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Thresh Build Guide by Admiral_Munson

Support Aggressive Thresh Guide - How2Dominate

Support Aggressive Thresh Guide - How2Dominate

Updated on January 22, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Admiral_Munson Build Guide By Admiral_Munson 15,627 Views 2 Comments
15,627 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Admiral_Munson Thresh Build Guide By Admiral_Munson Updated on January 22, 2018
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Font of Life
Second Wind

Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
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Yo yo yo what's poppin. I'm Admiral a Thresh main from the best f*ckin region aka NA. I've got 470,000 xp on Thresh which means I know what I'm f*ckin talkin' about so listen up.

I'm sick and tired of seeing all these clowns in low elo and even high elo doing a bunch of stupid sh*t with my champion. Y'all keep missing easy hooks, f*cking up flays, not landing the box (how is this possible???), making your ADC miss minions (OK OK I do this too) blah blah blah if there's a f*ckup you guys haven't done let me know because I've f*ckin seen it all

So I'm taking time out of my day, and believe me my time is valuable, to give y'all a little lesson in how to play AGGRESSIVE Thresh and dominate every lane you play in -- except against Zyra cause she outdamages every adc lol.

So lets get into it boiiiiiiiis
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hahahahahahahaha get runes reforged b*tch
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Aftershock: the most OP rune in the game by FAR. I've had games where I've done 2k damage + just with this f*ckin rune plus a ton of damage mitigated because it gives you a ton of armor and MR after engaging. Don't be a f*ckin clown with that guardian or grasp of the undying bullsh*t. You're not the adc so you don't need to heal off autos and you're not f*ckin Janna so don't get discount ardent. Get this

Font of Life: another OP af rune. Whoa big f*ckin surprise. Riot breaking the game by adding a bunch of busted runes. woohooo but hey you're Thresh supp so you take advantage of that sh*t and f*ckin own it. I've had games where adcs heal over 1k with this. It's bonkers and will help a lot in engages where you're throwing down in botlane or whatever. Get this too

Conditioning: It's not great but hey it makes you tanky af and you're gonna need that sh*t come lategame especially if you're against a comp with a lot of poke (ziggs, syndra, ezreal, caitlyn etc)

Second Wind: As my boi whateverhisnameis (can't remember, he's a good dude though) says, "Second Wind is Doran's Shield passive in a rune". It's f*ckin broken as f*ck. Like you can stay in lane for so long, with no potions -- unless you're bronze and int -- and at full hp because of how much healing this sh*t gives you. Keep wondering when its getting nerfed lmao

Don't get Overgrowth, you're not going to Live In Lane for 30 minutes and revitalize is worthless because your lantern shields for 5 f*ckin damage anyway. ez pz


For your other runes you got two options, and they're both pretty viable. One is to go sorcery and the other is inspiration


Manaflow Band: You use a f*ckton of mana in lane its not even funny. Especially at low elo because your adc prolly has problems or somesh*t and is constantly standing in poke range. Like I had an MF in a game a few days ago who would constantly get rooted because she wasn't using her passive. And I was like "What the f*ck are you doing b*tch???" guess what? I carried that sh*t because I had manaflow band. Could actually fish a ton of GOD HOOKS and sh*t so she could ks a bunch of kills and win the f*ckin game. A+ bby

Ultimate Hat and Nullifying Orb are bad on Thresh. You should be tanky enough not to need a tiny tim of a shield to peel etc etc. Ultimate hat is a good rune but it's better used on champions who need it for pumping out a lot of damage like Heimerdinger, Ziggs, Ekko and other champions I don't play haha

Celerity: Don't really like this rune because the "extra AP or AD based on your bonus MS" is f*ckin TRASH even if you got mobi's (which you may or may not need). Literally 5 bonus AD from ionian, merc treads, and ninja tabi. 7(?) from mobis. Wow. Whoop de f*cking doo. Gonna go tickle Elmo with that sh*t with how much damage THAT does hueheueheueheuheheu. That said, the 3% movement - used to be 5% before riot realized how broken that is - speed you get is too good to pass up. And bonus! unlike Waterwalking, you don't have to live in the f*ckin river to use it.


If the 5% spell, item, and summoner cdr plus mad mana regen you get from your (4) biscuits doesn't inspire you I don't know what f*cking will.

