times through the game for your gangs to be succesful and in jungle you need to sustain so aftershock helps because you wont always have the provledge to be full health. remember, with Ornn the point is to add pressure because you don't leave the jungle for items.

Font of life helps with teamfights a lot. Even if the healing you offer to your teamates will be very small early game you have to consider that in late game team fights that Ornn has gained A LOT of health and his Q,E,R, and passive procc to a lot of enemies your team will be healing LIKE HELL.

The rest are obvious but you can still change Bone plating for Second wind if you want more health regen after fights, Imo armour early makes Ornn safer for gangs and inasions from the enemy jungler.

Free boots are not good because you get them at 12 mins which is late, you will probably be able to make them much earlier with your passive (probably after you knife) for more effective gangs.

Second Tree resolve is important to stay as it is because:

Future's Market works amazing with Ornn's passive, allowing him to have veryt early leads and clear the jungle early faster. After clearing the first camp Ornn can get a machete as well and after clearing the whole red side Ornn can take Hunter's Knife, and all these extra items without leaving the jungle for base.

Approach Velocity has amazing synergy with Ornn's Q, Ulti, Blue Smite and Iceborn Gauntlet and it's very important for chasing enemies.

Aftershock vs Predator

So you probably have seen that many of the other few people that use Ornn Jungle, recommend Predator.

Well eventhough Predator is very usefull since it gives a lot of mobility for gangs that Ornn could use a lot and also extra dmg, the domination tree is NOT a good investment for him in general. Ornn needs the Resolve path for the tankiness and sustain, he is a tank after all, his job in not to give dmg but to absorb dmg and do his cc. And since Inspiration is a MUST for BOTH Future's Market and Approach Velocity, you can't sacrifice the secondary tree for some Resolve Runes either, so Predator makes Ornn very unstable and situational.

Aftershock makes Ornn a reliable jungler that can help his teamates scale and lead his team to victory through team fighting.

Predator Ornn is good for the memes.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Dreadscythe95
Dreadscythe95 Ornn Guide
[9.23] ~Ornn Jungle S10~ Step aside Sejuani, Freljord is our