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Kennen Build Guide by The Neve

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Neve

Advanced Kennen Strategies for TT

The Neve Last updated on July 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Whazza MOBAfire!

I'm Neve (aka Teh Turtl Xpress) and this is my guide for Kennen on Twisted Treeline .

I made this guide because I often use guides on MOBAfire, when trying to learn to play a new champion. And when my random mind suddenly decided to get to know Kennen better, I was horrified to discover that there was no really good guide for 3v3 Kennen.

What could I do in such a situation?

Make one.

So here it is - please give me some feedback!

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Teh Geek's Dictionary

For the ones not so familiar with League of Legends insider-language:


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Why Kennen on Twisted Treeline?

First of all: I play Summoner's Rift (SR) and Twisted Treeline (TT) almost equally often.

In general, Kennen has the wanted properties of the most used AP carrys like Annie, Anivia, and Brand; STUNS, AoE, and (quite a bit of) DAMAGE.

Added to that, he has great maneuverability, escaping possibilities, better abilities for kiting, low cooldowns, and uses energy.

Still, he is VERY rarely used. High and low elo/lvl alike.

This is because he is widely considered an underpowered mage when it comes to damage - in comparison to getting a Summon: Tibbers in the head or a well executed Anivia combo stuck up the a**.

So that means that his fort├ęs over most other AP carrys are his ability to escape ganks and to deal massive amounts of AoE damage, along with the (almost) neverending combo of chain stuns.

This makes him ideal for TT, where a slow Anivia or a helpless Annie, who used flash only 1 minute ago, are easy targets. Kennen is able to get away from ganks easily and keep running due to the low cooldowns of Lightning Rush. And it looks cool too.

This is why I think, that Kennen is THE most viable AP carry on TT and, though with damage, that could use a buff, can easily carry game after game.

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Pros and Cons


Great Maneuverability

LOTS of Stuns

Good Damage throughout the Game

AoE based

Long-Range Skillshot (Good Poke)




Squishy until Rylai's Crystal Scepter

Not as much damage as eg. Annie

Has to get up close to execute entire combo

Needs a bit of Skill to Master

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Use this to poke and harrass enemies. It also applies a Mark of the Storm. Also, Thundering Shurikens cooldown is less than the time, it takes for Mark of the Storm to go away. Therefore, you can hit an enemy and put another Mark of the Storm on him with only Thundering Shuriken.

This is your auto-targeting stun spell. Also in combination with Lightning Rush your main farming and AoE damage tool, when you eg. mark all the creeps in a wave with Lightning Rush and then pop Electrical Surge and clear an entire creep wave when you have a bit of AP.

Is most utilized as a gap-closer and escape tool. Also used when farming and pushing - just Lightning Rush through the entire creep wave and Electrical Surge.
use this in a teamfight as well, as it applies a Mark of the Storm on everybody and gives you increased MR and Armor for the duration, making you much more durable and an uninteresting target.

A great AoE ult - remember that it randomly hits targets and that every target only can get hit three times out of the 6/8/10 times it strikes.

Therefore, if you have 3 enemies inside your ult for the duration, when you have rank 3 in it, they will all be hit 3 times and get the maximum amount of damage.

On SR, if you have more enemies in it, they will be damaged significantly less. Of course you will deal less total damage as you can only hit 9 times with your ult on TT and 10 times if you get i.e. 4 enemies caught on SR. But individually, they will be damaged less and the amount of damage may vary a lot from each enemy.

That's why I like Slicing Maelstrom more as an ability on TT.

Obviously just pop this in a teamfight, when the enemies are gathered. Also usable when fighting 1 enemy, just remeber that even though he will get the max amount of damage, it is really bad to have it on CD in a teamfight.

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Summoner Spells

is IMO a must on Kennen due to the need to get close to the opponents to hit them with Lightning Rush. Flash enables you to get out of there again.

The second one is totally preference.

I like , because it makes my impossible to catch along with Lightning Rush.

Other IMO just as viable Spells are:

To get free from that Cryptic Gaze, enabling you to Flash away.

To get that First Blood and those lovely 400 g.

To slow that Nidalee enough to get a stun onto her, giving you a kill. Or to slow her down enough for you to stun her and Lightning Rush to safety like a.. Well, electrical mouse.

I won't bother to write the rest up and sum up why I don't like them or why people with Rally and Revive are ******s and should uninstall.

It's your account and you do whatever you want and feel good to you.

