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Team Guide by darkjavier

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League of Legends Build Guide Author darkjavier

Afraid of Teemo

darkjavier Last updated on March 13, 2013
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Chapter 1


Teemo is an assasin champion that I like the most due to its dangerous mushrooms and the chance to kill some slow players and low life ones. I've prepared myself this build by my huge gaming experience and by looking for masteries, skills, runes and items in LoL guides and this webpage.

Both make you able to resist, scape and kill. I'm so strict with them. I push "F" for "Exhaust" and sometimes for "Ignite", like the word "f***", mostly for ganking. "D" for teleport in mushrooms and easy ganking. It also helps you to return to your line fastly.

They let Teemo to make enemies be afraid of him. Attack is the most important thing, and then I've added obviously the ones related to the spells I recommend. Magic resistace and regeneration helps you to resist a bit more to put a mushroom and go to base to heal and purchase.

I have an order of preference of them.
1st Noxious trap
2nd Toxic shot
3rd Move quick
4th Blinding dart
If you follow this order, you'll make up the skill sequence I've suggested. Blinding dart at 10th level because people would think you can use it before this level, and they are spectful, but when they see you dont use it, at mid game, they get more confident (easier for Teemo to work the best) and you can use it, mainly in group.

Rune build
These runes are the best way to improve his stats: You gain afraidness with these three marks, you could avoid being killed in early-mid game thanks to the seals of resilience, when teemo is sometimes so weak, and you gain cooldowns to put faster mushrooms, become faster with Move quick if you have been touched (avoid it always to persist movement, but at the same time kill minors in a bit risky way to farm and get higher items), and blind targets at mid-late game and later with Blinding dart.

Item purchases
Press P fast when game is started and purchase every time you are back in base, prepare next item when you are moving to your desired position, and dont waste time at the beginning:
As fast as you can, open Attack->Damage and buy Dorans' sword. Then go back twice and purcase mana potion. Go fast to mid to let camouflage see your enemy and he/she doesn't. You can even meet your teammates to gank him and use exhaust. If you are up or down, same, but don't be risky.
the sequece of items is thought to end in:
1 Berserker's greaves
2 Madred's Bloodrazor
3 Stark's Fervor
4 Frozen mallet
5 Rabadon's Deathcup
6 Phantom Dancer
*(sell Doran's Blade for Rabadon's Deathcup and then Nahor's Tooth for Phantom Dancer if it's a long game or feeded one)

Early Game
Try to do as I said in items:
"As fast as you can, open Attack->Damage and buy Dorans' sword. Then go back twice and purcase mana potion. Go fast to mid to let camouflage see your enemy and he/she doesn't. You can even meet your teammates to gank him and use exhaust. If you are up or down, same, but don't be risky."
Get mid as it allows you more xp so you can get mushrooms faster. Once you get them you can choose to stay or swap with someone so you can put mushroom forests easier, up to you.
Attack minors onehit each, and poison rests and make some more damage. Make sure to kill yourself to get gold while poisoning. Put mushrooms, when there is a lot of minors together, in the middle of them, and hit te middle to let the mushroom explode. Put mushrooms in routes so frequented by enemies, but not for minors, so that you can get a mushroom landscape that could kill easily if you attract enemies to pass through the mushrooms.

Mid Game
From 20' to 40', Teemo use to be weaker if you play sa I'm saying, so you should be calm and not be too risky. If you get used to kill and you dont die, it could be the beginning of a teemo pr0 gameplay. Teemo become afraidful. You can look for ancient golem or steal it from enemies, its improvement is great for teemo.

Late Game
Teemo could be:
So dangerous: Try to push and kill one by one.
Feeder: You was so confident that your enemies are higher than you. Don't be sad, stay defensive and put some mushrooms separated but a bit near, near your team's towers easier to fall. Mushrooms would poison your enemies, make them move slower, and let the tower hot them. Your team and you would probably kill somebody.

General Tips
Keep your move quick on all the time but if it gets removed and you're worried about being focused very shortly, don't reapply it until you've flashed out of danger.

Always remember when shrooming forests that people tend to run towards bushes to escape, so put them there. Also people tend to cut corners so think where to put your mushroom, at the center of an entrance or not, just in case you want to see who passes through it, and it's your goal (I suggest it) or poison whatever the enemy's life is, if you can gank him/her. Ypu can use mushrooms to help your team teleport at its position.


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