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Ahri Build Guide by Ninja Trigger

Ahri The Dominion Dominance Carry

Ahri The Dominion Dominance Carry

Updated on November 21, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ninja Trigger Build Guide By Ninja Trigger 8,868 Views 6 Comments
8,868 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ninja Trigger Ahri Build Guide By Ninja Trigger Updated on November 21, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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More Ahri Runes

First Build

This is my first build so please leave constructive criticism, I will also give credit to any advice that cause's me to change or edit something in this build, just because there is something you don't agree with doesn't mean the build is bad if you could glean just one idea that makes your game better, then this Guide has done it's job. Happy playing and God Bless
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Introduction To Total Dominion Dominance

When it comes to soloing bottom lane or rushing top, Ahri offers the CC and damage like a pro With her Charm you can help single out an enemy champ top lane, or use it to abuse and poke bottom lane. Ahri is an excellent choice for a dominion champion. I don't claim to be a professional or that this guide will make you a better player, but I do hope that you will read it and get a better understanding of how to use Ahri. I made this guide to better my games and hopefully the games of others
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Your First Buy

When I start at base for the first time, my first buy will be a Prospector's Ring, Boots and Two potions, depending on where I'm going decides what kind of potions I buy, if I'm going top lane I pick up two Mana Potion so that I can be little aggressive and burn down my opponents. Ahri is very Mana hungry early and mid game so this helps me be aggressive early game top lane.
If my team wants me to go bottom lane I pick up two Health Potion, or if I'm confident against the enemies team comp one of each works great. At first playing bottom I'm more concerned about playing defense then going aggressive without my team backing me up.
As of lately I find my self hitting more of my skill shots early game and have been buying health pots instead, if you are new to Ahri the Mana pots helps out till you get your aim down
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Pros / Cons

+Very aggressive if played right
+Good Kiting
+Very high early game damage output
+Excellent Ult for escapes
+Decent CC
+Great at minion farming
-Super Squishy and often first targeted in team fights
-Very Mana hungry early game needs to make early shots count!!!
-Powerful early game but weak end game
-Very limited when Ult is on Cool down
-Needs early game kills for uttermost usefulness
-Skill shot Charm makes or breaks early game
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Summoner Spells

Lets see why I don't use Flash with Ahri on dominion, don't get me wrong but Flash is very useful ability. With Ahri's ult Spirit Rush I just don't see it as useful as other abilities,

This ability is very useful in dominion for so many reasons, it allows you to chase down the enemy champions, get from one place to another faster and with the mastery Summoner's Wrath gets a little extra speed buff.

Ignite is good because of the Summoner's Wrath mastery, it helps makes Ahri aggressive when she needs to be, and ensure kills, it also helps secure a kill on Tryndamere when he use's Undying Rage

again it's a great spell to use helps positions for ganks, getting away, chasing, and for getting in the right spot for Charm over all a great spell if you don't like Ghost

Ahri doesn't benefit from the extra attack speed, and I haven't really messed around with it
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Ahri Tips and Tricks and Combos

If there is any part of this guide to read this is it I will be consistently updating with new tricks, combos and things you can do to keep opponents on there toes when fighting against Ahri.

Your basic combo is going to be Charm~~ Orb of Deception~~ Fox-Fire and then if you want Ignite

Trick number one, know the range on your Charm
unlike other skill shots like Nidalee Javelin Toss
Charm Travels really fast and has a higher chance of hitting the target, however both are blocked by minions and are easily countered if missed! here are a few tricks on landing your Foxy Charm
1, Throw Charm from a bush
2. Wait just below the tower inside the fog of war, just a little of to the side exactly where the enemy cant see you and wait for them to start catching your turret quickly position yourself and then throw Charm just as you enter range, try to get under the turret and finish your combo
3 If you decide to use Flash you can stay behind your minions, or turret quickly use Flash to get over, past, around, etc your minions/ turret use Charm then your combo and burst them down, the only risk here is missing your Charm if you miss you are in major danger, the point of this is to make the enemy think he is outside the range of your Charm when he feels safe you quickly leave your safety zone via Flash,you put yourself in range of all of his attacks! but quickly land your Charm before he even knew what hit him, do this by readying your charm just before the Flash I will try to get videos of this later

About Orb of Deception
A few tricks you can do with it
everybody knows this so I don't know why I'm posting it, but your Orb only does true damage on its way back, True damage is damage that ignores the targets armor and magic resist!!! so if the enemy is building heavy Magic resist make sure you hit them with the Orbs return you can do this by a number of ways, listed below

1.Just by changing your characters direction the Orb will follow, not by lot but it just might give you that extra hit.

