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Xin Zhao Build Guide by Rusaki

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rusaki

AD Xin Zhao - The next Fate-Lancer

Rusaki Last updated on December 7, 2013
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Hey guys. This is my third Guide featuring Xin Zhao, the next "Lancer" in the "Fate" Anime! This Guide shows you how to play Lancer as a great offensive Assassin and Jungler, because he is very strong if you just do it right. So lets begin with the Guide!

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Runes / Masteries

Attack Speed, Cooldown-Reduction and Armor Penetration are very important. So i take Attack Speed-Marks and Glyphs, Cooldown-Reduction-Seals and Armor Penetration-Quints. With that build and the following items, you can easily get kills and you can show your enemies how to fear.

The Masteries are 29/0/1. As offensive as possible and thats effective! You have to make very much damage and this Mastery/Rune-Build is the best that you can do.

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First of all: Yes, you will take the Scrying Orb! Its nice for jungling and to see, if Teemo is in front of you.

As i said: Attack Speed is important. Why not combine it with Crit-Chance? But first, we have to get the Ravenous Hydra. Damn good for Jungling, damn good because of its Life Steal, damn good because of its Active. After that, take Phantom Dancer. Now you can clear all jungles in no time without taking markable damage and also you can perform an easy doublekill. Infinity Edge follows and with it your domination. After you got this, your enemies are screwed. And with the feed youll get now, you can buy Youmuu's Ghostblade for Armor Penetration and more Crit-Chance, Last Whisper to ignore the enemies Armor more and more and Statikk Shiv to kill everything that dares to face you.

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More Attack Speed? No problem! Take your W first to get heals and raise your attack speed to the max. But you will max your W as your second skill. After your W, take your E to slow down and kill your enemies. Now, your career as an Assassin begins! You will max your E at Level 18. Your Q deals much damage and with the third strike, your enemy can touch the sky. Max it first. Your Ult isnt that strong but helpful in Jungle. One Hit Kill all creeps of one camp and go to the next to strike them down with normal hits. Your Ult can also saves you. When Ghost isnt enough, wait until the enemies are close to you and activate your Ult to get rid of them. But dont forget to run!

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Summoner Spells

Take Ignite and Ghost for max profit. Ignite will give you some kills and Ghost helps you to team up with your teammates, be faster as your enemies to kill them, run away from your enemies so they cant kill you and and and. Be sure to take Ghost!

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After you got Ravenous Hydra, youre a very good Jungler so why dont use the potential? But! Just do it if your teammate can solo top, like Jax! With your skills, you can easily clear all jungles in little time (and here you can use Ghost to get quickly from one Jungle to another). Take your Blue and the enemies Red first and if you get killed (you shouldnt get killed...) or your buffs are away, take first the enemies blue and then your red. Gank as often as you can and say "Sorry" after every kill, because youll get the most and your mates will be really pissed of after some time.

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Lancer is an amazing Teamfighter. Initiate with your E, activate Q and W and get the properly first kill of the fight. Your Mates will help you with the others if theyre good. Youll get 2-4 kills in the fights if your ADC is bad, because your Attack Speed will be very high and your Crit-Damage/Chance, Life Steal and AD will also be nice!