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Jinx General Guide by t0mmi3

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author t0mmi3

A comprehensive Jinx guide - You're not crazy!!

t0mmi3 Last updated on October 19, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First of all, welcome to my Jinx guide!

I hope this here fine tome will help you on your way to greatness with what is certainly the coolest champion created in the history of the universe.

However! First things first! Check out the Jinx music video if you have not done so or I will eat your babies!

Yes. I would also rather want her babies. Sadly homicidal girlfriends who enjoy shooting things with rockets and miniguns are considered, by many, as a bad investment. couple that with a psychopatic personality and a serious lack of social values and you've got yourself a serious head case. But I digress!

Here also a quick link to the Champion spotlight. I recommend having a look at it to get a quick idea of how her skills feel.

ONWARDS! To the guide we go!

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Introduction to Jinx

Jinx is a carry, pure and simple. She is mostly played as a standard AD Carry with a support, although she has merrits as a solo top and a jungler.

Those last two wont be in this guide for starters, Primarily because it needs more testing. This does not mean I might not add it later if this guide proves a succes.

Jinx excels are nibbling at opponents health bars from a distance with excellent poke, and chasing opponents during and after team fights. She has both amazing single target and area of effect damage when used properly and sports a nice finisher ultimate to boot.

She is not, however, a forgiving champion to play. A lack of escape makes mistakes that much harder to recover from. But more about this later!

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Pros / Cons

Things to keep in mind when picking Jinx

+ Good harrass and high poke with Switcheroo! and Zap!
+ Great escape or chase with Get Excited!
+ FINISH HIM! Super Mega Death Rocket! Ultimate, which is global, a smiley face rocket and amazingly fun and fullfilling to use.
+ Has a slow and a snare
+ Great wave clear
+ is a crazy, deranged, awesomely funny psychopath

+ No easy escape like Ezreal, Graves, Corki or Lucian
+ Mana intensive with Switcheroo! if not carefull
+ Zap! Can be blocked by minions.
+ Zap! and Super Mega Death Rocket! work best from a distance, making teams with a lot of gap closers tricky to deal with

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Summoner Spells

In my opinion a must have on Jinx. This gives her a much needed escape. It allows for quick get aways, jukes and jumps over walls. It also allows you to quickly reposition or capitalize on mistakes

Since she tends to be a high risk carry, barrier usually feels like a good safety option.

Every once in a while you run into one of those mass cc teams. Cleanse can really save your hide in these situations.

Sure, Ignite is amazing aswell, but you tend not to fight long protracted fights. Thats why I prefer Barrier over ignite

the same principles apply as flash, except that you cant hop over walls. This makes me prefer flash over ghost.

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An absolutely amazing passive. This baby allows you to quickly crush towers or isolated players and get the **** out, chase and reposition in a good team fight or run home to lick your wounds in a bad one.

It is easy to forget that you get it though. just make sure you start team fights with a Fishbones rocket to get those assists. everything that dies then will grant you this lovely movement speed buff

Your bread and butter. Powpow's bonus attack speed gives you amazing lifesteal, while Fishbones scales really well off your bonus AD and the added range makes it great for early harras and late game team fights. Max this first.

for poke, chase, nuke and kite. It scales insanely well off pure AD and its range is amazing. The downsides? Can be blocked and it has a short cast time. Max this second.

A good ranged snare. This one blocks of pretty much half a lane and most jungle paths. its amazing to throw behind a turret before a dive and is also a good tool to protect yourself when you get dived.

BOOMBOOM! Rockets are fun! This is a global skillshot that stops at the first champion it hits dealing massive damage + a bonus based on the targets missing health, making it a good finishing move or snipe when an enemy champion gets away.

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Indepth item's

Pure **** tons of AD and Lifesteal. Get this first. Its brilliant

TONS of damage. Need I say more? higher crits are amazing. This also works well with the statikk shiv. More on this there.

More AD and armor pen. I usually buy this either 4th or 3rd, depending on the amount of armor in the enemy team.

