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Akali Build Guide by shadow ranger

AP Carry akali AP mid: how to be stronk!!

AP Carry akali AP mid: how to be stronk!!

Updated on March 21, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author shadow ranger Build Guide By shadow ranger 1,828 Views 1 Comments
1,828 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author shadow ranger Akali Build Guide By shadow ranger Updated on March 21, 2013
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Hey and Welcome to my guide on akali.
First of all akali is a great assassin with allot of burst.
This makes her very strong vs adc's or squishy apc mids or supports.
But behind this burstyness is a weak vulnerable girl, this is what most people forget when playing akali.
I will update the skill sequence and spells, etc later! hope you enjoy this build so far!
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Skill Sequence

So the rape burst is like this
> > > Repeat this combo if needed.
When you are performing this combo and you find yourself in a harsh position, you can use Twilight shroud to get some cover meanwhile.

If the target is too far away for Mark of the assassin then open with Shadow dance.
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Summoners spells

I usually take Flash and Ignite for simple reasons
    1.Handy escape
    2.Good to follow up for a kill
    3.Can be used to escape over walls
1. Getting a kill early game
2. Securing kills
3. Reduces healing
Another good choice is Exhaust, its good at shutting down your opponent.
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Akali's ability's

Lets begin with Akali's passive
Twin Disciplines:It simply makes your autoattacks do magic damage scaling on your AP and it makes your ability's heal you for a % of the amount of dmg done. The % scales on your AD.
Mark of The Assassin:This is your main dmg and harras use this when its off cooldown. It works like this: you throw the mark at the enemy, after it hitted it will remain on the target for 6 sec, if you hit the enemy with an autoattack or crescent slash the mark will "explode" and deal TONS of damage. this is why we max the ability first.
Twilight shroud: This is an amazing skill, this shroud can be used for zoning, for more tankyness mid-fight or to escape a gank. It simply places a circle on the ground, if akali enters the circle she will become invisibru(invisible)and she will gain extra MR(Magic Resist) and armor. A good tactic with the shroud is to place it when you know you are going to get stunned or feared etc... If you place it fast enough you will be invisible during the cc.
Crescent Slash: Simply an aoe dmg ability that can proc your mark wich is very good, we max this second because of the CDR(Cooldown Reduction) and the dmg.
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Good things to know as Akali

First of all, you are NOT the tank.... You do not engage a teamfight. It is very important for you to stay alive in a teamfight, because you will be focused. So if you get focused then items like Zhonya's hourglass come in handy.

Another thing is:Stuns RAPE akali, if you get stunned in a fight then there's 99% chance you die. So be aware of that!

As Akali your main job is to take out the enemy carry's asap!!!!
League of Legends Build Guide Author shadow ranger
shadow ranger Akali Guide
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akali AP mid: how to be stronk!!

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