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Kha'Zix Build Guide by Penha9k

Jungle A diamond junglers handbook - Kha'Zix

Jungle A diamond junglers handbook - Kha'Zix

Updated on April 29, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Penha9k Build Guide By Penha9k 8 1 16,149 Views 2 Comments
8 1 16,149 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Penha9k Kha'Zix Build Guide By Penha9k Updated on April 29, 2019
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Runes: Assassin

1 2
Sudden Impact
Zombie Ward
Ravenous Hunter

Absolute Focus

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

A diamond junglers handbook - Kha'Zix

By Penha9k
Pros & Cons
    -Insane single target burst and jungle clears
    -VERY strong 1v1 and 1v5
    -High mobility
    -High versatility and adaptation capabilities
    -Decent or strong at all stages of the game

    -Weak vs Disengage / Peel
    -Relies on snowballing and so as a bi-product is very weak if behind
    -No Heavy CC
    -Very squishy, unless playing bruiser style (then he just becomes semi squishy, but with tons of sustain to back it up)
Q - Level 6:
-Enables you to take dragons and other single target monsters way faster, it also gives you insane isolated 1v1 potential. While you usually take it for the cooldown reduction it provides, it also gives you extra range on your auto’s and your Q.

W - Level 11/16:
-You don’t feel like you can make E-reset plays or you just want the extra CC it provides for fights and for peeling.

E - Level 11/16
-You’re ahead and wanna snowball your lead with E-resets.

R - Level 16
-Usually only really taken if you don’t feel like you’ll ever get opportunities to get E-resets. Can be really strong at level 16 in a Q - W - R evolve pattern, as this give you insane team fighting potential.
Champion ability combos
Basic combos:

-Q'ing mid air: E - Q (mid-air)

-Melee kill combo: W -> AA -> Q

-Ranged kill combo: W -> E -> Q (mid-air) -> AA

-Passive refresh: AA -> R or be unseen somehow -> AA

-Full Combo: W -> E -> Q (mid-air) -> AA -> R -> AA

Double jump combos all rely on getting kill or assists mid-air:

-Double jump #1: E -> Q (to kill mid-air) -> E (mid-air)

-Double jump #2: E -> Tiamat (to kill mid-air) -> E (mid-air)

-Double jump #3: E -> Blue smite (to kill mid-air) -> E (mid-air)

-Double jump #4: E -> get a take down somehow -> E (mid-air)

-Double jump #5: Q (to kill) -> E (before Q animation finishes) -> E (mid-air)

-Double jump #6: W (to kill) -> E (Before W animation finishes) -> E (mid-air)
Ganking & team fighting
Ganking an enemy with flash:

-Remember your passive will slow, and so getting an AA off as early as possible is usually more important than anything else.
-You usually don't wanna w until the very end of the fight, saving it for a clutch heal or if they're trying to escape fate.
-Only use your E if you HAVE to... Using your E and then realizing your opponent still has his/her flash can demolish the entire gank completely, at the same time holding you E too long can also result in giving the enemy too much leisure time to do what they want with their setup.

Ganking an enemy without flash:

-Getting an AA off as early as possible isn't usually as important anymore, since it can sometimes delay the damage you would otherwise do with a full ranged kill combo (watch ability combo section earlier in the guide for info).
-You can be more aggressive with your E, usually you wanna use it right away but sometimes you wanna save it for after they use their movement ability (if they have one)
-You can feel more comfortable burning you W early in your combos (e.g: W -> E -> Q (mid-air) -> AA) since if they don't have movement abilities, you know they can't easily dodge it.

Team fighting:

-Fighting with Kha'Zix is all about patience, positioning and mechanical outplays. In big fights, generally you wanna wait until you're sure you can get off a reset with your E, or peel with you W if you've evolved it and are on the back-foot. You're and assassin. A cleanup artist. A true killer. But you're also squishy, meaning that positioning at the wrong place or going in at the wrong time, can mean the difference between dying and getting an Ace.
-CC is every assassins biggest enemy, and therefore it is generally better to wait out Big CC cooldowns, and then go in when the time is right. Instead of being impatient and irrational.
-Isolation is the name of the game for you, isolating carries are pretty much how you win fights. For this reason try to single out 1 target at a time. Isolated damage is really important, and without it you're pretty much half a champion.
Difficult non-evolved wall jumps
I suggest practicing these jumps in the practice tool, as some of them can be really tricky to pull off consistently.

#1 Baron & Dragon pit:

Same jump can be mirrored in dragon pit.

#2 Side lane Tier 2 Dive:

Can be mirrored at bot lane tier 2.

