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Ahri Build Guide by KikoHyuuga

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KikoHyuuga

Ahri Pocket Guide ~KikoHyuuga

KikoHyuuga Last updated on February 28, 2015
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This Pocket Guide Summary about one of my favourite champions, Ahri, and subjects.
This is a pokect guide because it's a small guide for begginers with Ahri(not for ranked i guess so)
Ahri is a very good champion, mainly in the Middle Lane and she has very great abilities and builds, with good harassment. Like I said it's a small guide but i hope it helps you understand how to use Ahri a little bit better. I you like to know, my Ahri skin is Midnight and Challenger.
If you didn't read Ahri lore yet you can read it here:

Spoiler: Click to view

My first guide don't forget to vote if you like it c:

Have Fun! :D

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Pros / Cons

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Using Ahri you can use this four spells, most of times you shold use Ignite and Flash, Ignite will help you to kill enemys that are trying to escape from you, and Flash too, and to escape from your enemys.
If jungling use Smite and if you dont have enough level use Ghost instead of Flash.

Spells like Heal, Clairvoyance, Garrison and Cleanse don't work very well with Ahri...
But if you like Teleport and Clarity are not bad at all with her ^_^

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Masterys and Runes

As you can see, Ahri masterys consist in 9 in utility and 21 in offense. Utility is great for Ahri mana and healt regeneration and for cooldown reduction. Offense masterys consist in AP and cooldown reduction too. If you like you can put her 9 utility in defense but it's not recommended. You can also switch Dangerous Game by Double-Edged Sword .
Ahri runes cover her squishy nature, her hungriness for mana and gives her more AP and Mana Regen. Quint of Ability Power is very important for Ahri.

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Early Game

~If you don't need 2x Doran's Ring you can buy only one, but Doran's Ring has a very good passive(+ 4 mana for killing a unit)and it gives a good ability power amount for the beggining, and btw it's very cheap. Buy as many Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation(or health potions) as you like, i usually buy 4x, and try not to waist too much gold on them.

Mid Game

~If you want, you can sell one of the Doran's Ring, and you can only buy like 2x Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation or health potions. Kindlegem because you'll need extra life and of corse a cooldown reduction and it's a cheap item. Morellonomicon for more ability power, less cooldown and a bigger mana regeneration.
With the Seeker's Armguard you can gain more ability power and more armor, if you're fighting in the midle lane an ap champion try to buy an iten like Negatron Cloak. Sheen for AP and mana. I also recommend you to buy Void Staff. Kindlegem can be replaced by Fiendish Codex for cooldown and AP.

Late Game

~Sell the Doran's Ring for gold and buy the Liandry's Torment for more ap, health and magic penetration(you can sell Kindlegem to). Buy the Rabadon's Deathcap, it's a great iten, it gives a lot of AP and aditional 30% of your total AP.
Abyssal Mask for defense and AP. You can sell Sheen and Seeker's Armguard if you have extra gold to buy the Void Staff. You can also build Seeker's Armguard into Zhonya's Hourglass. Sorcerer's Shoes is a great item to.

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How to farm with Ahri??:

~When the enemy is not around use only your basic attacks
~If you have Doran's Ring don't forget: When a minion is with a low health "steal" your minions the enemy minions kills to win extra mana
~DON'F FORGET TO PUT WARDS, it's very important mainly in the mid lane, we never know when the enemy team jungler may appear
~When the enemy champ is near is minions, harass him with basic attacks and with Orb of Deception as much as you can but don't forget: don't waist all your mana, save it till you are level 6.

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~You'll see Charm in most of Ahri's combos because this abilitie is very important for Ahri, it gives her a bonus magic damage of 20% and increases her Orb of Deception true damage.

~This is the most Ahri basic combo, and the one you'll use the most till you reach level 6. You use Charm first to get the extra damage, you'll have to be quick in this combo. Then you use Orb of Deception and right then you use Fox-Fire. It's very important that all your attacks attack during Charm effect.

~This is another basic combo to use when you reach the level 6. First, use Spirit Rush to confuse your enemy, and right then use Charm. We will get in the charm effect. Right after that use Spirit Rush twice in a row to get the bonus magic damage effect. This combo is better is minions are not around because with minions Spirit Rush deals less damage to the enemy champion.
~First use charm to get the bonus. Right then use Spirit Rush in a triangle shape. When you use all your Spirit Rush you'll see that you are in the same place you were at the begining. Then use Flash backwards to run away. I like to use this combo when Ahri is almost dying because it's very unlikely that an enemy champ will manage to attack you when you are spelling Spirit Rush.
~First use Charm to get the bonus. Then use Spirit Rush in a triangle shape. During the Spirit Rush use Fox-Fire. I really like Fox-Fire in this combo because you don't need to do anything, you just click on W and the enemy will be attacked by Fox-Fire. You'll only get the Charm bonus in the spirit rush because and sometimes in the Fox-Fire because this combo takes longer and needs more spells that the others. When you finish your triangle shape with Spirit Rush use Orb of Deception. If you can use Charm then use it to get bonus in Orb of Deception! If the enemy is almost dying, use Ignite if you like because he'll probably run away from you.

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Patch 5.2

Ahri's abilities have been changed in the last patch. I'll fix the guide later(combos mainly).

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Ability ,Technics and Tatics.


Mid Lane, with harassment(mainly on melee champions)(PS: Keep distance between you and your enemy, try to use Orb of Deception to scary your enemy. If he goes away farm as much as possible)
I personally like to evolve charm instead of fox-fire because charm gives orb of deception a lot of damage but you can evolve fox fire first if you don't like charm.

Abilities and Spells

Intimidate your enemy with Orb of Deception, when you have a free path leading to him, use Charm, and then Orb of Deception followed by Fox-Fire to win the adictional magic damage.
In team fight cases use Orb of Deception to attack multiple enemys and Charm followed by other spells when you have a empty path trough one of the enemys.
Use your Ahri's ultimate Spirit Rush to attack multiple champions, it's very good for escapes because it works as 3 flashes with damage ^^!
Use Ignite when the enemy is with a low health percentage, that way if he escapes he will get the ignite burn effect and he will die during the escape. Use Flash to run away from a fight or to kill an enemy that is trying to recall or to escape.
Use Ahri (great ability) Essence Theft only on minion hordes(with an enemy champion on it using Orb of Deception. You will heal a great amount of life thanks to the pull back. Don't use this ability with the other Ahri spells.

~Hope you liked it, KikoHyuuga ^^
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