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Zac Build Guide by PhinniX

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PhinniX

A Glorious Guide on how to play Jungle Zac, the real way

PhinniX Last updated on March 1, 2017
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Time to introduce myself! (Introduction)

Hey guys! Thanks for reading through my guide. Note that this is my first guide ever, so please feel free to leave feedback in discussions area, content wise, this guide might not be as good as others. But I tried :D.

I am a one trick pony zac main. He is definitely the most fun champ that exists in League. You can fly across the map, land and dump down on squishy stupid enemies. There's nothing better than that! Am I right?

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Abilities Explanations

Zac's passive is Cell Division
There are 2 parts to Zac's passive.
First part:
Whenever he hits an enemy with one of his abilities, he drops a chunk of him self off. When you pick up your "blobs" you restore 4% of your maximum health.

Second part:
When ever the passive is off cooldown and you die, you explode into 4 kill able blobs that slowly creep to the place you died. If they aren't killed you will respawn. The blobs resembles your HP, so what ever the total HP of your blobs are, that is what you will "respawn" with.

Zac's Q ability is Stretching Strike.
Zac stretches his arms out in front of him, slapping enemies in the line with a nifty little slow.

Zac's W ability is Unstable Matter.
Zac's makes a controlled explosion of him self dealing %HP damage to enemies around him. When he picks up blobs, the cooldown is reduced by 1 second.

Zac's E ability is Elastic Slingshot.
Zac charges up to 1 second facing in a direction, after the charge he can choose a spot he will fly and land to. Upon landing on an enemy he deals massive damage and knocks them up and back.

Zac's ultimate R ability is Let's Bounce!.
Zac jumps in the air and removes all slow debuffs from him and begins to bounce up to 4 times. Upon landing on his enemies they get knocked back, take damage and get slowed briefly. But enemies hit more than once take half the damage and aren't knocked up or slowed. You can use your W Unstable Matter during your bounces.

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Skill Sequence

Max E first... or I WILL SLAUGHTER YOU.

You want to ALWAYS max e first since the range and damage is increased as you max it.
Your E is your main ganking tool. If you miss it, your gank is pretty much useless/lost.
After that, you want to max your W because it gives you better damage per second and has lower cooldown than your q, and it can be spammed if you manage your blobs well.
Then last q last, because it simply doesn't scale as well as his other abilities

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Items Explanation

Spirit Visage Is a core to zac since it increase self-healing by 25%. When you pick up your blobs you heal yourself for 25% more with Spirit Visage.

Hextech Protobelt-01 Fits perfectly to zac. It brings him even more mobility to his kit and helps to burst 1 shot the adc's. You also get HP and plenty of ability power, and if you hit all rockets on your enemy, you can 1 shot them combined with your other abilities.

Liandry's Torment Is a queue important item for Zac. I try getting it over abyssal unless I really need to Mr. from abyssal. It is important because Liandry's gives magic penetration which you will find very useful in teamfights against those that stack Mr. to counter you. It gives % Hp damage, which your w also does, so it synergizes well with your build.

Sunfire Cape Is a wonderful item. I prefer it over Dead Man's Plate, because sunfire cape gives aoe damage and can help you clearing the jungle and helps with wave clear.
Dead Man's Plate Prefer this item if enemy team has mobility champions like Master Yi, Olaf etc. Passive gives you good opportunity to engage and disengage.

Stalker's Blade - Runic EchoesIs much better than the other jungle item choices. It gives you a slow with is really nice when you need to chase down enemies, and helps your team stick to the person when you are chasing someone down.

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How to play Jungle Zac?

Your job as Jungle Zac

In the early game: Gank as much as possible in all your lanes. Your E is an excellent ganking tool and ganking your lanes will help them snowball. But you also want to get some kills yourself to get items, so you can invade enemy junglers, such as Amumu or Warwick just bad early game junglers, at very early stages.

In Mid/late game: Start teamfights. In the mid/late game you want to have as many teamfights as possible, UNLESS they have a better teamfight comp (which is rare.) You want to engage on the enemy team from fog of war and surprise them. But make sure to tell your team you are going in. Once you've landed your q on all 5 enemies (hopefully you will) you wand to ult in the middle of everything which will knock back enemies into your team. They will finish off the 1-3 enemies you knocked into them, but you don't want to join them. Whilst they are doing so, you want to find any other squishy targets and basically stick to them, pressing q and w and basically preventing them doing damage to the rest of your team, whilst you slowly but surely kill them.

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Combo pre 6 Without Protobelt: E-on target --> Q --> W --> aa.
(after your burst run around them picking up blobs to reset w)

Combo pre 6 WITH Protobelt: E-on target --> Q --> W --> P-Belt active --> aa.
(after your burst run around them picking up blobs to reset w)

Combo lvl 6+: E-on target --> Q --> W --> P-Belt active --> aa --> ulti target back towards turret or the otherway they want to run.
(after your burst run around them picking up blobs to reset w)

Combo lvl 6+ teamfights: E-on target --> Q --> W --> Ulti --> P-Belt specific target --> stick to enemy squishy.

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Tips and Tricks

-Early game you want to gank as much as possible. don't go hardcore Warwick farming because u are a lean mean ganking machine.

-When looking for a gank, try not to force the gank. If you there are obstacles, just go back, farm a camp and come back 60 seconds later E.g if the enemy is at his turret or is playing passively and not pushing far enough for you to gank. In a situation like this, you shouldn't just come in and try Randy Orton RKO them out of no where, whilst your teammate hardly has any time to react to your sudden unexpected near-tower dive.

-You can E to your enemies and flash behind them and ult them, knocking them all towards your team.

-Point of no return. If you are going to jump into a fight, you have to fight it. Don't jump in with E and then suddenly decide "oh, sh*t I might die! RUUUNN!" You can't do anything to your enemies unless you are right upfront up their ***es, not 5 meters away. You might aswell try to kill someone because you have no escapes apart from your E, which you just used to go in with. If you can manage your blobs well, you can survive with low HP because your blobs heal for a lot.

-When ganking, spam 3-5 "on my way" pings so your enemy knows it. Don't just come walking up to top lane whilst poor Trundle is recalling at turret, and try to go all in on the enemy in the middle of the lane because "oh trundle is here, he will help." Make sure your teammate is aware that you are ganking.

-Try force teamfights in the mid/late game. A team with Zac already has a huge advantage in teamfights, make use of this.

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Zac is an amazing champion.
You CAN carry with this build and is good for solo queue. BUT Zac shines the most in premade teams. If you are a guy/gurl that plays a lot of premade 2-5 games,love jumping and squishing things and love blobs of go, Zac is the PERFECT champion for you.