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Lillia Build Guide by Ayanleh

Top A Guide to Playing Lillia

Top A Guide to Playing Lillia

Updated on October 2, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ayanleh Build Guide By Ayanleh 12 0 27,081 Views 3 Comments
12 0 27,081 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ayanleh Lillia Build Guide By Ayanleh Updated on October 2, 2020
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Runes: Liandry's Tank

1 2
Legend: Tenacity
Coup de Grace

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Top Liandrys
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

A Guide to Playing Lillia

By Ayanleh
Hello and welcome to my guide on lillia and today I'll be teaching you how to play one of the most mobile and one of the most fun champion in the game that is lillia. We will be going over her strengths, weaknesses, item builds and much more!

Lillia is a mid ranged skirmisher, a mobile and exteme sustained damage class who can shred anything from tanks and ADC's alike unlike their assassin counterparts who only excel at killing squishies. Lillia is no exception, though she falls more into the high mobility part of skirmishers and she's also the only ranged skirmisher in the game currently meaning with her high mobility and range she has great potential to kite bruisers and some tanks.

I have taught people on mobafire before with my other guide reaching millions of views and thousands of likes. I have a teaching style that is simple and straightforward making sure you improve as a player in one read so I hope you can upvote my guide or follow me on twitch where I stream ( if my guide helps you. Now, lets go on with what you came for and that is to learn how to play this wonderful champion first we will start with her strenghts and weaknessess.


+ Aoe stun
+ Global catch range
+ Great mid to late game
+ Great when mastered
+ Huge damage
+ Can kill anything due to true damage and %max health damage

Lillia is a truly unique kind of skirmisher being the only ranged skirmisher in the game, this allows her for a fun and unique playstyle which players of all classes may enjoy as its something completely new from riot. She excels at kiting in and out with her Q which grants a stacking movement speed buff and her Q being very similar to Darius Q which spins in a circle and deals extra damage at the edge. She can stack the movement speed and Q on a melee or some short ranged champion and run away from their burst and then run at them and Q again, rinse and repeat this is the essence of her gameplay. This skill is one of the hardest to master but when mastered, a good lillia will be unstoppable.

She's also very good at catching out her enemies as her E is a ball she throws that has global range but will hit terrain so hitting it will take some practice but if you get the hang of it she can pair it up with her passive and ult which i'll explain later but will essentially give you a global sleep (stun). She's also excellent in teamfights mid to late game where if she catches out enemies with E and stuns them they are pretty much gonna get one shot by your team. All her abilties are aoe so if she hits multiple enemies and stuns them with ult, she will have a very good mid-late game teamfight. She also has good damage over time with her passive but essentially lillia is this kiting in and out, aoe stun monster who will devestate teams when mastered. I also want to mention as I said she's very difficult to play early on and to master so I would recommend not giving up after your first games as its natural to lose you first games with this champ. Even I with my mighty game knowledge (lol) struggled with her with my first games so dont give up and keep grinding! Now off to her weaknesses..

- Squishy
- Somewhat weak early game
- Easily dodegable skills
- No heal or shield

- Hard to master and pick up
Lillia as I said is a kiting high mobility 'in and out' champion who dosent stay in one position for long so if you get CC'ed by a stun or knocked up you WILL get bursted as you are very squishy so watchout for enemy CC's as they are your biggest counter by far. Lillia also struggles against teams with good early games as they can shut her down before she gets to her amazing mid-late game, meaning its not a good idea to pick lillia against a Warwick in the jungle or Renekton in the top lane. She's extra squishy early with her base stats being that of a ranged champion so you need to play extra careful against early invading junglers or top lane lane bullies. Lillia also has skillshots with her W and E with the center of W being one of the hardest abilities to hit in the game while at the same time being her highest damaging ability in her kit means that if you miss it, you will lose out on tons of damage so keep practicing on hitting it. Lillia also has no heal or shielding in her kit meaning if you take damage, most of the time without sustain runes or items, the damage will be permanent but thats not a huge issue with lillia as she can negate tons of damage with her movespeed but its still an issue so try to dodge as much damage as possible.
Note: Her skills are very simple as I explained but dont let it fool you she's difficult to play.
Dream-Laden Bough Lillia's abilities burns enemies for a percentage of their max health. This ability interacts with lillia's ultimate. This ability has great synergy with Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Liandry's Anguish will do a combined of 7.5% of their max health as magic damage each time you attack the enemy with a spell. The ability also makes it so that you early game is somewhat useful espcially in the top lane against all those bruisers or in the jungle where monsters will burn for a percentage of their hp. This ability along with liandrys gives you great objective damage to monsters.

