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Lucian Build Guide by RedNBlue

Top Actual Lucian Top Build[Updated][Best Lucian Top Build Ever] S12

Top Actual Lucian Top Build[Updated][Best Lucian Top Build Ever] S12

Updated on November 5, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author RedNBlue Build Guide By RedNBlue 22 3 71,194 Views 5 Comments
22 3 71,194 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author RedNBlue Lucian Build Guide By RedNBlue Updated on November 5, 2022
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Runes: Regular

Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+8 Magic Resist


1 2
Kill Them All
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

Actual Lucian Top Build[Updated][Best Lucian Top Build Ever] S12

By RedNBlue
About the Author

About The Author, Rednblue...

Hello, I am Rednblue the King of the Summoners Rift. I play lots of champions and I like to play Lucian in his good lanes. Not bottom lane, I think adc is boring and it doesn't really appeal to me. I like certain marksmen but I don't like ADC. So I play Lucian Top & Lucian Jungle and feel free to always check out my Lucian Jungle Build/
Guide on Mobafire too while your at it if you liked this build/guide.

Well Lets get to Lucian shall we? I am a high mastery Lucian player and I very much dislike adc so I play him Top and Jungle where the real players play him and I can have some real fun with it too. I have a high winrate on Lucian and if I lose I am usually still doing pretty good for being on the losing team if you know what im saying.

I like to play Lucian do to the funky junky stuff that happens on him and his great out-play ability. I like to be able to also just take teleport for those janky plays but as ADC you can't do that. That is why I dumped that dream 10 years ago when League of Legends first started out.
Actual Lucian Jungle Build Link
About Lucian Top

Lucian Top Facts

Lucian top is one of the few remaining League of Legends primal players most solid picks. Lucian is a Marksman ranged gunslinger that is really cool and can make some very slick plays. He is a very powerful pick in pretty much every position other than support and he has a great early to mid game and then stops growing as fast mid-late game.

Lucians Early Game Steps;-

Lucian excels early game and he will obliterate anybody who is dumb enough to pick an off meta easily kitable champion. After leaving base with your Corruption Potion you should not have used your skill point yet. This means you should not have any moves that are able to be used yet. You want to wait to see how the enemy Top Laner will play and then you can choose which move to get first.

In most matchups you will be starting your E Relentless Pursuit as it will allow you to be able to kite your enemy very early and it will be powerful for getting a first blood off of the enemy laner.

Usually at the start of the game when I reach lane and I try to fight the enemy laner and if they are someone that I don't want getting to close or If I want to be chasing them because I know I can mess them up, I would start E Relentless Pursuit

If you want to start passively and not try to go all out starting you should go for your Q Piercing Light as it can poke and kill minions at the same time. This is a great tool for multitasking things which is why one of his eternals is how many times you hit a champions with Piercing Light when you didn't target them with it as you are turning a point and click into a skill shot which is very deceiving for some people.

If you are winning the fight top lane at level one, when your about to level up make sure you start blasting the hell out of the laner, make sure to not do it so much that they run but you want to aim to get level 2 before them and bust their brains out with bullets. This will kill them or get really close 90% of the time and the tides of the battle shouldn't turn because if they do you have made a terrible mistake and you should have been wondering why the enemy wasn't being so aggressive or whatever.

Yes, it happens you think your winning and then you lose. Thats the reason why you have to learn champions and play more to see why they know they can win. I've been top lane and had lower health than my opponent but I would just be playing with them as I know which matchups I can win and proportionally, logically, and statistically and that is why I will toy with the enemy and purposefully let them get him low in some cases as they hit me but I just farm. It is the best feeling when you completely flop someone as it will competely piss them off and it is the best feeling in the world. Its like taking a moths wings away and the moth doesn't even know you did it.