2.Running backwards may help you land that extra hit if the enemy champion engaged you in a fight just after using Orb of Deception

3.You can use Flash or Ghost to change the Orb's direction drastically with Flash being the better of the two

More to come later
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Late Game items

There really isn't much of a core item build other then Hextech Revolver and Rabadon's Deathcap your starting items are what help you ealry game, boots should always be Situational, if the other team is CC Magic Stun AP heavy get Mercury's Treads if you like more cool down get Ionian Boots of Lucidity but for most games I am happy with my Sorcerer's Shoes I get a Hextech Revolver right after I get my boots it's added ability power helps but it's spell vamp really goes with Ahri Passive Essence Theft After that I start building up a Rabadon's Deathcap for it's massive buff on AP, then the last two items don't happen a whole lot in dominion because dominion games are normally over in under 20 minutes. so they are completely Situational if the other team is building high on Magic Resit get a Void Staff if your being targeted first and losing team fights start building Rylai's Crystal Scepter other items to consider

The Guardian Angel gives you magic resist and a second chance, what could be better then a second chance

The Quicksilver Sash Magic resist and a good and usable active that can really help late game

The Chalice of Harmony Very good for it's extra ability power Mana regen and Magic resist
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Okay now it's time we talk about your runes

For marks Greater Mark of Magic Penetration Early and late game Magic pen is what you need

For seals Greater Seal of Armor a little strange for Ahri to have a more tanky rune but she is super squishy, and she already has high AP, and the extra armor really makes a difference,

For Glyphs Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power why not flat runes let do a little math here and pull out the calculator, you start Dominion at level three so that's 0.51 AP right there you start leveling before the game even start's, so gap between 3-4 is very short, by the time your level 6 is exactly when you want to start being aggressive you have 1.2 AP and from level 8 upwards they have better benefits then flat runes. I also take one Greater Quintessence of Ability Power to make up for early AP

I don't stack Quintessences for this build and here's why. Ahri has great AP but I take one Greater Quintessence of Potency size to Make up for the AP I'm not getting from early game flat runes.

Then I use 2 Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed Just because Ahri already has enough AP with this build and because the cool down on her Ult was just recently nerfed she need's the extra movement speed to get out of the way of enemy skill shots and to get from place to place with ease
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Team Work

Ahri is super Squishy and needs a good team to fall back on, and need's someone else to start and engage most team fights, however the Range on her Charm is good enough to try to engage just stay on the safe side of your team. Watch out for getting accused of kill stealing with her Fox-Fire but then again I see kill stealing more of Kill Secured anyway, besides you want Ahri to be fed, just don't take kill's from Ashe or other Champions that are more Kill dependent then you, Ahri dose okay with a late game score of 3/3/3 then some one playing Ashe would do with the same score. Ahri can solo Bottom lane like a pro, or help secure team fights and win any chase with her Ult Spirit Rush and Ghost
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until you get to about level 8 and get your Hextech Revolver just try to get last hits on minions, after 8 you can start clearing waves of them with your Orb of Deception just make sure the orb hits them twice and you will be raking in the gold
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Match Ups and strategies

I will try to get a quick bio on every Champion so check back often for updates

Most of this will apply to bottom lane, or when for some reason you meet the other team 1v1

Ashe Is one of the easiest or hardest match up's for Ahri to take down just stay outside the range of her Volley wait for her to fire it and get ready for your Charm combo, very good to do early game when the cool down on her Volley is still long, you have to beat her early game or else she will kite you, and if she's to much of a problem late game save your ult Spirit Rush just to get out of her Frost Shot when she inevitable targets you

Ahri Nothing like going up against yourself, basic rule of thumb is if you can hit her she can definitely, and will definitely hit you, the goal here is to play smarter not harder, let her come to you, not the other way around, after level 6 you can start being a little more aggressive this is when Flash followed by a Charm can work wonders

Heimerdinger Will almost always on dominion go bottom or stay at top turret as a guard, this is one of the hardest solo's Ahri can go against in dominion,
since he wont be out in the open, you have to try to lure him out to fight him, all you can really do is poke him when he walks to the edge of the turret, while trying to stay out side the range of is turrets. Just land your Charm and poke him down until help arrives

Diana is one champion that you don't want to up against, just the way her abilities work means she can counter almost all of your combos, she can use her Moonfall to ruin your Spirit Rush, or can use her Crescent Strike to land her ult twice, you need to play really conservative when playing against her. She is one champ that is really hard to play aggressive with at the beginning of the round, just stay behind your minions know the range on her Crescent Strike, and wait for a gank, try building Magic penetration and magic resist, also she will try to hit you though walls with her Crescent Strike so stay more on the outside of the dominion ring, Picture coming soon

More Champions to come later
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Edits to the guide

made a edit to rune page 8/12/2012 thanks to quigonquinn1 for the editing code idea
made a edit to the Ashe match up section and added Diana to the math ups 9/11/2012

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