Blooming Blows Lillia deals damage in a circle around her. The outer edge deals bonus true damage. She also gains a stack of movement speed, stacking up to 5 times. Stacks fall off one by one after not damaging an enemy with an ability. This ability can deal with tanks and late game will do huge burst damage due to try outer damage, scaling and ofcourse true damage which always deals the stated damage (it does not get mitigated by resistances).

Watchout! Eep! Lillia leaps after a brief animation where then she lands on the targeted area. The center part of this ability deals huge bonus damage. Hard cc put on you by an enemy when casting this abiliy will cancel it. This ability has tons of damage especially late game but is very hard to hit and hard CC (stuns, knockups) will cancel it so its a high risk high reward ability with the risk being the hard cc and you missing it. Takes some time getting used to!

SwirlseedLillia throws a Swirlseed which if it hits an enemy explodes and deals aoe damage. Has global range but will stop if it hits terrain or player made terrain (walls or heimerdinger turrets for example)[/i] This ability is what lets you catch out enemies in the mid to late as it has literally infinite range, this ability is also a great poke tool in the top lane.

Lilting LullabyLillia puts all enemies affected by dream dust (passive) to sleep (stun) after slowing them for a second. Also deals bonus damage if an ally wakes them up with a spell. [/i] One of the most powerful abilities in the game as it has potential to cc a whole team for 4.5 at max rank. Mastering this ability will make you a beast in teamfights and knowing when to ult will take some time to master. This ability also deals damage if someone casts a non damage over time ability on the enemy, very similar to zoe E.

Summoner Spells
Flash is very good on lillia since she's so squishy you need some summoner spell to help you escape if you do a mistake since your stacking movespeed is situational. You can also use it in many clever ways like flash Q and ult or flashing over a wall. It's a must on lillia so I highly recommend you take it as she needs it, unless you are going for a tanky based build then you could go something cheesy like ghost ignite, otherwise go for flash.

Smite A must in the jungle.. so you can secure monster kills, I mean what jungler does not take smite amrite? unless you are trolling which am sure you wont. Smite paired with flash is a good combo in the jungle then you can flash steal sometimes the baron or drake. Smite can also be casted on champions once you upgrade your smite to runic echoes which gives you a slow on champion if you cast it on them. Very useful for hitting the center part of W and just in general extra CC is good before lv6 as you lack good CC before then. Runic echoes can also be used to slow enemy champions to kite better making your uncatchable by some melee's.
Teleport Teleport is a good rune for lane lillia, lets you come back to lane with your core items so you can waste less time walking to lane. Its also good to teleport so you can reach the minions which the enemy is shoving into you.. you can also use it to teleport to the bot lane and do some plays, lillia's teleport ganks are pretty good after lv6 you can just E ult or the ally Leona Nautilus or some enchanter like Janna can slow or stun the enemy so you can hit your abilities, I would recommend tp'ing bot sometimes if the situational calls for it, for example if the enemy is snowballing or if they are too shoved, tp and punish them.
Ignite Personally I take ignite, it fits my aggressive playstyle in lane and I would not recommend it if you're not confident on lillia as you can die and lose minions. It has great synergy with your passive and rylai liandrys full AP so you can also go liandrys first with ignite to burn them for tons of damage. Poke the enemy, get them low and then look for an aggresive all in with ignite.. her early is not as bad as it seems especially against some bruisers in the top lane. I would not recommend ignite for jungle lillia as you will have to sacrifice space with either flash or smite which is not good.
Ghost Can work instead of smite, you can take flash ghost or ghost ignite for lane lillia or ghost smite for jungle. It can work in situations where the enemy has allot of melee and you are going for a tanky based build. If you go for a squishy build and ghost into the enemy you will get one shot so its better with a more tanky build. The runes also has great synergy with her Q movepspeed and phase rush you will be fast like an f1 car.
Exhaust Exaust can work for lane lillia against early lane bullies like Renekton or someone who will poke or all in you all the time like Fiora or Irelia. I think you should take it into select matchups where you feel like you will lose lane or its not worth swapping teleport for it. It reduces their damage by 40% for a few seconds which is highly underrated early on so I would say pick it in those situations.

