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Lillia Build Guide by RedNBlue

Jungle Actual Lillia Build [FIXED & UPDATED] S11

Jungle Actual Lillia Build [FIXED & UPDATED] S11

Updated on February 4, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author RedNBlue Build Guide By RedNBlue 16,397 Views 2 Comments
16,397 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author RedNBlue Lillia Build Guide By RedNBlue Updated on February 4, 2021
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Runes: Regular Runes

1 2 3
Dark Harvest
Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter


+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
Summoner Spells Jungle
LoL Summoner Spell: Chilling Smite

Chilling Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Actual Lillia Build [FIXED & UPDATED] S11

By RedNBlue
About the Author

About the Author

I haven't played Lillia as much as I've played some other champions but I find her really good and I am pretty good with her. I have played her enough to know how she works and what she is. Thats my explanation of qualification.
Lillia Facts

Lillia General Tips & Facts

Lillia is in my mind a hit and run kind of champion. She is a high damage very mobile Mage and she has a lot of fun moves and lots of AoE damage. You should think of her as an In and Out kind of deal you go in with your moves run come back with your moves off cool down and do it again. Rinse and repeat to win the game.

A really nice place to fight is in the river as Lillia as there is lots of room to move around with her mobility and you can fight using the scuttle bug speed and vision circle to your advantage which really works which you can see for yourself in a game.

Lillia has her weaknesses and her strengths but her biggest weakness in my mind is not being able to move and/or not having much escape routes or places to hide or run to.

Pros and Cons:

[*] Great Mobility
[*] Great Damage
[*] Great Kiting
[*] Great Passives
[*] Good farming capabilities Cons:
[*] Bad First Clear without a good leash
[*] If her mobility is taken away from her she's toast
[*] Squishy early game
[*] Finally, With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility
Lillia Runes

Lillia Runes:

Dark Harvest is the best rune on Lillia right now in the current meta. It allows her to dish out a lot more damage and with the rest of the domination keystones being not so great with Lillia this is the best and most obvious one.

Electrocute is an ok rune on Lillia but its a lot better on AD, AP mix assassins like, Katarina, Fizz, and Akali. Lillia just hasn't really got anything to do with AD and Electrocute is more on that side. It is still a good option if you just want to be able to duel better but that is still just a dumb option.

Phase Rush is a dumpy waste of a keystone on Lillia due to the fact that she is already a speed demon. She really doesn't need the extra speed, truly. This is just a bad rune for her and if you take it your probably playing URF or something as you will just be too fast. Yes there is a too fast for Lillia, even deer need to be hit by cars every once in a while to keep their population in check.

Glacial Augment is a great pick on Lillia if you just want to give the enemy team hell. Pairing this with Rylais Crystal Scepter and some cheap shot you have some pretty nasty slows and true damage and then you can just really dish the damage.

Time Warp Tonic which isn't a keystone is a good option for Lillia as it allows you to collect all the healing from your potions faster, this is really helpful early game and during your first clear as it will assure you better health especially when paired with a biscuit delivery. This could be a healthy alternative for Refillable Potion.
Lillia Items

Lillia Items:

Mythic Choices:

Night Harvester is a fun and very good option on Lillia for a Mythic as it makes her a bit more speedy but mostly due to the extra damage you can do with it. Good for situations where you need to run faster and do more burst, and/or do more burst with an additional speed boost for fun.
Liandry's Anguish is a great item on Lillia as it makes her bleed effect damage beefier and you can really do some funky stuff with this item. Its great for mana and damage really.
Riftmaker is a great item on Lillia for a great amount of tank shredding and long term fights and the ability to survive a very long time and plus the over time damage boost from its passive will allow you to build for a more tanky but damage like approach.

Overall with your Mythic Items as Lillia you just want ability power and some survivability and/or mana. I would not go for a Ludens Echo/Tempest obviously, as it is a battle mages item and not for a more front line mage like Lillia

I would always go for a tankier 2nd and 3rd item on Lillia unless your really ahead which then go for a Mejai's Soulstealer or a Rabadon's Deathcap. I would also always go for a Rylais second for a tankier damage type item as it slows enemies allowing you to stick with your enemies a lot better and it will be very very very very very very annoying for the enemy team and you can make a lot of deer jokes too.
Jungle Facts

Jungler Objective Basics

As a Jungler you are going to be focusing on one of these four Jungle Institute Activities or JIA - Farming - You try to get as much gold and cs as possible as fast as you can by any means Necessary. Dueling - You track down the enemy teams Jungler to fight them and kill them usually resulting in them not getting their powerspikes and you winning the game by any means necessary. Objective Taking - You take Drakes, the rift heralds, Barons you know which objectives to prioritize in any given situation. Ganking - You keep up in level while helping your team snowball and thrive as efficiently as possible, this is hard for a decent amount of people to do as it takes some experience to know how to be efficient.


When it comes to prioritizing Drakes sometimes it can be hard if you aren't experienced but this will help you get a good understanding of which drakes to take and which drakes you CAN give up if needed or if there is a better objective available.

[Infernal Drake]
The Infernal drake is the one and only drake that is great in any situation no matter the game,Infernal drake gives extra damage that is adaptive so it will change based on your champions damage type. This drake should be a no brainer to take and you should not try to give this up as it is a great powerspike and it will change the course of a game a good deal.

Mountain Drake
The Mountain Drake is a great drake to have when going against a team with a lot of close range bruiser damage dealers, these types of champions will usually take Conqeuror or something similar. This is a great drake to have when going against a team with champions like these, Yone, Darius, Sett, Yasuo, Fiora, Yorick, Nasus, ect.

Ocean Drake
The Ocean Drake is a great drake when the enemy team has a strong marksman and/or a longer range mage. What this drake will do is allow you to regenerate health faster from the poke that these types of champions will shoot at you. ultimately allowing you to maintain a good health and be able to Come back and fight without backing. Champions that this is great against are champions that will use Arcane Comet, Summon Aery,ect. Of course Marksman is an obvious role and is very definitive but for the long range mages those would consist of champions like these, Xerath, Zyra, Janna, Lux, ect.

Cloud Drake
The Cloud Drake is a great Drake to have when you have powerful ultimates on your team. Its really simple, champions that have powerful ultimates would be, Shen, Karthus, Xerath, Orianna, ect.

Other Buffs:

Rift Herald
Rift Herald is a good Epic Monster for pushing lanes and getting tower plating, I would make sure to get the first one pre-14 when tower plating falls.

Baron Nashor
Baron Nashor is a great buff for finishing off the losing enemy team by pushing the waves. You usually take this objective after getting an inhibitor allowing you to super power up your super minions for a strong push.

Wrap Up
Please vote this guide/build up if you liked and it helps, but don't vote up if you think its dog poop.

Thanks you Katasandra I was able to fix the build problem with the looped writing. It was very cool of Katasandra to help out with a big hand and thanks to whoever this person is I have fixed this amazing build.


League of Legends Build Guide Author RedNBlue
RedNBlue Lillia Guide
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Actual Lillia Build [FIXED & UPDATED] S11

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