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Ezreal Build Guide by smacho

AD Carry aa ez build

AD Carry aa ez build

Updated on January 24, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author smacho Build Guide By smacho 9,715 Views 0 Comments
9,715 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author smacho Ezreal Build Guide By smacho Updated on January 24, 2015
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Hi guys,

I am Dabtsi i have played LoL since season 2 at the end of season 2 i started playing ranked. My first reall adc was Ezreal i have had much fun with Ezreal that's why i made this built to share my experience. This is an Ezreal guide for auto attack Ezreal (aa Ezreal) it uses his passive to get as much auto attacks of as needed. You proberly have noticed that there is a ad caster Ezreal build aswell I wont go in on the details of that build so if u want to see that build and masteries and idea's on that build you should leave a comment. (at 10 comments ill make one). but after have said all that lets get right into it!
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reds/marks i don't think there are better ad runes for an adc the ad allows him to cs well in the earlygame and with sheen it ads up damege quite quickly.

yellow/ seals u can go iether armor or health

armor seals: these are very good in lane and works good against mostly ad combs. I think they are a must because Ezreal needs to be able to win lane early and can't be allowed to take to much damege from the enemy adc.

health seals: are weaker in lane but work great against full ap combs. sadly 1vs1 with adc u will strugle because u lack armor.

blues/ glyphs there are a view ways to go with glyphs:

mr each lvl: this one will hurts Ezreals laning phase against heavy ap bursty supports like zyra or sona. They will give u 27 mr at lvl 18 and 3 at lvl 18 for each one u have.

mr: this one is very good in the early game where Ezreal shines. It will help Ezreal to be able to make more mistakes against ap supports like zyra, sona and even blitzcrank.

mr and mr/lvl i think this is the best because it will help ez against ap'ish supports. It will also protect him well later in the game u can choose youself how much of each u want but I will suggest 50:50 ish.

armor glyphs work aswell but i wont advice them if u have only 2 runepages if u have like 15 go ahead and make a page with them if u main adc otherwise don't put you hands on them

Big runes/ Quints:
this is where it will be getting intresting. In the Challenger series and in the Lcs there are quite a view adc's that have tried Ezreal in the Lcs. so i will put many quints here but its up to you witch one u prefer.

* two attack damage seals and one armor seal this has been used by pro players against only ad combs if u only have 2 rune pages just stick to the normal one with full ad quints.

* 2/1 lifesteal quints with 1/2 ad quints this is also possible and makes sure u can stay longer in lane 3 lifesteal quints will hurt ur damege but are still possible if u have 2 rune pages you can have one for Ezreal with lifesteal quints it wont hurt ur ad assasins to much.

* 3 ad quints this one is standart only u lack a bit of sustain u can make that up with early vamp septer.

You can swap out one glyph for mana regeneration but that is up to the player it's also possible to swap out a seal but i dont think it's a good idea for aa Ezreal that goes in for aa instead of poking.

you can mess around with the runes anyway you like but I advice u only should do it when ur are more expierenced.
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If you go defense tree go
2 in block. as adc you do much aa trading.
2 in enchanted Armor. you will take less damege from the enemies always handy if everyone focusses you.
1 in Unyielding all incoming damege will go slightly down
3 in Veteran scars. more time to stay in lane and more time to survive u also need it for juggernaut.
1 in Juggernaut or hardiness. depence on dominates in lane juggernaut is better late but hardiness i better in lane and vs a full ad comb.

* u can add recovery instead of enchanted armor but it will be less all in trading and it will be weaker in the late game.

the Utility is more for a caster ez although you can use it with this build aswell
i wont explain them because it is for more skilled people and then you can still doubt if it's any better. so if u go Utility I advice:
1 Phasewalker
3 Fleet of Foot
3 summoner insight
1 culinary master
1 meditation

you can also use scout if u use the blue trinket. or ad more meditation instead of phasewalker and summoner sight i would suggest only to get rid of Phasewalker then.
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I have been thinking for a while how to explain it so lets do it like this tell me what u think about this way plz.

first of all u every champion has 4 spells and a passive if u go over the spells at witch lvl u can chose them riot will explain it so i won't take that into a count in my spell tutorial
In Ezreals case the spells do the following:
Q it is shot in a line and deals physical damage
W it is shot in a bigger line and deals ap damege to enemy champs
E Ezreal will jump towards ur mouse if its in the jump range
R fires a wide skillshot that gets fired in the direction of the cursor and will end at the ends of the map.
and ur passive if ezreal hits a spell he gets higher atspd for a while. this works if:
Ezreal hits his q on an enemy or monster.
Ezreal hits his w on a friendly champion or himself or and enemy champion
Ezreal hits his e on an enemy or monster.
Ezreal hits his r on enmies or monsters

so what tactics can you do with those abilities
jump with your e so u get in position to fire ur q,w or r.
jump infront of u on w with flash(only when strictly needed) or with e to get atspd bonus.
jump to dodge a skillshot over it or to the side if not in danger you can dash so u can land a spell or some aa of your own.
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This is the fun part for an Ezreal player: i will explain a view routes you can go with aa Ezreal
caster Ezreal with mana regen items wont be coming in this guide.