Conqueror Damaging an enemy champion grants you 2 stacks of adaptive force (you gain AP or AD depending on your build) and at 10 stacks, heal for 8% of all damage dealt. Damaging an enemy champion refreshe's the stacks. Very good rune with rylai liandys lillia as you can stack it up fast and is a great poking tool in lane as it grants stacking ability power. The rune's healing is very nice too as I mentioned earlier lillia has no sustain so you can take runes to make up for it like conqueror and ravenous hunter combo which will make it so that you heal for 22% of your damage at max stacks. The rune is also good into tanky comps or matchups where you feel like you will look for extended trades with a tank like Maokai or some bruiser like Mordekaiser. This rune only heals for 8% instead of 15% for melee's as lillia is considered ranged for items and runes so I would say pick it in select extended trades matchups otherwise pick some other rune which I will list below.
Dark Harvest Damaging enemies below 50% deals bonus damage and collects a soul permanently increasing dark harvests damage. Dark harvest can be taken into matchups where you feel like you will look to poke aloot and look for that late game scaling. The rune is best with a full AP build instead of a tanky build as it has an AP scaling so its best to take advantage of that scaling and build AP. Late game you can one shot with E > Ult > W and Q will almost always kill any squishy your Q and E especially will hurt more. You can also use it to snipe enemies with E and it will deal bonus damage. Personally I take this rune in the top lane as I play pretty aggresively but its also very viable in the jungle with runic echoes.
Phase Rush After hitting an enemy champion with 3 abilities or basic attacks, gain a large burst of movespeed. Phase rush is pretty good as it grants huge amount of movespeed which has great synergy with your kiting playstyle. I think you shouuld take phase rush into juggernauts and tanks that you want to kite.. Lillia can proc it very fast and makes extra use of the movespeed due to it stacking on top of your Q. She also can take it in the jungle if you want to again, kite junglers who are tanky or just in general be safe against their invades as it grants huge movespeed which will make it so that you can escape from them with your huge movement speed. Has a low cooldown too so you can proc it in lane and kite them out/dodge their abilities and rinse and repeat.
Sorcerer's Shoes Gain movement speed and flat magic pen. This item is good for full AP focused builds as it gives flat magic pen which will amplify your burst against squishies making your W hurt like hell.
Ninja Tabi Gain damage reduction against basic attacks. The item is good against auto attackers especially crit auto attackers like Caitlyn or Draven, I would say take it in Tanky AP builds as its one of the most OP items in the game in the manner that is makes allot of champions burst and damage lower.
Mercury's Treads Gain percentage tencity Good in tanky AP build's it gives tenacity along with Legend: Tenacity you will be having around 50% tenacity so that means if an Ashe stuns you for 4 seconds you will instead be stunned 2 seconds as tenacity reduces cc time, very good against AP champs with hard CC like Cassiopeia or tanks like Leona.

Liandry's Casting a spell on an enemy makes them take burn damage for a percentage of their health, burn damage is doubled against movement impaired enemies (slows, stuns) Has great synergy with your passive and also will proc dark harvest if they are low. Conqueror also has great synergy with it as your burn damage in an aoe will heal you for a good amount. Liandrys can be bought into games where you will be dealing with tanks or bruisers in just in general every game if you like this burn playstyle. She's one of the best users of it and in my opinion should be your standard build along with rylais.
Rylais Slow enemies by hitting a spell onto them. Rylai's has great synergy with your kiting playstyle as it slows enemies if you hit them with an ability coupled with your movement speed from Q you will be having great kiting potential. You should look to get it every game if you are going for liandrys as it has great synergy with it as it doubles liandrys burn. Q and W have no CC so having rylais will makie it so that your burn will be double when you Q or W an enemy which is always great.
Zhonya's hourglass Active: Enter stasis where you cant move, cast spells, auto attack or be damage by an enemy making you invulnerable. Arguably the best item in the game it makes assassins fume and adc's are jealous they cant have an AD counterpart to it, I get it every game except if am going for a tanky based build then ill just replace it with Frozen Heart or Dead Man's Plate both which have great synergy with Lillia also. Zhonyas alows you to make some epic outplays and its probably the most skill expressive item in the game. Its also very useful as I said against assassins or if you are behind you can get it as a second item after runic echoes or liandrys. You can Flash Q or Q flash then ult an entire team late game and then zhonyas to survive, very powerful item so I highly recommend it if you are going for a squishy/AP based build.
Archangel's staff Gain Ability Power equal to 1% of your maximum Mana. Refunds 25% of Mana spent. Also increase your mana by casting spells you can gain up to 750 bonus mana which it then upgrades to seraph's embrace which will grants you much more AP and an active shield. I personally get this for my build, like me if you have a Q / E spam heavy playstyle in lane then you can go this item, if am not mistaken it gives the most AP in the game after deathcap and also gives you a shield which is nice for squishy builds. I usually get this item, zhonyas and deathcap and go for a full AP build with dark harvest, the one shot potential is insane with the amount of AP it gives. You will never run out of mana and is very useful in situations where you need that extra mana/shielding.

