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Orianna Build Guide by BicBee



Updated on April 25, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BicBee Build Guide By BicBee 10,891 Views 2 Comments
10,891 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author BicBee Orianna Build Guide By BicBee Updated on April 25, 2019
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Summon Aery
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Coup de Grace

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Champion Build Guide


By BicBee
About Me

Who is this guy?

I am BicBee hailing from the North American region. One of my main roles is mid lane and I specialize in assassins and mage champions. I've been playing League of Legends on and off since Season 3. I've peaked at Plat 1, 2-0 in series before I got reverse swept by Diamond. I remember using Mobafire guides when I first started playing League and they've been a great help. I'm hoping that my guides can do the same for the new generation of League of Legends players! I also make YouTube videos for fun so definitely check them out. Here is my latest for Orianna!
How Orianna Abilities Work (Mechanics and Tips)


More AP = Stronger AA. Each consecutive AA will also give you bonus damage.

*You can AA enemy heavily level 1 and use E to block skills/minion damage

*Not a lot of people respect or know about Ori's AA power

Orianna's Q

Q is how you will be able to move the ball's location. Anything that the ball hits while traveling to the location will take damage. The ball will do less damage for each additional enemy hit. Q is often used to set up other abilities.

*You can use Q to check bushes and act as a ward while taking tower

*Cheap mana cost so use it often to poke

*You can cast Q during AA

Orianna's W

W allows Orianna to create a small zone at the location of the ball that slows enemies while dealing damage. Ori and allies that pass through the zone will have temporary increased movement speed.

*W does the most damage outside of Ori's ult

*Mana expensive so use sparingly early on

*Minions are also affected by the speed

Orianna's E

E brings Orianna's ball to herself or an ally while providing them a shield. Any enemies hit by the ball during its travel to the target will be damaged.

*Choose a designated hotkey for "Self Cast" Ability (Esc -> Hotkeys -> Abilities/Summoners Spells -> Self Cast). This'll make it extremely easy to keep track of your ball in fights / shield yourself quickly

*Put E on stealth champions as a delivery for your ultimate

*Ball will also be invisible if put onto a stealthed ally

*QE followed by relentless AAs can win you most trades early game while saving you mana


R creates a shockwave around Ori's ball that pulls in all enemies into the center of the ball. Enemies pulled in will momentarily be knocked up as well as receive damage.

*There's a slight charge up time when pressing R

*You can put the ball on yourself and R --> Flash immediately to cancel animation or to secure an easy ult on a difficult target

*Ideally you want to hit as many people as you can with your ult, but there are times when you can win the game by 1 shotting an important enemy

Early Game Tips

*Every 2 waves will be cannon wave, it's best to back when cannon wave is coming so you don't lose ton of CS

*Closest you should be to enemy is your max AA / Q range

*The leash on your Q has a longer range than Ori's ability to move it so put it forward to zone enemies

*Pay attention to your minions that are low, enemy will try and CS, that's the time when you want to poke them

*Ward side of river that your jungler is on and play around that side

*Play passively when flash is down!

*Always pay attention to your jungler lv 2-3 and help them take scuttle at river

Team Fight Tips

*Choose a designated hotkey for "Self Cast" Ability (Esc -> Hotkeys -> Abilities/Summoners Spells -> Self Cast). This'll make it extremely easy to keep track of your ball in fights / shield yourself quickly

*Speed boost allies with ranged CC to catch enemies (Thresh, Blitz, Jarvan, etc

*Leave ball at choke points (Small pathways inside jungle or near river) to zone enemies or pick up an easy multi man ult

*Don't always need to ult multiple people. Ulting a fed carry can be more valuable than ulting 3+ people

*Keep the ball near or on you to ult yourself if you're getting jumped on a lot

*Don't tunnel on dealing damage on Ori. Make sure to shield whoever you can (ADCs usually)+ W for speed boost to keep them alive

*If you're chasing / running give the furthest person away from you the speed boost so that everyone following behind gets it too

Positioning Tips

*Don't be greedy with flash. Use it early if you think there's even a chance you will die.

*Fight from across the wall if you can

*Stay near ally champions with CC

*Stay near your ADC and fight enemy within safe range

*Keep an eye on important enemy CC abilities. If they're up play further back. If they're down then you can step forward a bit more aggressively

*Never reach / overextend for an ult. It's not worth it unless you're alive

In depth Look Into Items


This is the best start in the game and what I would go almost every time. You can go Dark seal refillable pot (build path is still same whichever one you choose).


