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League of Legends Build Guide Author Heffyend

AD Range Max DPS w/ Tier List

Heffyend Last updated on April 2, 2012
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AD Carry is a very important role to a team in 5v5. Reason being is that your going to be doing the most sustain damage from a distance. That does not mean your to be anywhere in the front line at all. In a normal strategy is it usually there is a front line, a mid line, and a back line. Well... your playing that BACK LINE so make sure you are position your self a safe distance from the rest of your beafy people.

(please do not criticize me for lame looks on this guide but rather on the content, thank you)

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Summoner Spells

Right now the meta for Range AD Carry is Heal and Flash from what I have seen. I hated the idea of changing to this meta but I got so annoyed of people using it that I decided to give it a try. Ever since I did there has been no regrets what-so-ever. Other skills you may bring are teleport, ghost, ignite, and exhaust. Any of the other skills I do not recommend taking.

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These runes I have displayed before you are through research with this game. Most people will ask me why not armor pen runes? Well here is a simple question to that... why not? Seriously crit chance runes help so much. I know its all based on luck but sometimes you will want that luck on your side. Armor pen is nice and no doubt I do use it on champs such as Talon and Garen, but for Range AD your main damage will be from critical hits on them.

Movement speed quints? Well do I really have to explain this... because I'm pretty sure you already know that a year or two ago there was a nerf to all AD Range champs that made them walk so much slower than melee champs. You may change these out for other runes such as armor pen, but I find movement speed to be the best. Don't get crit chance quints because you will have 100% crit chance in the end.

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As of right now this is pretty much a standard mastery tree for all ad range champs. You may use any other settings but through math, this brings out your maximum damage out.

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Ok, the items I have listed do not really need explaining. I will explain things you will ask me for sure. Such as why no dorans or vampiric scep or life steal items early for sustain? Well, as an AD Range carry you should not be taking any hits, if you are then you have 2 things you can do. You may use your summoner skill Heal which is very handy, or you can... BUY SOME POTS!!! But of course if you have a healer support laning with you then that's good, too. Just letting you know rite now, I dont like laning with them.

Now you may have notice that I only have 5 items at the top... well there is a reason to this. The last item you may use according to the game. My personal favorite last item will have to be another Bloodthirster just because I'm trying to utilize maximum damage on the other teams squishy. My recommendation for choosing your last item will not be by looking at the tank or bruiser of the opponents team, but by looking at the other teams Range AD and AP Carry. If they are both running a lot of armor (which they shouldn't be) they I will build a Black Cleaver or Last Whisper (preferably Black Cleaver in most cases since they don't usually stack a lot of armor anyways).

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Team Work

As a Range AD your goal is to provide damage for your team. You are the powerhouse of the team and because of that your team should also be protecting you. If they aren't protecting you then they are ******ed... like seriously??? But if you don't have enough damage then I don't blame them hahahahahahahah :P

Each Champ is different in terms of Range AD, therefore I will tell you in my tier list the pros of each champ. The cons you will have to figure out... :/

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Tier List

God Tier: Vayne, Graves, Sivir

Tier 1: Ashe, Caitlyn, Corki

Tier 2: Kog'Maw, Tristana, Miss Fortune

Tier 3: Urgot, Ezreal, Twitch

(Teemo, TF, Kayle, and some other champs are not in this list because due to their nature of what role they can play. I think they are all still viable, but I see them do better in other roles such as AP, Support, etc etc.)

Vayne: She is almost impossible to deal with when farmed up
She can also escape pretty well
Her utility skills are also very good
She can catch anyone even if they flash

Graves: One of the strongest early games
Can snowball really well
Great aoe and skills
Passive grants him defense making him somewhat tanky

Sivir: Unlimited mana with her shield
Very strong harras early game
Clean up minion waves really fast
Ultimate grants movement speed and attack speed to allies around her

Ashe: Easy champ to use with great utility
Perma slow makes it hard to escape
Early game crit with her passive
Random Ashe Arrow can win team fights

Cait: Has the best range early game
Good utility with traps
Can escape and slow the enemy while doing so
Her ultimate is good for killing fleeing enemies with low hp

Corki: True damage passive is really strong
Great poking ability before team fights
Shred armor with Gatling Gun
Great escape mechanism, probably one of the best

Kog: Great for killing HP tanks
Can be built 2 ways, onhit or ad dps
Great poke with ult
His passive is rather funny, since he will still do some damage after he dies

Tris: At level 18 she has the best range (without the use of skills) due to her passive
Q grants atack speed by 90% when maxed out
She can escape really well and also approach really good too
Has a built in Grevious Wound system which is effective against HP regen and healing

MF: Great mobility, probably the fastest range ad carry due to her passive
Great harrass skill early game
Using Bullet Time at the right moment can shift the team fight to your favor
Great for cleaning up and chasing opponents

Urgot: Great Early game but rather weak Late Game
Has a really nice shield and great slow
Initiating at the right time can when team fights with his ult
20% armor reduction and target deals 15% less overall damage (including ability)

Twitch: Can go stealth mode
Attack speed bonus 70%
Has the furthest range with his Ult which can mow down the opposing team in seconds
Can slow and execute enemies rather easily


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