Ludens Gain charges upon moving or casting spells, at max stacks (100) deal bonus damage on your next spell. I get this item sometimes if I need extra waveclear or if am going for an AP splitpush build as it grants bonus damage to minions when you charge it up using spells or moving. The latter being one of the main reasons I get it, you can charge it up super fast with your Q's low cooldown and movespeed stacking.. also good at sniping people with E which is funny sometimes.

Deathcap Increase your total ability power by 40%. The ultimate late game item for a mage, grants huge amount of ability power and makes your Q hurt much more againt squishies and tanks alike since it deals true damage at the edge. Also your W will nearly one shot enemies at the center with this item and just in general a good item on lillia since she has great AP ratio's.
Frozen heart Gain an aura which reduces enemies attackspeed. Great with tank builds as it grants huge amount of armor, mana and 20% cdr which are all great on lillia. The item also has a passive which slows attack speed and if you dint know also doubles liandrys damage making you have no need for rylais if you go for liandrys with this item, though rylais is always a good item with all builds. Frozen heart is good against heavy AD comps and would highly recommend it if their have an AD attack speed champions like Master Yi or Kalista. The item is better with the rylai liandrys tanky build and not that good with full AP build, I mean its still a good item but why go this when you can zhonyas with AP builds.. otherwise excellent choice for tanky builds.
Dead man's plate Generates a maximum of 100 Momentum stacks by moving, which grant up to 60 bonus movement speed. Momentum decays while CC'ed. This item is very good on lillia. Lillia rarely auto attack in teamfights so along with her stacking Q movement speed she can keep up deadmans movespeed and just kite in and out while not losing your stacks.
Spirit visage Increases all healing by 30%. Good item with Conqueror and AP tanky focused builds, as all your healing like conqueror itself, triumph, and ravenous will be increased by this item. Its honestly sometimes even viable if the enemy is full AD has many AD champions like Kai'Sa and Jax have mixed damage and it will be extra usefull on you as all that healing will be amplified making you indirectly tankier through the healing.
Adaptive helm Taking magic damage from a spell or effect reduces all subsequent magic damage taken from that spell or effect by 20% for 4 seconds. Good against battlemages that spam one ability like Cassiopeia or Ryze. Honestly better against these champs than spirit visage even though it amplifies your healing, the damage reduction from adaptive helm will serve you much better.
Banshee's veil Grants a Spell Shield that blocks the next enemy ability. This shield refreshes after no damage is taken from enemy champions for 40 seconds. Banshee's is a good item option against AP champs if you are going for a full AP focused build. The spell block passive is excellent as it can block hooks from champions like Blitzcrank or Thresh which will almost always kill you if it hits your late game. The item is also good at blocking poke which is nice as you have very low sustain so it will an ideal item for squishy full AP builds.
Morellonomicon Magic damage applies grievious wounds to enemies and also gain some flat magic pen. Morello's is good against healing champions like Dr. Mundo or Vladimir as it has a passive which reduces healing. Also a good item against squishies as it gives flat magic pen like Sorcerer's Shoes. Flat magic pen like morello and sorc boots gives are better against squishies and percentage magic pen which Void Staff gives is better againsts tanks so I would get this item if you want to one shot those adc's faster.
Void staff Gain 40% percent magic pen. Very good against tanks and bruisers.. I usually get it if the enemy has 1 tank or some bruiser/tank who has atleast 1 magic resist item which includes Mercury's Treads the item is much more effective against champions with allot of magic resist along with your Q's true damage and passive %max health damage you will be shredding tanks and bruisers in no time.
Playstyle of Top Lane
The play style of top lane is somewhat simple, you should look to poke with Q and get CS at the same time and use E if you want to W the enemy for huge damage. The E will explode and instantly slow them giving you a chance to hit them with an empowered centered W. Though as I said earlier, CC will stop your W so make sure they use their CC like darius pull or maokai Q. After you your first back you have two choices depending on the build you plan to go, its either Blasting wand or tear. They have slightly different playstyles so ill try to explain them. First off tear, with tear you should look to charge it up and aggressively poke all the time so you can get both your dark harvest stack and tear stack, this is why I take ignite I aggresively poke with outer Q and then do a few E > W combo then look for the kill with a Q > ignite or W > Ignite. Play very aggresively with this setup as you will beat allot of top laners with your extreme poke and ignite. Just rinse and repeat and stack your tear and your teamfight mid to late game will be full of spicy one shots and great outplays with seraph's shield and zhonyas.

