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Akali General Guide by jackie

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jackie

Akali a pros guide to one shoting people

jackie Last updated on June 14, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Wave your hands like you just dont care!!

ok to start we have to know akali has a weak early game! But with boots and pots you should be fine if you just keep moving, your q will allow easy cs and even if youre being harassed, the most important thing is to farm up for that gunblade and making level 6. if youre facing someone you dont know how to deal with just at the very least stay in lane get what cs you can and try not to die before level 6!

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Always get Gunblade!~~

gunblade first! it gives you lifesteal and spellvamp! op for anyone... and that slow will help you make alot of kills... after level 6 the gunblade and shoes will make you kill most squishy or low health characters. Remember to gank other lanes, mainly ones that are pushed... as akali with flash dont hesitate turret diving someone if they're health is very low, but dont dive unless youre sure you will survive! dying is not fun... (unless theyre one shot away then just go for it! if they dont get the gold no one yells at you)

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after you get some ap we do the spam-ca-ru! we go q-r-auto-r-e-auro-q-r-auto and obviously they should be dead... if theyre not youre hitting the wrong person :D

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your job is to make everyone get mr! you kill the tanks, you kill the adcs, you kill everyone you can reach with your R which has a HUGEEEEE range!!! at late game remember to wait for your tanks to go in first (unless you got all your items then just sick them) dont forget to put down w for that invisible, armor and mr... also dont forget to use that hourglass!!! As for your gunblade, the slow is useful... but save it unless they have an escape... like if they're ez of kass (but try not to chase kass his r is every 3 secs with 40% cd...)

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some annoying people will get wards or oracle... oracle is easy to deal with... just kill them :D but pink wards are annoying! they give vision and are fairly cheap... just stay away from those and try to pick people off... dont attack tanks when you can be seen and rush hourglass when you can... sometimes you might change hourglass into guardian angel but i prefer the extra damage and static... seeing as your q is 3 secs the hourglass will allow you one more proc which will usually kill someone :D

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Item reasoning

gunblade: every akali gets gunblade... theres just no replacing this item, its amazing! gives attack which turns into spell-vamp with your passive, gives spell-vamp which is already spell-vamp and gives a lifesteal which is always needed O.O with gunblade and abit of ap akali can heal to almost full health from minions like wrath and golems
Nashor: I get nashor's second because of the cd... i usually do fairly well in games with akali so instead of the extra damage i rather that cd for my ult! also that 15% ap per hit is not a bad way to kill off your enemies, however if you need more burst damage or are not doing well you need to get deathcap second, since deathcap is... well deathcap lol
Deathcap: dude... its deathcap... get it...
Sorcerer's Shoes: shoes op dude... the magic pen and extra movement speed is all you will need, but get this as late as possible since you have a huge range in your R and a slow with gunblade running people down is not really what its for... but for escaping shoes are awesome! so you need it!! NEEEED IT!!!!! (i usually get it after deathcap if im doing good or after deathcap AND sheen but if youre having trouble get it after gunblade)
Lich bane: lichbane and deathcap are what helps you do most of your damage! together theyre an unstoppable force, that can burst down anyone and anything... just remember that if youre killing a tank... check before hand that he/she's ALONE!!! cause you are viable to get burst down.
This last slot is for defense items... so whatever you think you need to survive! usually i use Zhonyas because people tend to target me in the middle of a fight and zhonyas throws everyone off! i like this over guardian angel because well... people just wait for you to come back to life and kill you if you have angel which is kind of useless since the cd is so long! you can replace this item with banshee or abyssal or if youre REALLY aggressive Void staff.. i dont recommend rylai because extra health is not REALLY defensive! you can use it as an offensive item but you already have gunblade for a slow! do you really need another? it doesnt do enough damage to be put higher up in the order and doesnt have any advantages over other items late game like banshee of zhonya, although i WOULD recommend it if youre not the main carry... in which case you wont be targeted by every stun and god knows what else... but come on! who we joking? youre Akali... youre gona be the main carry... so yea no rylais... (rylais work well with other items such as abyssal but thats an entirely different way of playing! as akali i dont believe in tanky but rather alot alot of spell vamp for sustain! as long as your cds are off and you're not stuned you will survive on spell vamp only if necessary)


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