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League of Legends Build Guide Author Malieus

A Heimy Any New Player Can Play With!

Malieus Last updated on October 31, 2011
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If you want to wreck havoc with Heimerdinger, control any lane, harrass and distress other players, and have high kills/assists, then this is the Heimerdinger build that you have been looking for! This guide will teach you how to maximize your H-28G Evolution Turret early on, the H-28G Evolution Turrets are the key to success w/ Heimerdinger. Try not to run away when you play as Heimerdinger, instead, stand between your H-28G Evolution Turrets, with them to your left and right, and when the enemy charges you, use your CH-1 Concussion Grenade to stun them, activate your
UPGRADE!!! if you have it already, then drop your Hextech Micro-Rockets, lay down Ignite, and if they try to run away, just use Exhaust. At this point if the H-28G Evolution Turrets and your wrench have not finished them off, then another shot of Hextech Micro-Rockets should do the trick! Lets dig deeper into this guide, and get more detailed!

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The Runes are an easy choice, most people want to try Heimerdinger out, and runes help, so I have built him with some very cost effective runes that support the items that we will be taking, so anyone can afford to play this way, w/o investing a lot of time or IP into it! This will also be great for anyone that is new to being able to buy Tier 3 Runes, or does not want to spend a lot on runes because they want their IP for champion purchasing, so we are really making this very cost effective for anyone that wants to not only play Heimerdinger, but play him well! 3x Greater Quintessence of Scaling Ability Power, 9x Greater Mark of Magic Penetration, 9x Greater Seal of Regeneration, and 9x Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist. These runes are important, because it maximizes the way we intend to use Heimerdinger. Also if you are just unsure about Heimerdinger, these runes that you are purchasing, are interchangeable w/ many other champions, so you won't ever feel like you wasted your IP, which can be very important, especially for a new player.

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Masteries/Summoner Spells

The Masteries are all very self explanatory. We are increasing our Health and Mana Regeneration. We are boosting our XP and amount of Mana that we have. We are boosting our Ability Power and our Magic Penetration for obvious reasons. Making our summoner spells more effective by being faster. Gold is the utmost importance because of the cost expense to the build so that concept is a no brain er. The only thing, that you may be questioning about the mastery choices is why put a point into Exhaust and a point into Teleport, especially when you look at my summoner spell choices, they are Ignite and
Exhaust. This is a simple answer, in 3v3, the map is very small, so you want to use Ignite and Exhaust, however in 5v5 the map is much larger, therefore you want to be able to Teleport from turret to turret. After kills or when you've destroyed a enemy turret, and you have gold to spend, recall and go shopping, then Teleport back to where you were w/o missing a beat. Typically what I do, is I push to the tower, I lay my H-28G Evolution Turrets just outside of its' range, then when my minions catch up or go ahead of the H-28G Evolution Turrets I placed in order to meet the other minions, that's when I recall. What is awesome about this method, espeically if the other champ you are laning against is afk, dead, mia, or shopping, is while you yourself are shopping, your turrets are killing minions and even though you are shopping, you are still collecting gold and XP from the minions your H-28G Evolution Turret are killing. So in 5v5 Ignite and Teleport are the Summoner Spells that you should choose. This keeps Heimerdinger very versatile to any situation that you need him for on either map! The point in Ghost is for the Dominion map, so in that situation I take Ignite and Ghost.

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Items/Using Heimy Effectively

This is the key to Heimerdinger's success, and this build is extremely expensive, but if you do everything the same way that I am explaining it to you, then you will have no problem fitting the bill for this build. As soon as the game starts, open shop, click movement, Force of Nature, Buy a Regrowth Pendent, then on suggested builds for Regrowth Pendent select the
Philosopher's Stone, that way the next time you come to shop you're set up and ready to go, always have the next item highlighted for purchase before you come back to the store to maximize your efficiency in the heat of battle.

Also you are range, there is no reason why you should be dying if you stay close to the H-28G Evolution Turrets you make and or your tower, if you find yourself in a pinch, trap yourself in between your tower and your H-28G Evolution Turrets in a Triangular formation. As soon as you get 365 gold, it doesn't really matter what you are doing, unless it's killing a champ right then or destroying a tower, which is rare early on, but it does happen, as soon as you get 365 gold recall back to the shop and buy the Philosopher's Stone right away. If you waited a bit to recall, and can buy the Philosopher's Stone and Meki Pendent at the same time then go ahead and do so. After buying the Philosopher's Stone, by default Heimerdinger has the Meki Pendent as a recommended purchase, click on it, then under recommended builds w/ that item click on Tear of the Goddess. The Meki Pendent is important for Mana Regen early on. Also, by getting it so early in the game, you should very rarely ever run out of Mana, if you do, you must be up against a really difficult, or very good opponent.

