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Sona Build Guide by ReyinStormsong

Support A Preseason 8 guide to Sona

By ReyinStormsong | Updated on December 17, 2017

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Perfect Timing
Magical Footwear
Cosmic Insight

Manaflow Band


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Hello everyone my name is Syntho , I main support. I started playing League at the end S6 and was placed at Silver 5 . At S7 I was placed initially Bronze 4 but I climbed to Silver 2 at the end of the season . Preseason S8 I hit Gold and am still climbing with very high KDA and win rates on support and Karthus mid.
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Klepto is a must have on Sona on S8 it's a great rune for her and can be easily proced . Perfect is useful especially in hard matchups because it gives her a free Zhonya at 6 mins , you can take Biscuits too as they give good sustain in lane together with you Klepto . Magical Footwear , no other are worth it. Cosmic insight gives Sona that extra CD she needs . Manaflow grants some extra mana sustain which is great . You can take Transcendece or Scorch they are equally good for Sona.
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Sona's poke allows her to proc Spellthief's quite easily and grants more gold to Sona than Coin. Never start Coin on Sona even in harder matchups because it will be even hard to gain gold if you are put behind and can't reach your coins. Tear -> Sightstone -> Frostfang
With Kleptomancy you can easily gain a lot of gold which you can use to quickly buy these items. Before Kleptomancy , Sona optionally built Tear and as a 3rd item . Now you should rush Tear. I prefer Sorcerer because Sona's E gives her nice speed . Mobi boots can be useful for roams and map control . Ionian if you need that extra bit CD for your abilities or Exhaust for that annoying Twitch or Tristana. About optional items: Redemption and Mikaels are a must have for supports so they are good items to pick up. Lich Bane works great for Sona because it gives every stats Sona needs and nice damage it's a okay item if you are snowballing hard. Archangel's staff is a good item if you late game . Rylai grants some extra slow for mobile teams . Zhonya is good and build from that free stopwatch you got.
League of Legends Build Guide Author ReyinStormsong
ReyinStormsong Sona Guide

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A Preseason 8 guide to Sona
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