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Alistar Build Guide by RedNBlue

Support Actual Alistar Build [Best Alistar Support Build Ever] S12

Support Actual Alistar Build [Best Alistar Support Build Ever] S12

Updated on November 4, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author RedNBlue Build Guide By RedNBlue 7 1 38,783 Views 0 Comments
7 1 38,783 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author RedNBlue Alistar Build Guide By RedNBlue Updated on November 4, 2022
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Runes: Normal Support Runes

1 2
Second Wind

Legend: Tenacity

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+10% Tenacity/Slow Resist


Summoner Spells Regular
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Actual Alistar Build [Best Alistar Support Build Ever] S12

By RedNBlue
About the Author

About the Author

I am a decent Alistar player but I know how to play him and I know how to win games as a support carry. I have played every position in the game a decent to great amount and I have a good understanding of the game. To me Alistar is that champion that your good at, but you don't play them too often type of deal. I have a high win-rate on Alistar and I have played him a good deal of times enough to know this much about him and others.
About Alistar

About Alistar

Alistar is a strong close combat support that has a good engage and great peel. Peeling is when you pretty much do everything in your power to distract the enemies attacks towards you while your carries do damage to the enemy teams carry while they are distracted with you. You can do this with Alistar by going straight into the battle and bashing up everybody and then stun the enemies with your E Trample auto attack.

Of course with Alistar your going to be trying to tank a lot of damage early game for your adc when you fight obviously, but you also are going to be a primary engage in the Laning phase for your adc. Your normal engage combo is going to be your W Headbutt and your Q Pulverize combo.

The way the W + Q combo works is when you are charging the target with your W, in your animation press Q before your W Headbutt hits causing you to not knock the enemy back and you knock them and instantly smash them upwards and you engage and they don't go flying backwards. If that happens then you did the combo correctly and you are a good guy.

Alistar Items

You may have looked at the other Alistar builds and looked at this one wondering why take the Vigilant Wardstone and the reason why I say to build that as fast as you can after you get your mythic is due to the fact that you can hard carry the vision for your team and light up the map with as many wards as you can making the enemy team always visible. This is a great way to win games and get all the honors and gold in the world. Obviously you can't get this item till level 13 so you should start building into other items while you wait for level 13 but then as soon as you get close to 13 stop buying and get ready to buy a Wardstone that builds into Vigilant Wardstone.

The other items for Alistar are pretty simple and really don't need an explanation but I will give a not so in depth explanation. Your mythic item will be the Locket of the Iron Solari which gives you tankiness and team fight shields, your Knight's Vow will help a lot with your peel, Zeke's Convergence helps with duo lane fights and will provide you with mana which will help for extended life and extended lane time.

One thing that ADC's tend to not understand and will be little dumb heads about is your Passive, Triumphant Roar makes you heal when minions, or monsters die near you, and/or if you displace or cc an enemy champion. So pretty much when your in lane and out of lane you will want to have lane minions and/or jungle camps dying near you to activate it. You can Q, W, and/or E an enemy champion to get a stack, but for your E Trample you have to get the three stacks and stun them.

The strategy is to trade and poke whatever and then get your attack damage carry(ADC) to kill minions as fast as they can hopefully of course last hitting them and then you heal when you get 7 stacks, everything gives you one. Displacing, cc'ing, and stuff dying will all give 1 stack at a time and you get the heal at 7 Stacks.

Thats pretty much the combo and basics of Alistar and you can always look more into depth into other guides if I don't have what satisfies your knowledge, but I would actually try to learn a bit of Alistar by yourself in game as I think it will help your understanding of him. But don't look at other guides, this one is the good one. :)
Alistar Runes

Alistar Runes

Alistar is a close quarters combat cc heavy support so you want to think of your runes as sustain, peel, and support type stuff. So your main keystone will be Aftershock as it will provide sustain and a little bit of damage in fights.

Guardian is a decent mess up rune on Alistar as it is for supports and it will help you and your ADC stay alive but its not as great as Aftershock. Guardian is more of something you take on enchanter supports, like Rakan, Lulu, Braum(Protecter), and Lux Enchanter Style(ES).

Grasp of the Undying is a top lane tank type rune and it will not be very useful in bot lane as it will completely be inefficient. You could possibly even think about it maybe if your going against a close combat support but still you will be poked when you try to activate it on someone. Not a great rune for Alistar Support.

Aftershock is the best rune for Alistar right now in the META of MOBA(Multiplayer ONLINE Battle Arena). You can activate it easily with all your CC(Crowd Control) and you will be able to utilize this keystone the best. Best Rune Keystone on Alistar.

