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Kassadin Build Guide by rebe

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League of Legends Build Guide Author rebe

AD Kassadin build: Stabbing from the void

rebe Last updated on June 7, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello guys, im a duck and this is my ****ty guide for AD assassin Kassadin.
Now, why should i play AD Kassa? Well, we all now that this champion will never be the beast he once was in mid lane, but you can still get a lot of fun from his playstyle, jumping in front of a low ADC and buring him deep in shame.
And guess what. Is actually viable and, in top of all, it gives a lot of lolz. Here you have an example from my games:

So dont be shy and show to the world what a good timing and a Trinity force can do!

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Some tips

.-Your kit, with Void Stone and Null Sphere will give you advantage against AP champs in early game, so you can bring glyphs of flat AP instead of magic resist for a decent amount of damage in the firsts minutes of the game.

.-Roaming is your business. Dont stay in lane unless your enemy is a first game [orianna] because youre just too weak. Look for the snowball in the enemy jungle or another lanes.

.-You will need a lot of vision in order to look for easy kills. Buy wards all the time. Getting Farsight Orb might be usefull too.

.-Be greedy as f***. That's the only way you roll. You can get fed or feed, anything else is a complete failure

Have a lot of fun! This build is obviously not for serious pro-players, but for the ones who want to have a good time, loosing or winning :)

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The Game

This guide is intented to make you improvise wiht new things, but if you want some overall guidance, here are some of my experiences.

Early Game

If the enemy have an easy poke (long range like Ryze or Cassiopeia) , play safe pre 6. If they dont, just avoid the damage with you Null Sphere in short trades. Farm as good as you can, it will obviously help a lot. You should try to duel a bit against melee champions ( Katarina, Akali or even Fizz if you feel comfortable enought) starting with Null Sphere, auto attack and reser with Nether Blade. Just dont be cocky nor get baited into a gank.

Mid Game

If you outfarm enemy mid, you can try and kill him. You should already have at least Sheen before even try to start roaming. Look forward for easy kills and get fatty.
Once again, getting vision of enemy jungle make a huge difference.

Late Game

Aim for the squishies. Get kills. Have fun. Just like the old days kassadin, you just have to have a good timing and surprise enemies. Your AD makes you able to duel and trade for long times if youre feed, what makes this guide actually funny. Thats the point of playing a game anyway.

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If you're thinking about trying this and trade with Tryndamere and their AD bruisers friends, go on, spread the word. Be imaginative building items, don't just follow this. Make your own rules, buddy.
Have fun in the empty plains of the void!