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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Eavezz

Akali - Balanced build MAX POWAH

Eavezz Last updated on May 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Discalimer: This is my way to build Akali, and it is by no means ment to troll other builds. I'm a good Akali player, not anywhere near pro though - but that doesn't keep me away from sharing my knowledge with you!

READ ME: This guide will focus on itemization on Akali and her gameplay. I expect you have some knowledge of her abilities, and I will teach you how to reach her maximum potential.

Hello and welcome to this Akali guide, showing you how to build Akali for great usage of all her potential. I've read many guides about Akali, but I felt they all missed that little thing to be complete. So here is my opinion on the best balanced build for Akali.

Use this build as guideline to your gameplay and adapt to your opponents team-setup.

This is my first guide, so it is not perfect by any means, but I hope it is helpfull for you - leave a comment to let me know.

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24-04-2011 - Fixed typos
24-04-2011 - Added pictures
24-04-2011 - Added link to video for Akali gameplay
24-04-2011 - Added a new section: "Gameplay"
25-04-2011 - Changed the talent tree slightly (Moved 1 point from Burning Embers to Tenacity - the other build is still viable)
26-04-2011 - Changed title of the guide

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Pros / Cons

- Great allround build.
- Great nuke
- Good tower pusher
- Great usage of Akali's passive. (More procs on auto attack)
- Awesome ganker
- And enjoyable gameplay.

- Squishy
- A full AP build may have a slightly better nuke

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There is not much to say about the runes.
- AP Glyphs and Quints to increase damage and trigger passive in level 1.
- Dodge Seals for syngergy with masteries (Can be replaced with flat health seals)
- Marks for the much needed MR pen.

A second rune set for Akali could include some attack damage. This will trigger her passive with spell vamp. It allows Akali to start off with Amp tome or boots. I recommend this if you have a lot of AD runes and not many of the other, or simply if you prefer to have boots from the start.

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I've chosen to go for the 10/20/0 build. Another viable build, is to drop the improved Ignite and get Tenacity, the last skill in the defensive line for more survivability.

So if you are going for Exhaust instead of Ignite as summoner spell, 9/21/0 is a more viable build for Akali.

I feel these are some of the only builds where Akali makes use of almost every mastery point spend.

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Summoner Spells

I see Ignite and Flash as the best summoner skills on Akali by far.

- Giving you that extra burst to take down the enemy and get the firstblood. It is also very usefull for dropping Mundo, Soraka, Fiddle or any other champion with heals.

- This is your main spell for surviving. In conjunction with your Twillight Shroud you should be able to get out of almost any situations. It has saved me numerous of times.

- Even though Akali doesn't need the slow to chase, when she has Rylai's, exhaust is still pretty awesome. It can give you the advantage in a 2v1 situation, and it also free you for the mastery point in Ignite, so you can use it to get Tenacity in the defensive line.

- This spell is about personal preferences. I never uses it, as I think there are more viable spells.

Ghost and Cleanse also have their usefullness, but Akali doesn't need them nearly as much as some of the other spells.

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Skill Sequence

Akali's skill sequence depends on the situation she's in.
But a normal sequance would go like this: -> wait a bit for CD -> -> Auto Attack -> ->
- and from there on it is very situational, whether you have to burn some Ults or just keep chasing with Q/E and auto attack. Drop Shroud for the slow/defensive purposes, if needed. Or save it for escaping.

When initiating, try to Q your target and wait as long as the situation allows you for the cooldown to finish. Initiate with R right after, proc the Q, use Q, proc again, etc.

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If you want some tips and tricks to play Akali, go watch some of Westrice's videos. Even though he build her a bit different, the gameplay is still the very same.

Laning level 1-6

Level 1-2: Akali is not a very strong laner before she gets her spells and some items. So in level 1-2 you can't do much else than focus lasthitting some creeps.

Level 3: When you have your in level 2, you can start harass more effectively. You should keep focus on last hitting the minions though, since early gold will have a HUGE impact on your mid-game.

Level 4-5: Your will help you to prevent your lane to be pushed hard (If you are playing against good or desent pusher). Otherwise just keep harassing your opponent(s) and get ready for a kill in level 6.

Level 6: If your opponent(s) aren't playing very catious and you have dropped them somewhat with your harassment, you should go for a kill. Go instantly when you hit level 6, if you are positioned quiet nicely(They wont manage to pull back after realizing you'd hit level 6), or wait for one more charge on .

Mid game: If you have done well in the laning phase, this is where Akali will shine. She will be a very dominant factor, who can easily jump a squishy in a 1v2, get the kill and escape. Focus on ganking, and farm whenever you aren't ganking. Don't towerdive just to get one kill and then die yourself. The (30?) seconds of respawning, mid game, is wasted farm time = wasted experience and gold. But if it's a champion with a 10/0/x score with a bounty on 1000 gold, I would go for it ;-).