Biscuit Delivery: Only go this if you're running Ancient Coin which I've been doing lately because as the saying goes, "more money, no problems". F*ckin right, I had a game where I earned more gold than my f*ckin adc. Ka-ching ka-ching b*tch. It synchronizes very well with coin and combined with the mana regen you get from it and the rune, it works the same as Manaflow Band

Cosmic Insight: 45% CDR is too fun to pass up. Get this when you're down to get jiggy with it
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Death Sentence - Lets you hook people
Dark Passage - Lets you lantern people
Flay - Lets you flay people
The Box - Lets you box people

If you need more explanation look it up. I'm not the damn wiki page
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LANE PHASE (0-15 minutes)

Here is what I want you to do while in lane listed from most important to least:

1. Constantly fish hooks. Not so much that you run out of mana 5 min (unless you secure a kill or two then you're basically BunnyFuFuu) but enough to remind the enemies that there is another support in the lane. You'll probably miss most of them, I do when I lag (xDDDDDD), but when you hit one you might be able to follow up and do some good sh*t

TIP: Just because you hit a hook does not mean you should go in on it. This is ESPECIALLY the case when laning against some b*tch like Zyra or a bruiser like Urgot. Yeah Urgot support, its a thing

2. Hug your adc harder than yo momma. Will help shield some damage in poke lanes - i.e. Lulu or Ashe - and makes it much easier to keep hookers like Leona or other tanky/cc based supports like Taric off of them. Did you know you can flay Leona out of her Zenith Blade? Because you can!

This is also useful in protecting against any jungler with invis, especially Kha'Zix and even junglers without as long as they have a jump/dash like Lee Sin or Jax

3. Don't f*ck up their CS. Once upon a time, when I was a noob and didn't know what the f*ck I was doing, I constantly took CS from my adc when my relic/targon's wasn't up. So for all you f*ckwits out there let me make this very clear, GAMES ARE WON AND LOST ON HOW MUCH GOLD YOU EARN. You need GOLD to buy items to do damage. If you're constantly f*cking up your adc's CS I hope they flame the f*ck out of you because you may think you're helping (look at me I'm pushing the lane!!!) when you're not. Bronze trash

TIP: It's OK to hit minions once in a while because you're bored out of your mind and need something to whip but try to take as little CS as possible otherwise.

4. WARD. I would make the text bigger because for all the mongoloids who don't do this but I can't. I realize this section may seem ironic because I didn't recommend "SIGHTSTONE SECOND ITEM" and opted for CDR but its really not. Plop down a Control Ward wherever you and your laner are spending the most time. If its in the middle of the lane, put it in the river (or the bush). If its shoved under your tower, place it in the jungle bush. If its under their tower, either the tribush or the river is fine.

TIP: Get a scanner level 9 and a sweeping trinket by about level 6 or so. If you aren't being camped you shouldn't need the vision the default trinket (idk what its called lol) provides.

5. M-A-P A-W-A-R-E-N-E-S-S. This is for you bronzies. There is a big world outside of botlane, so look at the motherf*cking map once in a while (this means every 15 seconds). That's what its there for. If you don't look at the map you're missing opportunities for plays left right and center. You might as well play with your monitor off if you're not going to help. Or perhaps you are already doing that?

No wonder several million people are in Bronze 1 or below. Jesus

6. Make plays. This is a bit more advanced than landing a hook, ZOOOOMING onto your quarry, and obliterating them with Aftershock. What I'm talkin about is getting some combos off on those b*tches. Death Sentence, Dark Passage, Flay, and The Box is one of them. I, being a MASTERY 7 Thresh, have pulled this off dozens of times. Another one would be the famous Bunny Hop, but that's some pretty advanced sh*t, even for me.

Got it? If so then thank f*ckin god. You're ready for midgame
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MIDGAME (15-30 minutes)

This is the part of the game where no one knows what the f*ck to do and jerks off for 10 minutes

Take advantage of this to secure objectives (towers, drag(s), and maybe rift herald if you're needed) so you can win in the next 5 minutes in a stomp. 40 minute games are stressful!
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LATEGAME (25-55 minutes)

In late game you have one goal - aside from cc - VISION CONTROL.

If you and your team don't know where the enemies are when you're trying to fight you might as well turn your monitors off and sip tea for the remainder of the game. You need to know where people are at any given time whenever you are fighting. Place wards around the area where you expect some sh*t to go down, i.e. Baron (they don't all have to be in bushes), and use your scanner to clear any enemy wards to deny them vision.

Throw your lantern to check bushes that 1) you don't have wards for or 2) are too dangerous to check with a ward or scanner. DO NOT FACECHECK BUSHES

That leads me to my second point about endgame. Avoid getting caught out as much as possible. While you don't do much damage (unless you have Guardian Angel and then you're a real motherf*cker) your CC is essential to engaging, getting picks, or winning fights especially if the game is one of those tight af 40 minute slogs. Remember to peel for your adc, unless they're one of those morons who sucked in lane because they facecheck bushes

TIP: Don't peel for morons
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Give this guide an upvote if you liked it. If we get 5 upvotes I might even take time out to format this sh*t correctly lol

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