At this point I stay out till I have 605 gold, after buying the Meki Pendent, 605 gold will purchase Tear of the Goddess. Towards the end of the game your CD's will be six seconds on Hextech Micro-Rockets and CH-1 Concussion Grenade, so I have them set up on 3 sec intervals whenever possible, to maximize my effectiveness, also, the three seconds, gets you 4 AP bonus for every click thanks to the Tear of the Goddess, a high AP Heimerdinger is a happy
Heimerdinger. After buying Tear of the Goddess, I am in harrass and distress mode.

1100 gold is what you will need for your Sorcerer's Shoes, I know we are buying boots a bit late, but buying the Tear of the Goddess as soon as possible is just that important, and with generating gold from Philosopher's Stone, and kills, it won't take long for you to be able to get your boots.

Then at that point I try to stay out till I have 1860 gold for Archangel's Staff, now if I die before I buy Archangel's Staff, then I get the Blasting Wand, however if I don't die, I just wait to get the Archangel's Staff, the nice thing about this, if you pull it off successfully, is that you trained the enemy champion that you only do this much damage and that you are not that strong, so the next time they see you after buying this item, you went from 4 to 6 AP from just leveling, up to 95-100 AP. This is sure to catch any enemy off guard. Also typically for me, Archangel's Staff is bought w/ level 8, so you will have your
UPGRADE!!! available, and it is sure to catch any enemy champion off guard w/ this new and exciting combination of mayhem!

Next up is Force of Nature. Regrowth Pendent, Regrowth Pendent, Negatron Cloak. Typically after level 8 I am in Chaos and Mayhem mode, killing towers, champions, and minions galore, so I don't usually go back to the shop till after I have destroyed the next turret, and by this time I typically have enough to buy either both Regrowth Pendents, or the Regrowth Pendents and the Negatron Cloak. If you are out long enough to go back and buy all three then you'll just need 1k to finish it off. Once you get this, you are a self healing machine w/ all of our Masteries, Regenerating Items, and Rune bonus' You won't have to go back to the base to heal, just to shop. So stay out, lane, harass, you regen quickly, if need be till you get use to being aggressive, hug a tower and fend off a champion.

Next purchase is Abyssal Mask and I typically don't go back and buy items for it till I can buy the whole item, usually only pick up the pieces to complete the item if I die. Sometimes if you're Teleport is on cooldown, I just recall back to base and then head to the next location, and in between doing that, I shop.

Now you're Magic Resistence is so high, that most likely by this point the Magic wielders have given up on fighting you, and you are now being attacked or attempted ganked by a Jax/ Master Yi/ Garen or Melee wielder of some such, That's when Frozen Heart comes in!

After this last purchase, you may ask yourself, okay that's six items you tool, I don't have room for Rylai's Crystal Scepter, not true, save up till you have 2705 gold, you sell your Philosopher's Stone for 400 gold, this gives you 3105 gold, which is the cost of Rylai's Crystal Scepter, and then bam, you don't need to buy anything else, and you have a greater build then most people playing, because you planned ahead, you planned deep, and built amazingly.

Even if you die a few times, the Philosopher's Stone will make it feel like you didn't miss out on any gold, and if you are playing w/ peeps that leave their lanes, go help yourself to their big red group of minions to help further your cause, remember, Teleport works from turret to turret as well!

Some people have complained, oh no, why are you buying tank items, get another wand or a hat. Listen, I said we were standing our ground and fighting w/ Heimerdinger at his H-28G Evolution Turrets, you have to take armor to do so, and not only by doing this, but we are improving our Health Regeneration, and Magic Resistance, that we put mastery points into, and we bought Runes for. I can understand why you like Rabadon's Deathcap, I do, but that hat is not for standing your ground and fighting, in order to stand and fight, you have to be able to take a hit from time to time.