Now on with the rylai liandry build, with this build you should look to get blasting wand first but the playstyle is somewhat different than tear.. you certainly dont have as much mana so you should look to poke less but you certainly have much more damage than tear. Usually when I go rylai liandry I dont take ignite as I dont aggresivelly poke the enemy its a more passive 'scale up into teamfights' playstyle where you just focus on farming and once you have your 2 items powerspike thats when you can focus on doing some outplays. If up against a bad lane bully matchup like Renekton you should look to go a little tanky with rylai liandrys. You can even rush ninja tabi into frozen heart to stop his early game snowball as champions like Renekton and Darius were designed to absolutely stomp lane and extend their lead into teamfights. If you go full ap against them you will only suffer more as you are much more squishy so watchout in champ select if you feel its a hard match up which ill include in matchup sections soon, then change your rune into conqueror with first item tank into rylai liandrys and play it safe. That's how I usually play top lane ill cover jungle next if you dont play jungle you can skip this section and go to the teamfight section where I will be covering how to teamfight like an absolute boss.
Playstyle of Jungle
Although I don't have good exprience in the jungle I can still give you some playstyle tips.. jungle is lillia's main role as riot said and is probably the most impactful role in the game, a good jungler always wins thus the meme "better jungler wins" being thrown around all the time. With lillia jungle you wanna farm up and try to gank at lv6. Her lv 1-5 is very vulnerable to getting invaded and is one of the reasons I play her top. Though, jungle lillia has amazing clears due to her passive and Q dealing true damage at the edge. At lv6 her ganks are amazing, Just come from a bush press E and press ult easy gank or you can Q ult if your laner cc's the enemy. Before lv6 you can gank by charging your Q movespeed on jungle camp and then run quickly into the lane and use E to hit both the enemy and minions keeping up your movespeed and then W in and Q. Most of the time your ally has CC so dont worry about them running away, just try to gank it will help your laner in some way. I would recommend ganking winning lanes instead of losing lanes as you may already know, ganking a lost lane is one of the worst ideas but if you manage to let your losing laner get a kill, its very beneficial for your team. I would say farm up for lv6 and start ganking contantly. Her dragon taking is pretty good to be honest due to her W bonus damage and Q outer true damage dealing tons of damage to objectives. Try to get a kill in the bot lane or mid lane and ask your laner to follow you to drag and do it. Rift heralds are also important so do the same strat as previously mentioned, gank top or mid and then rotate to rift herald. Its never a good idea to do objectives without an enemy laner dead its only ever a good idea if you are 100% sure the enemy has no vision and both your laners are shoved creating lane priority, meaning if the enemy jungler catches you doing it your laners can easily rotate and kill him. So try to farm for 6, get some kills with E > Ult or Q > ult and then do them objectives, this meta is heavily early dragon and rift herald favored so try to get them using the strat above. Its alright if you dont get the objectives, if you are behind or even just try to do a mix of farming and gank and your team will do well. If you are ahead on with full AP lillia build, try to get runic echoes into zhonyas and then death cap or if ahead on AP tanky, try to get runic echoes into liandrys rylais like usual and then you can transition into full AP if you feel like you can easily carry, though if even or behind just go tanky after those runic liandrys rylai. If behind or even on full AP you should try to get runic echoes into rylais and then zhonyas, skipping death cap for later, its never a good idea to go deathcap when behind, build some utility and health like rylais or morello. So thats how your general gameplan should be and how to play from behind as lillia jungle. I will be including general tips and tricks after the teamfighting section which will teach you how to teamfight like a boss.