Glacial Augment is an ok rune on Alistar but its not very great on him if you know what im saying. You can take it but its more of that cc annoyance type thing that doesn't even really work on Alistar.

Any other rune on Alistar that wasn't listed here is probably not to great on him so that is why it isn't here. Because it doesn't even come to thought its so stupid. Thats Alistar Rune wise...

AddOn- When playing Ali, make sure to remember that you are supposed to treat your ADC like a beautiful goddess sent from the heavens no matter what trash talk they can offer. Protect them and you win as long as they get fed, and don't afk or go top lane(Pretty much the same thing probably worse as they can still give kills)
Mentality of Alistar Warding

Mentality of Alistar Warding

By Rednblue2

This Story begins with a bull named Alistar, Alistar has always been the one to carry his teammates and dominate the battlefield with vision wards and the ability to turn disadvantages into advantages. Alistar saved up and waited for the day when he could get his official warding license the Vigilant Wardstone. This License allowed him to ward even more than her regularly could and would in turn lead him the be The Hero of many villages and towns. Alistar warded the enemies territory endlessly till there was visually nowhere where the enemy teams Jungler was safe. Instead of being scared from what might come from the deep unknowns of the Dark Creepy Jungle, Alistar made friends with the land and got vision for all his allies and in turn won the battle of greatness in 192. bc at Summoners Rift.

Alistar then told his younglings how to ward, he said, "You must find a spot where all is silent and dark, and you must put some light and noise in that spot for all allies can spot." His younglings took that as lesson to ward places where mysteries lay. The fog of war is a very deceiving thing for many players. But Alistar showed them how to ward and when to ward. He said, "You should be placing your whole supply of stealth wards and control wards and then when you return to the fountain of revival, fill up the sack, get ready for a journey back to the land of the unknown and befriend this land with your wards and vision tools and bless the land. Sweep with an Oracle Lense to find enemy stealth wards and destroy those sinful pains and rule the map."

In the end of the story Alistar wins with honor and glory and wins the battle with excellent courage and bravery. Eventually leading to a Summoners Metal of Heroism & Carryism. Alistar retired an old bull, happy and with his favorite friends in the whole wide world, he worked hard and persistent during his battle days and he earned his keep and in the end gave him a beautiful sensation of peace and unity in his olding days.

This story is commemorated to Alistar the Bull who won many battles due to his strength and courage. May Alistar rest with no fog of war and no regrets for the future of his family.

Thank you Alistar for Everything you have done for your teammates... :)
Alistar Boot Stuff

Alistar Boot Stuff

Alistar's boot choices are not too big, you might be wondering, "Why no Mercury Treads." and I would tell you that those will not be needed as your ultimate will cleanse you from certain types of cc and you can always take Unflinching, and Legend: Tenacity to fill in that gap of Tenacity.

You can take the Ninja Tabi's oh wait sorry you can take the Plated Steelcaps for extra armor and auto attack damage reduction, very helpful against champions like, Tryndamere, Master Yi, Fiora, ect.

The Mobility Boots, also called Mobi [Mow-bee] boots [boo-tss] are good for roaming which is basically just leaving your lane to go make a play in another lane, you should be looking for a chance to use your W[Double You] /i][Headbutt to smash someone into a tower without their minions in it and pick up an easy kill/assist. The Mobi boots allow for obviously more mobility to get around the map extremely fast but only when you are out of combat for 5 seconds.

The Secret to Roaming as Support for Plays is...

The secret to successfully roaming is knowing where the enemy will be when you show up and knowing where the enemy Jungler is at the time so that you don't have share your chips with their Jungler and possibly get your life taken away from you.

One of my favorite classic roams is the classic fight stupidly over drake kind of roam. The mentality here as a support is different than it is as a Top or Middle laner so you might have to adjust. Pretty much you just want to go over to the fight with your ADC and your Jungler but you and your ADC want to show up while the enemy team is already to deep into the hole, pretty much using your Jungler as live bait you will attack whoever is trying to get a kill off of your Jungler and you will most definitely get a kill or two due to the fact that people are really addicted to those strugglers that are squirming around in your fingers ready to be squashed until you let them go and die. Pretty much you roam up with your ADC get a DOUBLE ASSIST and hope your Jungler didn't die being the bait.
Wrap up

Wrap Up

Thank you for reading my Alistar Build/Guide and I hope you liked it. If you did like it please if you feel comfortable doing so, comment and maybe even vote for the build/guide which is all very much appreciated. Feel free to comment anything, nothing inappropriate please, but do leave some feedback if you can, it is helpful to me and whoever you are giving feedback to.

Thank you,

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RedNBlue
RedNBlue Alistar Guide
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Actual Alistar Build [Best Alistar Support Build Ever] S12

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