The main Reason why you are doing Lucian top in the first place is to either win or have a lot of fun so you have to make sure that you are doing both. That means you don't really want to play too passively as you will get punished for it when the enemy gets a level on you because you weren't being as aggressive as you should be. That is the biggest problem I see in people. They pick an aggressive pick, but don't know how to play aggressively and they just want to be like some pro player that they look up to.
Lucian Rune & Item Stuff

Lucian Rune & Item Stuff by Rednblue

Lucian in top lane you want to be as aggressive as possible so you don't want to be taking very much defense measures keystone wise. Which is why you won't want to choose Fleet Footwork due to the fact that that is like saying your going to the movies but then go home and sit down on your couch to watch the movie. Its just the opposite of what your trying to do. Fleet Footwork is a survival keystone for champions that need to make it through the Laning phase without ending it 0/5/0.

You want to be aggressive rune wise and be as optimistically aggressive item wise. Here is Lucians Rune Information.

Lethal Tempo is an ok rune for Lucian its not the best and its definitely something that you don't want to pick with any of the builds above. You don't want to be having this much attack speed and this would be a complete waste of a keystone. Not a great keystone for Lucian.

Fleet Footwork is a terrible rune for Lucian as it just counters what he's trying to do. Lucian has a strong early game and a strong mid-game, but Fleet Footwork is mainly for surviving Laning phase and Lucian top you are trying to be aggressive and you still would never want this rune on any form of Lucian.

Press the Attack is the best rune on Lucian right now and will probably always remain a strong rune on Lucian. This is a very good rune for a powerful early game which allows Lucian to completely mash early game. Best Lucian Keystone

Electrocute is an ok rune on Lucian but it will work fine on him but Press the Attack is a lot better and is the #1 rune. Ok Rune for Lucian

If there is a Keystone you thought of that isn't here that probably means that its not very great on Lucian. Now transitioning to items we have...

Lucian Top Items by Rednblue

For a Mythic item you should always take Galeforce. Try to avoid Immortal Shieldbow & Kraken Slayer. You will usually have one more defensive feeling item for like a 4th or 5th item whether its some lifesteal or omnivamp, some armor or magic resistance.

The reason why I say you should take Galeforce][/color as a Mythic is due to the speed and dash it grants you. This allows you to kite the opposing teams laners and it gives you a lot of damage and a lot of speed.

You want to always get a Essence Reaver second or third item due to your mana problems that you don't want to solve with runes. Of course Navori Quickblades are a great item on Lucian if you haven't tried the item. It is a great item and it is very fun and powerful. Your moves will come back very fast and you will pretty much never have to worry about your cool downs if at all.

For a last item, that is a bit more tricky. You could go damage with an Infinity Edge or you could go finish a Mortal Reminder. Just go something that will be powerful. Dont get something like a Bloodthirster please, it's not really a power spike item and its more of a third, fourth, and maybe 5th item. Just vibe with it and you will come up with something good. But, my go to 6th item is always the Infinity Edge.
Kiting Stuff

Kiting Basics

If you are new to Kiting, then this chapter is for you. I will explain and put an image in your mind of how to kite.

To start off, you can only really "Kite" on a ranged champion. You can "kite" on a close combat champion but its not really the same. So when someone says "Kite" they will most likely mean on a ranged champion.

Kiting gets easier the more attack speed you have and the more movement speed you have.

So how you do it is you have to start a distance away from the target, you have to have them chasing you, you don't chase them to kite, you run away from them to kite. While you are running you will Stop Running and Shoot the person, run, shoot, run shoot, you can't let them get close to you or your defeating the purpose of kiting. You are pretty much keeping your distance from them while killing them eventually making them realize if they keep chasing they die then they start running from you and you should chase them if you think you can win.

The people you definitely want to kite top lane are people like Darius, Darius will be the hardest to kite and he will be very threatening if you don't kite him good enough. If you are going to practice kiting, he's the one to do your skirmish against. Darius's E Apprehend is a duel changing move that if you as Lucian get hit by, you might as well call yourself dead NO JOKE.
Wrap Up
Thank you for checking out and using my guide if you are doing so, please if you feel comfortable leave a comment and a vote too even if you feel like it. Feedback is appreciated and votes are always welcome.


League of Legends Build Guide Author RedNBlue
RedNBlue Lucian Guide
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Actual Lucian Top Build[Updated][Best Lucian Top Build Ever] S12

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