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Masteries are listed in the top. I won't go through them since masteries are totally dependant on your own preference.

Just remeber that Kennen doesn't use mana so don't waste Mastery Points on that.

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My Runes focus on early game damage and a much needed boost to Kennen's low HP:

x 9

Greater Seal of Vitality

x 9

x 9

x 3

With these Runes, you will start with 530 HP and 48 AP (With an Amplifying Tome) - which isn't bad at all. This will make your Thundering Shuriken do more than 100 damage in lvl 1!

I know many people like /lvl Runes, but in TT games, which tend to last much less time, you will rarely get the full advantage.

The only reason why I take HP/lvl Seals is that they are better than flat HP already in lvl 5 - much more efficient than any other /lvl Rune.

But again - look to your own preferences before you look at mine!

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For Kennen, I focus on Magic Penetration and Ability Power, topped off with a sprinkle of Spell Vamp.

I like to start with a for the AP and a for longer lane sustain.

A is also viable for the more insecure Kennen - as well may most other common options. As long as they don't involve mana.

If you should happen to get First Blood or some assists, go back and grab a pair of - the extra speed really helps Kennen to line up those skill shots.

If not, just lane as usual and if forced to return or you die, buy your first and as much of as you can. If everything goes well, go back when you can afford the above. Hextech Revolver gives you a bit of survivability and makes blue pilling a much rarer occurance. I just love it.

Next on the list is your and . In any order you want. Rylai's Crystal Scepter for the much needed HP, the AP and the AoE slows, that will make chain stunning easy. Sorcerer's Shoes add a fair amount of damage output.

Always adapt your build order after the specific game you are in!

Anyways, that is basically the core and any further is very situational.

Summary of the Core Items


For added Damage and, of course, MS

For needed HP, AP and AoE slows.

Situational Items

for more POWARH

for the extra MS, AP and the nice proc, you will spam your abilities and your auto attacks actually pack a decent punch.

to make squishies' MR drop below 0 and give yourself a decent boost of MR.

for when you are focuses (moer than usual) and to get that nice Armor boost.

I didn't put it in the actual build because it is almost inevitable to die on TT and you (almost) never get THAT many kills. But if you seem to be getting good enoguh scores regularly, I wouldn't hesitate to include it in the build, since it gives such a huge bonus.

gives some more Spell Vamp and quite a bit of AP as an Aura - Almost a Must Buy if there is another AP Champion on your team. It is also very cheap for what it provides.

is a viable option to Sorcerer's Shoes if the opposing team has a lot of CC.

ought to be viable too - would help you spam Thundering Shurikens.

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Thou Shalt Play this Way.

Just Joking.

But I'll give you a few general guidelines:

Take top lane, if there isn't a better candidate - With his range Kennen can Zone and deny his enemy CS. And as you hit lvl 6, you can move to bottom lane much faster than your opponents would expect - granting you 2 easy kills if your team isn't sleeping.

Regarding Combos, here are some of the basics:

When entering a fight, it is nice to land a Thundering Shuriken on some body, then Lightning Rush in and Electrical Surge. That is 1 person stunned, then use your ult to stun the rest and apply a new Mark of the Storm on the first guy stunned. just spam your skills thereafter and stun as much as possible while dealing damage.

When sololaning, you should stay in the brush and wait for your prey (LAIK A NINJA-BAWS) - then Lightning Rush into someone coming close enough, then Electrical Surge and Thundering Shuriken in whatever order seems appropriate.

Basically, You have to mark an enemy with either Thundering Shuriken, Lightning Rush or Slicing Maelstrom and then follow up with the rest.

Electrical Surge is an easy way to stun, because unlike Thundering Shuriken and Lightning Rush you just have to be in range and it hits with 100 % certainty.

If you hit an enemy with the special buff on every 5th attack, and he gets Marked, it is a very good time to attack, you just have to Thundering Shuriken him and pop Electrical Surge and then you have plenty of time to close the gap and surprise-butt-sex him.

In time, you develop your own combos for different situations.

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Well, that was the guide for Kennen on TT.

Again, I made it because I see great potential in Kennen for TT play. There are other guides and Builds out there, that are much more suited for SR, I just wanted to make a guide, that incorporated Hextech Revolver, because it helps you so much in the fast-paced gameplay on TT.

Hope you find my build viable - please rate and comment, but please try the build first.

Also, if there is any wanted additions or stuff, I forgot - please say so!