#3 Red buff surprise:

Works on both red buffs.

#4 Top / bot lane Cheeser:

Jump works from both sides of the wall, and can be mirrored in bot lane.

#5 Bot / Top lane dive:

As you probably guessed by now, this can be mirrored in top lane.
Early pathing
General info:

Before starting don’t forget that these paths that we’re about to go through are generic and should always be compromised in favor of current game state. This means that you should always have an eye on the mini-map and champion portraits, and use f-keys to check state of the waves and at the signs of any troubles.

Always ward top river dot bush at 1.10 and ask your Support or Ad-carry to ward the bot side one, if the solo lanes do it they won’t have wards to ward off early ganks, doing it this way is therefore optimal. OBS!!! These wards are crucial for spotting out vertical jungle potential and should not be neglected!.

What clear you do really depends on where you wanna end your clear, and where you wanna go after your first recall and is therefore totally champion and match-up dependent. The general idea is that you always wanna end up on the side of the map where your winning lanes reside - that is to say, the lanes with the highest chance of carrying the game.

Here’s a few examples of some clears that provides different types of map control:

Whenever i use the terms "opposite side scuttle" or "same side scuttle", it refers to the side your champion is currently on, not the side you started on.

#1 The safe one - Talisman start:
Red -> Krugs -> Raptors (smite) -> Options:
1) Vertical jungling -> Sane side scuttle
2) Opposite side scuttle -> Blue -> Wolves -> Gromp

#2 Quick level 3 - Talisman start:
Red -> Krugs -> Same side scuttle (smite) -> Options:
1) Vertical jungling
2) Opposite side scuttle -> Full clear from Blue

#3 The diverse start - Talisman start:
Red -> Raptors -> Options:
1) Same side scuttle (smite) -> Vertical jungling
2) Opposite side scuttle -> Blue -> Wolves -> Gromp

#4 Enemy red invade - Talisman start:
Red -> Enemy Red -> Options:
1) Take the rest of enemy red buff side camps -> Same side scuttle (smite) -> Full clear from Blue
2) Same side scuttle (smite) -> Full clear from Blue

#5 Blue clear - Machete start:
Blue -> Gromp -> Same side scuttle (smite) -> sap 2 mid lane minions worth of exp to get level 3 -> Options:
1) Opposite side scuttle -> Invade enemy Blue buff depending on 1v1 potential, clear speed and clear sustain of the enemy jungler.
2) Opposite side scuttle -> Full clear from red.
3) Wolves -> Raptors -> Red -> Krugs.

In general in the current meta, it's better to start on the same side of the map as you wanna play around levels 2 & 3, due to the popularity of vertical jungling. But after your first recall, you wanna try to end your clear routes on the side of the map you need to impact.

Also, always stay calm and keep in mind:
It isn't what you do before your first recall, but what you do after your first recall that separates the good junglers from the bad. Pathing correctly is all about understanding and playing around lane priorities and your jungle matchup.
The junglers "laning phase"
Moving into the laning phase:

Kha'Zix doesn't do much until level 6 in most matchups, and so you are quite happy farming to 6 in most games. Just remember that not being there for a countergank for your winning lane(s) is a big sin, and can even lose you the game. Therefore it's important to make sure that you're properly planning your routes, and tracking the enemy jungler, as well as pinging your teammates of his whereabouts. when you do decide to power-farm for level 6 you need to make sure you team doesn't take a hit.

Okay you're level 6, great! we can move on to start impacting the lanes:

Your biggest goal now that you have your first power spike is to start impacting your winning lanes. One of the most important things you wanna be aware of when trying to do this, is whenever big waves are about to crash in your favor of your winning lane. This sets up an opportunity for potential dives, the great thing about a dive is that the bigger the crashing wave the more CS you deny from the enemy if they die, and so even dying 1 for 1 or 2 for 2 can sometimes be really beneficial in these situations.


Being Kha'Zix you have great Dragon control as soon as you evolve your Q and especially when you have Warrior. You wanna use this to your advantage whenever you see an opportunity to sneak Dragon, you can generally do it really fast and get away with it unscathed.

Mid game transition:

Generally though you wanna keep farming to make sure you hit your Warrior and potentially even Duskblade, while trying to impact your winning lane(s) as much as possible, whether that be providing them vision, or diving / counter-ganking. While trying to stay away from the losing side of the map to avoid dying as much as possible. Whenever you crack down you first tower, thats when the domino effect really starts to take effect, since the lanes becomes less isolated and is allowed to roam and lane swap, this is when we move into the "Mid game".
Mid - Late game as Kha'Zix
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