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Kassadin Build Guide by Samsara Escapee

Jungle AD Kassadin Jungle

Jungle AD Kassadin Jungle

Updated on December 5, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Samsara Escapee Build Guide By Samsara Escapee 2,650 Views 0 Comments
2,650 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Samsara Escapee Kassadin Build Guide By Samsara Escapee Updated on December 5, 2022
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Runes: Econ

1 2
Fleet Footwork
Legend: Tenacity
Cut Down

Magical Footwear
Future's Market

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2
The Summs
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Scorchclaw Smite

Scorchclaw Smite

Champion Build Guide

AD Kassadin Jungle

By Samsara Escapee

AD Kassadin Jungle

Theres nothing easy or hyper competative about your early game clear infact Kassadins earlygame clear is so slow you'll probably give up on this after 1 attempt. But this build is for people who like to think outside the box and explore the potential that League has to offer and say no to the rigorus meta play that the brutal overlords of Riot games and the mouth breathing meta slaves force on the general population of this game.
First Jungle Clear Path
In General you need all the help you can get clearing your first buff, So as a rule start on the side of your jungle that your botlane will be playing on as to speed up your first buff. After this prioritize full clearing you enitre jungle.

Whichever side you are not going to start on start by: Spawning & Buying items >> Go to the buff you'll not be starting on and start you back channel at about 45 seconds then place you stealth ward within the final second before you back to base >> Swap to red scanner and move to you Bot lane side buff to make it in time for them to leash you. Make sure you make what your doing clear so that your bot lane is ready and watching you buff or else you may run into a situation when your bot lane has already walked to lane and now has to walk back to the buff you want to have leashed.

After First Buff Follow these Clear Orders:

If Blue Side:
Blue Buff >> Gromp >> Wolf Camp >> Raptors(1st Smite on Large Raptor) >> Red Buff >> Krugs >> Scuttle(2nd Smite). Then Back
If Red Side:
Red Buff >> Krugs >> Raptors >> Wolf Camp(1st smite) >> Blue >> Gromp >> Scuttle(2nd Smite)
Buying Tiamat
With Futures market and a full clear of your Jungle at the begining of the game you should have enough gold to buy Tiamat on your first back. This item is a requirement of AD Kassadin Jungle. Without it your clear speed will be abismal.

Matchup Issues

Most of your matchups are going to be really rough early game, and in nearly all 1v1 situations you should be avoiding fighting untill at least lvl6 when you have you ultimate as it gives you options to fight or run on your own terms. But generally Kassadin will favor matchups agaist AP threats over AD threats in the jungle as his passive gives him a 10% damage reduction to Magic damage out the gate.
Avoid fighting early and try to get a gank off in a lane with Red Buff active as soon as you hit LvL6, if you dont have red buff thats alright but its bonus slow will be helpful in securing kills on your ganks.

Before LVL6

Before LvL6 you can gank but these ganks will not be easy as Kassadin suffers a simialr issue to Master Yi in the early game, Kass has No hard CC.
So before ganking below LvL6 make sure your E charge is ready to go before approaching the lane for a gank. Ganks Pre 6 will also be much easier if you have a Red Buff Active. If no solid gank option is avalable you should opt. to contiue to power farm until you've hit LvL 6

Post LVL6

After LvL6 your gank Potential gets much higher, New gank paths open up to you as now you can use your Ult to Move over walls and charge up its damage before ganking, and due to the Mana Regen in the Jungle the inscreased mana cost from consecutive casts will be less of an issue.
You will still want to have your E ready before going in for a gank as the added slow from your E will assist in securing a Kill. Make sure to use the auto reset from you W to up you DPS for ganks you'll always want to make use of its low cooldown to reset your auto attacks. Ganking with Buffs on Kassadin increases your kill prssure much more than usual as well, Red Buff For its bonus DPS and Slow, and Blue Buff for Its mana Regen allowing you to get off 1 or 2 more Ultimate casts which can be the difference between a kill and only burning summs.

A Post Lvl6 Gank Combo:

Ult #1 to close the distance and charge damage > Q target > Ult#2 > E to slow > AA , W to Auto attack reset > AA continusly. If they flash follow with your Ult#3 and repeat Above Combo.

Use Your speed and mobility wih ULT to its maximum advantage, if they dont have vision of you the surprise of Kassadin blinking in and on top of them can be enough to burn summs. And with your mobility you have to choice in fight and flee at you own tempo. Also if a target gets away with low health under there turret, similar to Kayn you have the ability to quickly tower dive and escape with your ultimate.

You'll need to get creative to get kills, and youll have to play around your teams CC to make ganks easier but with some effort you can be just as effective at getting kills as any other jungler.
Closing Out the Game

Close the Game Out Quickly

Your windown for a win on AD Kass is completly dependent on how well you played in the early game. If you died a lot early and didnt get your key items on time you'll almost certainly fall too far behind to make up the difference and win out in a long game. (Also theres no way you wont be flamed for playing poorly so theres that as well.)

If you make it out well in the early game and get a few good Kills post LVL6 you'll most certainly have the DPS and items to deal with most targets in the Mid Game. But you need to focus on closing the game out. AD Kassadin is not the same late game power house that AP Kassadin is, so try to end the game with 4 items at the most. And work on capturing as many drakes and Rift Heralds as you can as to not stall the game out. You'll need to play as well as any good standard jungle to keep Tempo. If a game goes late it is likely you will still have the DPS needed to win fights but overall your AD DPS will begin to fall off as tanks get tankier and ADC build up more DPS. See how it goes try it out and let me know if this guide lost you a bunch of norms games.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Samsara Escapee
Samsara Escapee Kassadin Guide
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AD Kassadin Jungle

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