Teamfights.. arguably the most fun aspect of league of legends with lillia though teamfights are extra exiciting and fun as you have outplay potential, huge aoe cc, kiting and amazing movespeed buffs so with lillia theres allot you can do in teamfights. In general, lillia's role in a teamfight is to hit aoe cc and kite in out and out of fights which will take some time getting used to. Before teamfights start you should be the one to actually start and catch out of position squishies like Ezreal and semi squishies like Irelia. Hit them with E and don't hestitate to ult them, first off look at your team's position and cc they have, think and ask yourself "Who can follow up to my catch?" If you have a leona who can ult or some braum who can ult too then its a good idea to ult but if you have a low cc team then your role changes. You should be the one to flash Q > Ult and be the cc machine of your team, its always worth flashing if you see a grand oppportunity so keep your eyes on the enemy see if they get too close together. Make sure to charge your Q stacks on minions before flashing as you will have close to or over 500 movespeed, enough to get into range and Q > flash ult. Try to run away from the enemy if you Q > flash ult or if you have zhonyas use it after you ult. Try to also Q in and out once you charge your Q movespeed on minions but never Q in and out before you charged up to full 5 stacks, becomes much easier to kite in and out with all that movespeed. Always try to keep up your Q movespeed and look at your on top of your bar and keep track of how many stacks you have, even hit jungle camps over the wall with E to keep up your stacks, its what makes you such a beast teamfighter. In general thats what you should try to do in teamfights, keep up your Q movespeed stacks and then kite in and out, dont hesistate to catch with E > ult if your team can follow up and dont be afraid to flash Q > ult if your team has no engage. Practice makes perfect, just keep griding and you will soon be a pro at teamfighting with lillia so never give up!
General Tips
-You can zhonyas mid W animation, so cast w and immediatly zhonyas since you can get cc'ed and it will be cancelled.
-You can Q first and then flash and it will deal damage where you flashed.
-Your Q has an animation but you can still walk and flash during it.
-You can only zhonyas after casting Q and not before it.
-A deadly trick in teamfights is Q flash ult.
-Protobelt active will cancel your W.
-Lillia E explodes if it hits enemies giving you an aoe slow and sleep potential with ult.
-W travels at 450 movespeed, if you have more movespeed than that dont W if you want to catch up to someone.
-Your W will not hop over walls but will jump over edges of walls.
-Enemies cant see where E will end.
-You can also zhonyas after E animation.
-Enemies cant see your Q if you are out of vision.
-You auto attacks are ranged meaning kayn will get blue form orbs and runes and items will be treated as ranged.
-Enemies cant cancel your ult with zhonyas.
Warding and Freezing
You should get yourself a Control Ward on your first back in every game, its the best item in the game for only 75 gold. Even if you have placed a control ward, it always good to have one in your inventory at all times as a backup, You should be looking to ward both of the red marked bushes in the picture below if you are playing top.
For blue side, put a Control Ward in the bush to your side, in this case the normal bush and a Warding Totem in the tribush to the enemy side. If your on the red side, you should again, put the Control Ward in the bush to your side, in this case the tribush and put a Warding Totem in the normal bush to the enemy side.

Jungle warding is pretty simple with lillia, if you are starting red ask for your laners to ward blue for you and if you are starting blue ask the laner to ward red for you. Lillia is not really an invading jungle but just make sure to ward bushes 4 and 3 in the below picture if you are doing some camps and also ward the dragon so the enemy does not do it, ask your laners for help till you can get your runic echoes and then you do great dmg to objectives.

My second tip is freezing for laning; in short only damaging the minion wave when going for last hits and not using abilities on it. The wave will freeze and will take allot of time to push into you or the enemy giving you a lead as you can zone the enemy. You should freeze when you have an advantage vs an easy matchup for example freeze the wave and if he steps up to cs you do massive damage or even kill him. You can also freeze if you are getting ganked all the time, freeze the wave and let is push to you so you can farm next to your tower then the enemy jungler wont bother ganking you.
And this concludes my guide, thank you for reading It I hope it helps you play Lillia in the right way and once you master her will get you allot wins while being a really fun champion to play.

If this guide has helped, you can support me by following me on twitch where I stream ( or you can join my discord server so you can ask me anything if you need to: ( Make sure to have fun playing Lillia and good luck on your games!

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