Movement speed, attack speed and crit chance. Excellent right? it gets better. the statikk charges can crit, making it hot combined with your Infinity Edge

High HP targets like Garen or Sejuani ruining your day? Look no further. Attack speed, AD and lifesteal. The passive makes it brilliant against high hp targets.

A good alternative over Statikk Shiv. Go for this 100% if you are not taking a Infinity Edge for whatever reason.

A good damage option if you need a cleansse but picked barrier.

Guardian Angel needs an introduction? Armor, Magic resist and a free get out of jail ticket. Take this if you badly need to not die at the start of every team fight.

I rarely opt for this, since the passive works so well and Zap! gives you a good slow, but I do see its merrits. A nice chunk of HP and an on hit slow. Why not? We'll less total damage for one.

A great option if you want to venture into some defense against AP casters. I tend to take this if their AP Carry is fed or if they have a dubble AP damage comp, like a support lux thats building damages aswell as an AP mid.

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Early game

I love early game. Jinx's early game is brilliant.

First off. FARM! Dont get sucked into the harras game at the exclusion of farming. Farming goes before everything else. Ive seen hundres of ad carries fall of in late game because all they went for was kills kills kills.

Tip: Use powpow to farm if you want to freeze your lane, use fishbones if you want to push and harras. the aoe hits minions aswell so you need to be carefull that you dont end up under their tower

Use fishbones and Zap! to harras your opponent before fights, or push them off the lane so all the farm is yours.

Coordinate with your Support when engaging in teamfights. Jinx is NOT the best duelist. You need to start fights with an advantage.

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Mid game

Mid game is always tricky. If you are fed you'll want to bring down your tower asap and give the advantage to your other lanes. Make sure your own tower stays up as long as possible while you roam ofcourse.

If you are behind the tables are turned. Stick to your lane. Maybe take a Gollums or 2 if your jungle allows, and farm the **** up. Keep an eye on your map for early team fights. You'll want to be there.

Tip: Keep an eye on your friendly lanes. See an enemy get away with a sliver of health? Super Mega Death Rocket!

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Late game

Jinx's late game is ok. She does insane amounts of damage but has no easy acces ecape.

In team fights start of by keeping some distance. Use Fishbones and Zap! to do damage while you watch and sees whos coming for you or who leaves an opening for a carry.

When Targets are clumped or start falling low, Nuke their ***es with a Super Mega Death Rocket! and move in for the kill. Powpow's increased attack speed and the inevitable assist or kill for your passive Get Excited! will allow you to either give chase or run away in the after math.

Tip: Ask someone (preferably your support) to peel for you. Team fights become a lot easier when you have someone to guard you.

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Your friend, the support

First of all, be nice to your support (And team). This will win you more games. Simple as that. On to choices!

Since Jinx has little to no safety net, supports that can either guard her really well or help her engage safely are worth mentioning.

Safety supports are:

Aqua Prison is great for engages and disengages. See also has a heal Ebb and Flow
Grasping Roots is great for disengages but hard to pull of when you want to catch someone. and her Wild Growth is amazing with Super Mega Death Rocket!
Everybody loves alistar!

Engage supports are:

Great Zenith Blade -> Shield of Daybreak engage
Great Death Sentence -> Flay engage, and the Dark Passage also makes for good escapes.
Everybody loves Lulu.

As always let them pick what they want to play. They'll play tons better for it

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Fun champions to match up with

Cataclysm + Super Mega Death Rocket!. No where to run *****es!!

Command: Shockwave brings all the boys to the yard, and damn right, its Super Mega Death Rocket! time.

Combo Final Spark with Zap! or Super Mega Death Rocket! for great success.

And many more

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Some sexy score screens

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a fond farewell

That's it for now. I hope you have found this guide helpfull and informative. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. I'd be happy to discuss things and get this guide up there as the standard.

Time allowing I'll add content when I run in to it, but untill then I bid you all a farewell and a lot of luck to be had on the summoners rift.

Kind regards,

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fixed some spelling errors and added a comment recommendation


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