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Evelynn Build Guide by Acid Reigns

A guide to assassination -By Evelynn.

A guide to assassination -By Evelynn.

Updated on July 27, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Acid Reigns Build Guide By Acid Reigns 5,279 Views 6 Comments
5,279 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Acid Reigns Evelynn Build Guide By Acid Reigns Updated on July 27, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


Hello, summoner.

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Introduction/About me.

Hello summoner, I am Evelynn, the Widowmaker. I like to sneak around, and then tear my enemies apart when they least expect it. I strike whenever my prey is vulnerable, I am what you might opportunist.

For a very long time, my fellow champions, and many summoners have considered me weak, and many have even said I don't deserve to be here. Well, I've spent a long time training, and mastering new techniques, and now...I WILL prove them wrong.

About me? Basically, all you need to know, is that I like hurting people, I like doing it without them knowing I'm there, and I like it when they scream..

Everything else about me is none of your business, and I suggest you keep your nose out of it.
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My abilities.

I have some rather...unique abilities. If we're going to be working together summoner, I feel you should know them.

Shadow Walk This is my passive skill. If I go 8 seconds without fighting, or being hurt, I fade into the shadows, and become undetectable to the naked eye, unless I'm in close proximity. I don't understand how it happens myself, it isn't something that happens willingly, however, it is certainly extremely helpful to me. Additionally, when I'm among the shadows, I can feel my mana regenerating much faster than normal.

Hate Spike Is a favorite of mine. I can channel my energy, and cause large spikes to tear through the ground, and my enemies. They appear in a line pattern, and relatively powerful, however, I can only summon them at a close-medium range.

My Dark Frenzy is what helps me get around so fast. Every time I inflict pain on my enemies using one of my skills, I can feel adrenaline rushing through me, and I can pick up my speed. Additionally, If I focus, I can sprint incredibly fast for the next few seconds. The feeling is so intense, I can completely shed anything that was slowing me down before, and instantly reach top speed!

What I call Ravage is also an adreneline based attack. When I claw my enemy twice in rapid succession, I feel an intense burst of energy, and the speed of my attacks dramatically increases. This is one of the abilities I possess, that makes me so powerful, I can tear an enemy apart in seconds with this power flowing through me.

Finally, my favorite, Agony's Embrace. I have spent a long time perfecting this skill, it's what I spent most of my time on, and it is incredibly powerful. Basically, I channel a lot of energy, and can make multiple Hate Spikes pierce through the ground at long range, but that's not all, these spikes are special. They allow me to siphon power from everyone I hit, and form a shield around myself, from all the life essence I've taken away from my enemies. I like to call it a shield of pain. Nothing brings me more satisfaction than the beautiful noise the spikes make when they tear through the ones I hate... This technique destroys my enemy, and protects me, it is very powerful...
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The runes I like.

Well, there's a lot of them to choose from, but personally, I prefer attack speed marks, so I can proc my lovely on hit items more, and they help with killing those neutral monsters early on during the battle.

For seals, I take armor, I simply cannot survive when directly fighting an enemy without them.

Glyphs? I like to take MR/lvl for these, because early on in the battle, I'm off killing golems, wolves, ghosts, lizards, and all sorts of weird things, and none of them have any sort of magic, they all rely on brute strength. I don't need protection from magic early on, I'll only need it after I'm done crushing all the monsters, when I have to start dealing with other champions.

For Quintessences, I simply take movement speed, because I like being fast.
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The masteries I like.

These can be changed I guess, if you prefer I take something different, these are just the ones I prefer.

I do a lot of damage, both physical, and magical, and I don't really crit a lot, I'd rather not have to rely on luck to win, that's something.....-he- is into.. No.. I like to be certain I can crush my prey, and revel in their misery.

I also like a lot of armor from my masteries, because monsters are very strong at the beginning of the battle, and I need armor to protect myself.
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My spells.

Since I spend my time in the jungle, taking Smite is a given. However, what is our other choice? Well, there are 3 that I like to choose from, you'll have to decide what spell is best depending on who I will be facing, summoner.

Exhaust is quite helpful, it slows my enemy down, so my team has a chance of keeping up. At the same time, I don't like it for this reason, because it usually means I have to share the agony of my enemy with my team. However, I would rather at least watch someone die, than have them escape me, which to my extreme disliking, does sometimes happen.

