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Olaf Build Guide by Doublestrife

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Doublestrife

A Manly guide to Olaf, a Jungler from Erendell.

Doublestrife Last updated on July 8, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello! Welcome to my first build.

A little about me. My name is Doublestrife, from the PH Server, and i've been into jungler after my mid's skill level increased. I find Lee Sin an amazing champion, but then i wanted to try other champions. And then I stumbled upon Olaf. Noticing how other people play Olaf, he seems a very interesting bruiser and i've done some theorizing and with the new meta at op lane and jungle, he will become one of the most op champions you'll ever face, so lets go thru the math.

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Pros / Cons

[*] Very Deadly Bruiser
[*] When played right, a destroyer
[*] Snowballs incredibly well
[*] Lifesteal is A+ OK!
[*] Not very hard to master
[*] Scales really well

  • Stupidly Useless when behind
  • Not an Initiator
  • Kiting kills you
  • Damage comes from Itemization

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Skill Sequence

Alright so top lane and jungler are pretty different from each other. Either Top Lane or Jungler you have to choose PRECISELY.

You max Reckless Swing if you want to punish the enemy for being; Squishy, Early Game, Assassins, Yasuo's, Supports, ADrs, etc. Reckless Swing has true damage, 210 ( + 40% AD) is huge. Champions such as Rumble, Yasuo, and Maokai will be severely punished due to their melee style.

Range champions will be a pain, and most likely in every game there will be a ranged champion, and with the new meta, movement speed champions are the hit, champions such as Sivir, Kalista, and Nidalee are very hard to catch maxing E. So, in these matchups such a against Ryze (which i suggest you shouldn't face), Nidalee (which im pretty sure there are some.) This will be the best thing to do, even if they have a stronger jungler such as a tanky Rek'Sai and a Gragas, you'll be able to hit the backline and pretty much slow the tanks.

When in teamfights, if you see an opening against an ADR or AP pretty much at the back when you flank, this is your opening, and now Ragnarok (R), then Reckless Swing (E), then Undertow, if your getting low or if the others notice you before you kill the ADR/AP, hit your Vicious Strikes (W) and attack!

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Question about this build.

You might be wondering why i max Reckless Swing on Olaf top.

The new meta requires top champions that either keep the adr company, tank for the team, or just even kill the carries, the fact is, Olaf can do both.
Imagine a tank with home guard, slow, Phage and un-crowd controllable, while dying makes him stronger, not only that maxing Reckless Swing gives you 210 true damage ( +40% attack damage) at max level.

If you plan to get smite top, get Skirmishes Sabre, cause true damage for 6 seconds? Thats incredible, not to mention this whole time your sticking next to an adr life stealing and true damaging him to death. Even if tanks focus you, they wont be able to crowd control you cause you used your Ragnarok l to the adr.

Even if your behind, an adr besides Urgot doesn't build armor. Just get a good tp, have you homeguard, Frozen Mallet, and Phage, you'll be an annoying rash to the adr.

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Getting Devourer for your Jungler item is a must for Olaf!! Rush it!

A new item that is incredibly powerful on Olaf that i recommend now rushing besides Trinity, with the Ruby Crystal >> Giant's Belt, its much easier to get Frozen Mallet. Which Movespeed + Slow will hurt the squishies.

Rush this after Phage this will improve your kiting and killing ability vs movespeed champs

If Trinity is your bread and butter, this should be your knife. Getting this 3rd is always a good choice for mid-game and late-game power

consider this item as 5th or 6th. If you are so ahead, desolate them with this.

Consider this last. Buying it after Blade of the Ruined King is still optional.

MAIN Your viking helmet. Makes you look manly. Tougher, QUICKER, and in their fear, they slow down! Technically this is just a Warmog's Armor a Ancient of the Talisman and Randuin's Omen altogether. THANK THE LORD! Buy after Thornmail, which is your 3rd item.

They literally can't touch this. Buy this if their AA's are incredibly high, ex. Yasuo Caitlyn and Tryndamere

is your bread and butter. Get this for incredible ganks, and unbelievable carry power. Get it between Early-Game to Mid-Game and rush.

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Top/Jungling: Early Game

Jungling is simple, start with Gromp, then take blue, after that, take wolves.
Back, and, or, if, you are getting good at this, you can start dueling dragon which is on the next chapter. If not, continue on!!

After backing, get Rangers Trailblazer, an extremely needed item.
Then continue with the build.

Top Lane is complicated, practice Olaf top on normals and use your E on cs if your missing some, DO NOT USE YOUR MANA IF NOT NECESSARY. Once having your Frozen Mallet you can go for teamfights. Use your tp for flanks and such

If possible get the crab in the river, and take gromp if possible or krugs.

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Level 3 Dragon

Start with Undertow level 2, and Vicious Strikes level 1. You need to hit level 3, and also have atleast Rangers Trailblazer, and atleast 4x health potions
You heard me. Level 3 Dragon. Yeah. This is pretty simple.
Start with Gromp, smite it. Then go for Blue, then take the raptors/wolves. Go back, buy a Ranger's Trailblazer and fight dragon. Start with an AA, because dragon blocks the first strike, AA. Then throw your Q near enough to hit Dragon, and to kite to it, continually do this. After 3 AA's from dragon, pop your Vicious Strikes and Health Potion. Continue doing this, then after the next 2 attacks, pop your second Health Potion and use your skills. Smite Dragon when your extremely dangerously low.

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Mid - Late Game

On late game, consider taking on the the ADRS, but if their too far, take their mid laner instead. Olaf is a Bruiser/Off-Tank, not an initiator, have a initiator, if you don't, consider taking another champion.

Alistar really helps with Olaf, so ask your supp to play Alistar. Communicate with your support and ask to gey Ancient Of Talisman or also consider picking Sivir because your Righteous Glory will be delayed.

Consider buying an upgraded trinket stealth ward.

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All in all I find Olaf an extremely fun champion to play. And you would just love to play him as I do! Send me feedback and flaws about this build to be improved!

Thanks again!