End game: This is when Akali will have a hard time. Try to find you target and focus it down fast. As long as the enemy team don't have oracle or vision wards you are quiet safe, allowing you to jump in, get their squishy (Ashe/Teemo?) and Shroud + Flash out. You must NEVER be the first to initiate. Also, try to pick a range target - this will leave you out of all their CC. Use hit and run tactic - go in, damage your target(s) as long as it is safe for you, then retreat.

If you are bad postioned in the beginning of the teamfight, you can use 2 to get to their squishy. Also, try to use your energy with care. You want to have max nuke, as fast as possible, but you don't want to find yourself with energy for your . Try to find to balance yourself - but for me, I try not to burn all my energy with nor drop too fast, to both be unable to kill my target (due to lack of energy) and find it on cooldown when I get focused.

BONUS - How to use effectively

Your has many uses, and it is especially great to gain the advantage in your lane.
Throw your BEHIND or ON TOP of the enemy creep wave. Be fast to mark your opponent with . If they chose to turn around and run close to you, hit them and trigger the mark for some nice damage. If they chose to stay behind, focus on last hit your creeps the 8 seconds you have. Preventing your opponent from farming creeps or even gain experience is HUGE in the laning phase.

Bait your opponent's abilities: Are you laning against Miss Fortune? Throw your behind the enemy creeps (as explained above) and stand on the outer edge of it. Miss Fortune's has exactly the same radio as your shroud, and she will in many cases throw it ontop of your shroud. Move out instantly to avoid taking any or too much damage. Watch how MF will waste her mana on the failed abilities. Same applies to champions like Mordekaiser, Brand, Mundo's axes, Nidalee's spears and any other champions with skillshot/AoE damaging spells.

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Start off with Doran's Blade to trigger Akali's second passive with spell vamp.

Buy boots and pots on your first return to the base. Depending on your farm and lane situation, you can chose to finish your Merc treads, build your Hextech Revolver or even start on your Rylai's. When all three items are finished, start building towards Sheen and Rabadon's Deathcap/Guinsoo's. Finish with Lich Bane/Hextech Gunblade. <-- This way of building Akali is only my most common way of building her, and it doesn't take into account how your game is. That is up to yourself.

Explanation on item usage
: It is much needed that Akali's second passive is activated. You can exchange this with a Longsword and a health pot.

: Akali doesn't want to get caught in long CCs; taunts, stuns, snares etc. It gives Akali some much needed survivability. Sorcerer's Shoes is also viable for the MR pen. Ninja Tabi aswell if you are facing a lot of AD champs - and it has great synergy with masteries.

(Later ): The spell vamp is awesome for staying longer in the lane. You can build it before or after Rylai's depending on how hard the game is. The harder it is, the more you want to build the revolver first. Later on build into Gunblade for good Activative spell and both lifesteal and spellvamp on one item.

: This is what defines Akali. Rylai's is Akali's absolute core item, granting her both survivability, AP and most important: The slow on her spells. This is necessary for ganking and chasing.

: A great boost for Akali's damage and making you hit even harder. Allows you to take out those squishies exeptionally fast. "They wont even know what hit 'em"

: Some might question me on the usefullness of this item. But as Akali's AP starts to stack up nicely, her passive with the bonus magic damage is starting to hurt. And since Guinsoo's stacks both Attack Speed AND Ability Power it is a quiet good items for Akali. She will reach the 8 stacks in a brief moment after jumping on to her target. Don't buy this item before you have a decent amount of AP, since it will be worth way more when your passive is much stronger
Oh and did I mention - It makes tower pushes (and even Baron!) so much faster.

: For finishing your Sheen. Can be completed earlier if prefered. Makes your auto attacks hit even harder in conjunction with her spells.

Situational Items
: If you find yourself getting countered by a lot of Magic Pen, this is definitely an item of choice.

: For increased survivability. If you will die because of your shroud is down, it will hopefully be off cooldown when you respawn again - almost ensuring you will survive.

: Get this early if you like it. I just don't think it prefectly suits this build, which is aimed towerds a very versatile Akali, focusing using her max potential instead of just stacking AP for insane nuke.

: If you are facing a lot of AD champs, this items is very usefull on Akali.

: Great item to counter some heavy AP nukers, and if the opponent team stack some MR.

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I will update this guide soon - this is an outcast to see some of the response. I will add more sections about gameplay etc. and elaborate some of the existing sections.

The last few tips and tricks:
- Play like an assasin. Don't initiate, focus squishies and runners.
- Use hit and run tactics if you find yourself getting focsed.
- Even though you are an assasin, Akali is also somwehat of an AP carry. Play accordingly and get fed.
- Grab the red buff if none of your teammates claims it. It is quiet handy with a slow on her auto attack.