Ignite is probably my personal favorite pick, but I doubt you'll agree with me about it's effectiveness. There's just something about watching someone burn that I love so much! Maybe I'll ask the child Annie if she can teach me anything..

Flash is overall a great spell, but I personally don't feel I need it. You however may be inclined to disagree with me.
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My item choices.

Ok, so first off, a lot of the 'tougher' junglers would argue, that I'm not strong enough to start with just Boots, and three Health Potion's, but I disagree with them. What I lack in toughness, I make up for with raw power. I can clear through those pathetic monster camps much faster than most other champions, and people often say the best defense is a good offense. On top of that, running in heels is hard, and I like to get boots as early as possible, so I can travel easier.

However, if you want me to farm more, I guess I could start by buying that horribly uncomfterable Cloth Armor, and we could work from there..

Anyways, I'm a rather easy to please woman, when it comes to tools, as long as I have something to kill someone with, it doesn't really matter to me what it is..

I'll list a few good choices here, since I can make use of a lot more than just what I mentioned at the top of this guide.

If I start with Boots, I clear the jungle once, buy some cloth armor, or a long sword, and go kill more, or try for some assassinations, if I see any available.

Madred's Razors are a good choice, because the passive ability synergises well with my E skill, Ravage.

Upgrading my boots is sometimes a hard choice... Do I want to be able to sprint better? Do I want to attack faster? Do I want my magic to penetrate through whatever defences they may have? Do they have a lot of CC? These are all things to consider, and I have to choose my boots accordingly...

Trinity Force is an item I simply love...It gives me everything I like, and more, all in one item! When building it, I usually start with Sheen, and then Phage, and finally finish with Zeal, and the remaining 300 gold. I always feel so great when I finish this.

Hextech Gunblade is a pretty cool item as well, it gives me a large amount of damage output, so I can really tear through people, and on top of that, it gives me a slow, and the ability to heal my wounds by killing things! Sounds great to me!

Whew! At this point, I feel content with the pain I'm causing people, and need to opt for something in the line of defense. A Guardian Angel is a great thing to have, when you're in a tight spot. It will often give me just the boost I need to finish someone off, or escape a dangerous situation unharmed.

After this, I usually get either a Wit's End, or I finish my Madred's Bloodrazor, depending on what I need. Usually I would get both though, but the order is dependant on what I need first.

Many other items suit me as well, so far, these are my favorite, but I'll let you know if I change my mind, summoner.
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My fighting techniques.

First of all, I never EVER engage large scale fights. I leave that to the big meaty idiots, like Dr. Mundo, or the sneaky ones, like Blitzcrank who have the ability to completely ruin someone's day, simply by grabbing hold of them. I however, like I said in the very beginning, wait until the opportunity presents itself, then I strike extremely fast, and hard.

Usually, if I'm helping to 'gank' as you say, a lane, then I'll try and creep in behind my enemy undetected, or I'll sneak in slowly through a bush, and wait for my team mate to engage the enemy, then I immediately follow up, providing ***itance where I can, and of course, extreme pain to my foes.

A larger scale teamfight is similar, however, I usually wait a bit longer, until the enemies eyes are drawn elsewhere. If a filthy Warwick is attacking my defenseless ally however, I will show myself and help, for a chance at his blood. I want him to smell his own, not ours, and a lot of it!

I usually try and not only use Agony's Embrace when the moment presents itself, but also, when my enemy are all grouped together. This means that my spikes will pierce the maximum number of people possible, and I will draw in a lot of pain essence.

I always try and focus my power on the easiest target. If an enemy who is a good target is exposed, I will choose them over an enemy who is an excellent target if they are covered by their team. It isn't worth dying to try and kill someone I'm not going to be able to, now is it?

Of course, this doesn't mean I simply attack whoever is closest, I always try and attack whoever will die the EASIEST. If an enemy is going to take 15 or more of my Hate Spikes before dying, and is right next to me, but there is a tasty Veigar also nearby who will die in a mere 4 spikes, I will target Veigar.
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Summoner, if you request anything else of me, simply ask, and I will answer you.

For now, I will fade away into the shadows. You will however, see me again, whether you like it, or not.
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