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Shaco Build Guide by Sunli Min

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sunli Min

AD Shaco | Swift and Deadly *ARCHIVED*

Sunli Min Last updated on March 4, 2012
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Ive redone this entire build. Did some number crunching, made it look more apealing and VOILA!

The NEW AD Shaco | Swift and DEADLY!

Any comments, say them. Critisism, say it, upvotes, vote it, downvotes... now keep those to yourself :) This is a positive place were you and I are learning together! So lets start reading and learn some stuff :)

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First off, if you do not know the difference between primary and secondary runes, please read this page to get a better understanding of what I mean
Primary and Secondary Runes

The runes ive chosen for this build are all primarys that I feel aide shaco the most.

Quints = :
Give 26 health each, that is very helpful early game for either JUST getting away from a death or JUST winning a fight, plus it beefs him up abit wich is very much needed.
REPLACEMENT: Quintessence of Desolation

Marks = Greater Mark of Desolation
The armor pen is very useful. Lets say they have 30 armor early game, thats around 35% less damage they take. This armor pen earlygame makes that 35 to more around 20, cutting there armor by alot. Very much needed because this build is very AD heavy and not so much Armor Pen heavy.

Seals = Greater Seal of Vitality
Give alittle bit more needed HP. I get per level because you get flats in your Quints to boost your early game. This will aide your mid-late game.
REPLACEMENT: or Greater Seal of Replenishment *Because shaco is oom very often.*

Glyphs =
The cooldown reduction is nice for spamming your box's, two-shivs and being able to deceive when needed.
REPLACEMENT: *Shaco is squishy so if you would like the added Magic Resist, be my guest*

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In masteries I always take a 21/0/9 masteries setup, but if you feel like you are still to squishy take a 21/9/0 setup.

NOTE: In utility ALWAYS take over , do the math.

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Summoner Spells:

This section is devided into 4 parts.
TO HAVE: I highly recommend
MAY HAVE: I recommend
CAN HAVE: Viable


: Very good for shaco. Early game it really helps with getting kills.

A very very useful choice. people tend to think "Shaco has a build in flash ", wich is true. But having a flash into battle, fight, deceive out makes him more epic then ever. This one I do find alittle hard to explain, but give it a chance. I promiss you will find it more useful then you'd expect.

Can Have:

Really good for keeping a enemy at your nest once he activates it, or for assasinating an enemy. Or just plain exhausting the AD carry in a teamfight.

Useful for getting back to your lane quickly, saving an allied turret that is under attack or teleporting to a turret to push it.

Very useful for quickly getting back to lane, going from lane to lane or catching upto/getting away from enemys.


My new personal favorite way to play shaco, but not using this build, so leave this one out of it.

Underused spell that is really amazing, but I recomend only taking it in a ranked vs a team with heavy cc.

The rest...

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Beceause it upgrades into the Madreds Bloodrazor you will buy later.

Gives movement speed 2 if your in battle and movement speed 5 if your out of battle, I like these boots because the movement speed 5 is good for getting back to your lane and going to another lane to help/gank. If you feel you need attack speed instead of the extra movement speed buy Beserker's Greaves instead.

Early/earlymid game this is nice because its just an all around piece that matchs perfectly with this build. Its also VERY usefull for taking down beefy/tanky characters due to its passive. Plus it gives you a slight armor boost wich is much needed for shaco.

The start to either or *or both*.


*Pick one of the following*
Shaco is VERY squishy, guardian angel gives you some magic resist and a good amount of armor too. Along with the ability that every 5 minutes, if you die it will revive you. Guardian Angel will save your but alot because when it revives you, you can deceive away right after to survice a gank. It may not work everytime but it does a good portion of the time.

If they're team is very AP heavy then you may want to switch with this item.


This build has no armor pen (other then runes and masteries) so this item is very useful. If you feel like you need armor pen, get this. *Personaly, I dont rush this, I get this AFTER I get some more attack speed to max out its passive wich requirs 3 stacks for maximum effect.*

The attack speed + critical strick change + movement speed is really nice to have. The extra movement speed tips you over the edge for chasing down enemys. You will see the difference in attack speed. Its just all around really nice to have.

This item gives a massive AD boost and also some very useful lifesteal.

This item is one of the best DPS items in the game. Build AFTER to maximise the passive. *Crit lots and cirt fast.*

Someone on your team needs this item, and if nobody else gets it, you need to. Its will greatly benefit your team in teamfights and will greatly benefit you. Get it, just trust me on this.