Also with this build, I have defended my base at the mid inhibitor, have been assaulted by 5 enemy champions at the same time, and have stood there, defeated them all, lived, and went on about healing my tower with my passive, believe me, there is a reason why I build this way, and until you try it, don't knock it. When is the last time you saw Heimerdinger kill 5 champions together by himself and ask was that everyone? Warning, don't try doing that against Baron's Buff when the enemy has it, it doesn't work out as well.

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Skill Sequence

The key to winning with Heimerdinger early on is your H-28G Evolution Turrets. All of Heimerdinger's abilities are great, so as you level 1-3, you need to take the time to get all of his abilities, H-28G Evolution Turret, CH-1 Concussion Grenade, and Hextech Micro-Rockets. Levels 4 and 5 are the H-28G Evolution Turrets, The importance of this, is 3 points into this ability will give you two turrets to cause mayhem with! At level 6 you get your ultimate and this maximizes your turrets effectiveness with Upgarde!!!. Don't ever cast a point into your ultimate unless you can produce two turrets. If you accidently spent a point somewhere else or forget to spend it in the turrets, then push your ultimate back to level 7 or 8, but if everything goes right, then you got it at level 6, and you can drop two turrets at that point. Then after you have gotten your ultimate, continue to level your turrets, Heimy is most effective with these bad boys so get them asap, the sooner you do, the sooner you can catch your enemies off guard and kill them. Remember Heimerdinger is all about Chaos and Mayhem. After that, just level your Hextech Micro-Rockets and CH-1 Concussion Grenades evenly, and purchase your
UPGRADE!!! as soon as it becomes available!

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5 Tips for Playing Heimy

1.) Keep Heimerdinger close to his H-28G Evolution Turrets, they are what makes him such a powerful champion!

2.) If you find yourself in a bad place against an enemy champ then hug your tower, and place your turrets down in a spread out triangular formation with your tower. Stand in the center, or just behind the tower, WARNING, if you stand behind the tower, you run the risk of being ganked from behind, which is why I recommend standing in the center of your turrets and the tower.

3.) If you are laning w/ someone else, hopefully it is a melee option, then BAIT your enemies! Hide your turrets in the brush with the melee champion that you are working w/, then stand in range of your turrets, when the enemy comes at you, set off a CH-1 Concussion Grenade right on top of yourself, most enemy champions will dive at a Heimerdinger, so you can time this really well w/ the CH-1 Concussion Grenade dropping right as they are coming in. The blast will stun them, and your turrets and champion you are working w/ will tear the enemy to shreds in a matter of seconds! Most champions die before the stun wears off! If they try to run, Exhaust them, and shoot them w/ your Hextech Micro-Rockets for the killing blow! If you are working in a lane w/ another range, then hide yourself in the brush, and just be mindful to throw the CH-1 Concussion Grenade at your friend instead of yourself. If you have done this trick already, Heimerdinger builds up a lot of hate fast, so you may be tossing the CH-1 Concussion Grenade on yourself regardless.

4.) Never forget you are generating a lot of gold very quickly, so no matter what happens, always reassure yourself you will out build any enemy, and you will! Never rush yourself to make something happen, take your time and wait, if you are having trouble with a champion at the beginning, just farm at your tower until you get your AP, this makes all the difference in the world, and not only is it AP, but typically it's 100 AP, nothing catches another enemy off guard like going from dismal AP to 100 AP!

5.) When attacking a tower, drop your H-28G Evolution Turrets in on top of the tower, the tower shoots back at minions, it will not target you because you dropped your turrets, and the tower randomly selects it's targets, so your turrets may get shot at before all the minions die, however this little trick, tears through towers easily, and helps you lane/push much faster. Typically if you just killed an enemy champion, then you have the time you need to take out a tower w/ your turrets! When attacking a tower that has a inhibitor behind it, place the turrets in between the tower and the inhibitor, that way after the tower falls, if your turrets were not destroyed, then they immediately start shooting at the inhibitor. This will cause you to make fast, decisive, and painful blows to your enemies in a matter of seconds!

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Thank You

Thank You for taking the time to read this, and I do hope this helps you greatly when playing Heimerdinger, it works wonderfully for me, and I imagine it will be amazing for you as well! Happy Gaming, and I'll see you in LoL! If you are getting owned by a Piltover Customs Heimy, it very well, may in fact be me!

Also, please, before you vote on the guide, try it out first, that way when you do decide to cast your vote, you can offer feed back as to why you do, or why you do not, like this build!