1300g is the magic number that you should aim for on your first back. Getting Lost Chapter is your first power spike and solves any mana issues you would have during laning phase. The 10% CD is also very nice.


If you had to back early before 1300g then getting another Dorans with Boots is what you're going to aim for. It won't be as good as having Lost Chapter, but it is still powerful enough for you to harass with. The extra AP also helps you with CSing as well. You will be looking to sell your Dorans later on when your item slots are getting full. GET BOOTS IF YOUR FLASH IS DOWN. It is critical that Ori has boots in order to even have a chance of escaping ganks especially pre 6 because she has no other forms of escape / CC.


This is a good early buy against AD mids like Zed, Yasuo, Talon, Jayce,etc. It's difficult for them to kill you after buying Seekers. You will want to build this early on because it loses it's usefulness after they get lethality items. If you're up against Zed and he's not really good then you can be a bit greedy and just buy the stopwatch to prevent death from his ult and build more damage items instead. You will generally want to finish into Zhonyas, but when is entirely up to you. Sometimes you can get away with finishing Ludens first while just having the stopwatch which serves as a Zhonya until used. Other times you will have to rush it as first item before anything else.


Ludens is your first big item that you want to complete. It helps with wave clear while helping you reach 10% CD. By the time you finish this item you should be level 10 as well meaning you will have 30% CD total because of Transcendence. You usually finish boots after Ludens because you want Ori to be as mobile as possible. If the enemy team isn't mobile (no dash, blinks, gap closers, etc) or you're doing a good job of distance control then you can be greedy and buy damage items like blasting wand or large rod instead of finished boots. Deathcap is a great rush if you're able to get the gold for it. It allows you to start one shotting people or being able to secure dragon/tower by chunking people so hard they have to back. Voidstaff just absolutely shreds the enemy team especially if they haven't built MR yet. You will likely start doing true damage to them. Ori will die easily if she is out of position with no flash so consider buying stopwatch if your team is team fighting early on. A properly timed stop watch can turn the tide of the fight.


If you're even, behind, or up against a bunch of heals then this is what you want to build. When building Morellos if you have less than 1600g then you should buy blasting wand first. You want to have death cap no matter how behind you are as a 4th item. Without deathcap you will be doing no damage and your team will flame you for having small balls.


If enemy team is buying lots of MR and have lots of HP then this is the path you want to go. Liandrys > Morellos if healing isn't that big of a factor. Liandrys helps you shred HP and is very useful during sieges or when you're taking towers because of torment. Madness from Liandrys allows you to keep poking while steadily increasing your damage up to 10%. Voidstaff shreds MR not HP so that's the key difference between buying Liandrys or Voidstaff first. Build paths are similar so you can decide. Voidstaff is cheaper, but Liandrys provides additional HP. You will want both eventually if enemy team is too tanky, but usually you can get by with having Liandrys or Voidstaff as a 3rd item while getting Deathcap as a 4th and then getting whichever you didn't build as a 5th.


You're going to want to get either one of these in almost every game. DON'T get both because it limits your value for damage. Which item is dependent on situation. If you're up against a Zed/Fizz who keeps killing you then you want Zhonya. If you're up against Syndra/Veigar who keeps one shotting you then you want Banshees. When to build these is also up to you. If you're getting jumped on a lot in team fights then you want to build these fairly early as a 3rd or 4th item. If you're able to avoid being targetted in most fights and like to sit back then it's more beneficial to get one of these as a 6th item.


Liandrys isn't expected to be built every game unless you need the HP to survive, enemy team has a lot of HP, or if you don't need Zhonya/Banshee. Imo Spellbinder is more of a veteran's item. If you're new to Ori don't build this item. This item helps you in team fights if used properly because of the movement speed as well as AP increase. It lets you position a bit more aggressively. More of a fun buy than value. Seraph and ROA used to be viable, but even then I've never gotten them. I don't think they're good items at all for Ori, but I've seen some success with it from others. They generally replace Ludens while offering more tankiness than Ludens. However the cons of building these is that they are very weak early compared to Ludens. Sacrificing early game in an early game heavy meta is something you'll have to weigh out if you decide to want to buy these items.

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