*Upgrades from Zeal* A all around amazing DPS item. Also its passive stacks amazingly with Deceive. If you manage a crit with this item while deceive your damage output will skyrocket *Especially with Infinity's Edge*

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Skill Sequence: R > E > Q > W

When ever you can, get your up. If you cant get that up, get your up. Then your followed by

NOTE: At level one get your W up first, followed by your Q . After level 2 then you will start doing your R>E>Q>W priority list.

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Early Game:

Early game, I have a strict routine wich I feel is most efficient for this build.

Spawn: Buy 1 and then 3 's. For your first skill, chose his Box's, and then run to blue. Take out golem at level 1 Video on how to do that . Now you will have the blue buff and will already be level two.

Level 2: *Get up Deceive* Run to a lane, then deceive through it into a bush so no enemys know you are there. Start piling turrets. Once you get atleast 4 turrets, tell your teamate to bait them into bush. Once the enemy is in range and the turrets start to attack him, go for the kill. From this you may get a kill, sometimes a double kill, and sometimes the enemys arnt such ******s and dont fall for it. But its worth a shot.

After that, my strict plan goes into more general strategy, but usually this makes for a good earlygame.

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General Strategy: Tips/Tricks and Hints:

These are just general things you may need to know or may come in handy.
Please comment if you have any more tricks/strategy/tips.

1. 2v1 surprise gank: If a lane needs help for a quick gank, start in the side bushs. When you are ready, deceive into battle and place a turret BEHIND them blocking their way. Then just attack them. Now its 2v1, and once they run away your box will fear them, giving you the much needed secound you will need to ensure he doesent get away.

2. Deceive out of battle: Pretty obvious, but if there is a gank or you just cant stay in any longer, deceive out. Its a nice quick get away that works alot.

3. Get away from a massive gank mid-late game: Sometimes its not so easy to just deceive, or maybe your deceive is on cooldown, well I have one trick for that wich I pull on average once or twice a game. Deceive has 2 secounds left and your getting beaten 4v1? split in two THEN deceive. It will waste your ult, but for that 2 secounds, you have a) Half a secound of not being seen through the smoke. b) any right-click-auto-attacks on you will have been cancled and they will need to re click on you and c) there is now two of you. higher chance they will hit the wrong one. By the time the confusion is over, your deceive will be up and you will be gone.

4. Turret Dive: 2 strategies:
a) Run closer, throw two-shiv, deceive out. two-shiv should be fully upgraded mid-late game and will do around 250-300 damage. when someone teleports back at turret, this may just do the trick. *Helps alot if you have too*
b) Split in two, then send your minion you into the turret first. He takes the damage not you, you kill the person and deceive out. <This one I find may be a waste of an ult, I would try the first one more.>

5. Buy Guardian Angel!: Guardian Angel is honestly Shacos guardian angel.
Guardian angel has around a 3 secound effect till it actually revives you, HOPEFULLY that is just enough time till your deceive is off cooldown. It revives you, you spam the Q button and deceive away and survived the gank!

7. When you deceive in for an attack, always hit from behind: Shaco does 20% more damage when he attacks from behind thanks to his passive. That 20% more of 200 damage is 40 more damage. Ever had someone JUST get away with 26 health? Thats why this matters, sometimes that little bit more can make or break it.

8. Why get teleport and not ghost? "ghost lets me catch up to runners!", well that may be true, but you need to learn to use your abilitys to your advantage. give me on average 447 run speed, thats faster then any runners. That run speed + closer to them + Ranged will usually be all it takes to get those runners. So ghost is not usually needed.
on the other hand can be a life saver for a number of things. Getting back to your lane faster when you go back for items. That way you dont miss as much XP and dont get under fed level wise. Teleport can also save a turret thats in danger if needed.

9. Saving a teamate when you run away: Its funny how this one works every single time! With the and your you will be faster then your teamates. That + your out of the gank will get you out and away. BUT sometimes a teamate is left behind in the gank. On your run out, place a on the path. Most of the time they will run through the box, the enemys will follow and then be feared letting your teamate JUST get away. This isnt a forsure saver, but it works a surprisingly large amount of the time

10. Once you kill a turret. GET OUT: Unless they are all accounted for, RUN. Killing a turret is the #1 way to have the enemy team hunt you down.

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Thank you for reading:

Thank you for the read. I hope you enjoyed it and learned a thing or two. Have a good time gaming the funnest demon jester in town!