step 1
start with doran and pot unless the items or meta changes this gives you enough sustain and will let u easily farm up to ur tryforce or bf.

step 2
sheen for more burst if u hit your q's easy
or get bf if u have enough money helps u with farming and gives u sustain damege

step 3
if u went for sheen get ur boots and rush for tryforce if your have a good understanding of the game u can go after sheen bt aswell but thats more a poke build.

if you went bf build it out to ie if you dislike this item bt is also good.

step 3
if you have your tryforce get yourself a bt or ie its optional i think ie is a little bit better.

if u have ur bt or ie go for ur tryforce. gauntlet is a poke item or chase item but tryfore gives you movement speed so you can chase aswell and more sustain damage where this build is based on. so gauntlet is a little bit weaker but works well against ad combs or champs that poke hard or grab like a jayce or blitz.

step 4
by now you have your atspd boots and your tryforce and ie/bt if u have these items use tab and look at the enemies items if there is a lot of armor go for Last Whisper. if there is not a lot of armor go for bt if u play against a very tanky team with like a mundo go for a botrk.

step 5
by now you have your tryforce atspd boots and ie and/or bt with optional a Last Whisper.
if u didnt go for Last whiper take it now if u went for Last whiper go for you bt or botrk.

step 6
if your positioning is good get Zypher. instead of boots otherwise stick to ur boots.

you can add a vamp septer early in the build for sustain u can also add an other doran in the start if you trade alot and u want the early power.

I explained the damege items now. lets get working on the defensive items now.
mr defensive:

Banshee if there is a fast heavy burst like flash r from veigar that kill u get banshee or somthing like mumu ulti or annie ulti also a combo like leblance qr combo or malph ulti banshee would be a good choice.

guardian angel just a general good item only doesnt help if you have trouble with cc or your positioning is poor ;(.

maw of malmortius if u need damege and you have trouble with leblanc burst. this item doesnt help against cc.

mercurial scimitar gets rid of a lot of cc for you doesnt work against nock ups though it also ads damege

spirit visage this item is not the best mr item for an Ezreal but for more fun you can build it it helps you very good when u have two lifesteal items.

mercury's treads/ zypher if you have trouble with cc and you need more mr switch your boots for mercury's other wise switch your boots for zypher if your not in need of mr or armor

armor defensive items:
guardian angel if you need to life longer go this item if your team is protecting you well

randuins omen it slows the enemies that hit you its good against champs like volibear that rely on atspd.

zhonjais hourglass this item is kinda stragne for most people to build on ad Ezreal mostly because it gives u more damege on every spell and not to your aa where this build is based on. still it works only it's in here for only one champs if u have to play against a full ad team and the enemy has a Zed.

ninja tabi if you go against a full ad team and you need it for protection.

Zypher is build only when positioned well and your not in need for more armor or mr from the boots.
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Team Work and match ups

Ezreal uses lane dominance to win the game most of the time. So he needs a good lane partner. So Ezreal works best with a premade. I wont really help you with match ups because its based on two players and there skill level. but i will tell you good lane partners.

tresh the amount of cc helps you to hit your skillshots. he also provide an extra escape route for you.

blitz will help you with you with your skillshots better but the blitz players are most of the time worse then tresh players.

sona is better with poke Ezreal but this is still a good match with aa Ezreal.

alistars helps you combo aswell but it's not the best support for Ezreal although it will help a mid orianna that can win you the game.

annie/zyra helps with cc and burst aswell only there skillshots are hitting the champions and sometimes the minions are infront of making a play this takes more skill from the Ezreal player to position better it also takes good communication.

Soraka is not adviced by me for aa Ezreal because she doesnt give mana anymore her poke got stronger so she will work well with poke Ezreal.

morgana is just a good support that helps you against cc and will and her bindings will let you hit your spells.

Ezreal is NOT a counter to blitz he works well with his e but when activated to late he will still crush you. if you play it well you can still be in danger by him walking up with w and nocking you up then your forced to e out and then he grabs you.
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add a commant what you want to see for guide.
what u think of the guide and what to add in the guide.
and your opinion on lane match ups.

thanks for reading and gl summoner.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author smacho
smacho Ezreal Guide
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aa ez build

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