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Akali Build Guide by NatiiveHD

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NatiiveHD

Akali -WTF Just Happened?!

NatiiveHD Last updated on September 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Akali - The Fist Of Shadow

This guide is to show u how I play Akali I find this guide very good if u really want to do high burst and killing those squishies in seconds. I would consider Akali a really funny hero, even though i havent played here for so long actually. Akali is similar to the most melee champs, including a charge, AoE and a ranged atk.

If u like high burst, great mobility and be a great member for ur team then Akali should fit u well.

Akali can solo lane if ur team got a jungler. Akali is not the main carry in the game but she does really high burst and if feeded she will banana butt rape with her Q + auto atk. Akali shouldnt be in the middle of the fight as she is kinda squishy, she should focus at killing those champions that deals highest damage in teamfights.

Akali with the Nurse skin. AWSUUM!

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Pros / Cons


Extremely high burst
Awesome escape spell
Great Ganker
Untouchable when fed.
Hot with Nurse skin

Can easily be killed with CC
Requires map awareness

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Pretty explanatory, i use flat ap quints because ap will be required for Akali. ap per level + magic resist marks. ap per level, like i said before, u will need that extra ap. And magic resist, ye u know the deal.

Health per level seals is good for getting that early survivability. And u do not wanna be squishy.

And finally MR glyphs. Really great for Akali

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Well, 21-0-9 is just great for Akali. The point on Exhaust is well needed if ure using Exhaust as i would suggest. Extra xp is also very good for outleveling our opponents.

I consider going 21-9-0 could work to but u need that 21 on the offensive for getting extra damage and stuff.

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Buying Amplifying Tome in the beginning is just great for early kills. And u will need the Health Potion for sustain in the lane. After that u gonna build Haunting Guise. After that u gonna grab ur Sorcerer's Shoes that gives u great MPen. Then go for Lich Bane whos gonna be ur core item. Got a great passive dealing extra damage after a spell, and that combined with ur Q spell is gonna be Legen..wait for it..DARY!

And now ure gonna be tired of being kinda squishy so then a Rylai's Crystal Scepter will help u out! Gives u ap + Health which is gonna be needed. Then the real damage happens. Rabadon's Deathcap! Gives u 140 ap + a really great passive giving u even more AP! Great,huh? Then finish of with a Hextech Gunblade, and this item is just great for Akali. It will give u ap, ad , lifesteal + spell vamp also a a very useful active.
Also, if ure laning against noobs then u gonna wanna buy Mejai's Soulstealer

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Summoner Spells

Main Spells :

Exhaust - Is great for 1v1 and if ur opponent is diving , just use ur Exhaust on him and he wont deal damage to you and ur turret will probably kill him for u. 1+ Kills!

Flash - Great item for avoiding ganks, and chase ur enemy also. Why i choose Flash before Ghost is cuz if ure skilled with ur Flash then u can flash over walls and easily getting away.

Other Spells.

Ghost - Would be replacement for Flash because of the increased movement speed that can hunt down ur enemies

Ignite - Great for getting kills in early game. But in late game it gets kinda worthless

Revive - No.

Rally - Could be great, but No.

Heal - Could be good, u can really trick ur opponents in 1v1, they think they can kill u but NO. Pop ur Heal and if they also are at low hp then they should be killed.

Smite - Only for junglers.

Teleport - Ye could work. But this should be for the one who mid lane or solo lane.

Fortify - Let the tank get this one

Clarity - Nuff Said.

Clairvoyance - Could work but i would let the support get this one.

Cleanse - Could work really good for escaping CC but still not my main choice

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Skill Sequence

: A great passive. Gives u extra magic damage from ap and spell vamp from ad

: This is a great ability for doing damage. Use this to harass and if u use this spell then a autoattack then the auto atk does improved damage which is really nice.

: I simply love this ability. This is a great ability to juke ur enemies. Also u can use this do turn ur fights to ur favour. If ure close to die then pop this ability on ur opponent then Q and autoattack and hopefully they will die. And also it stacks so u can use 3 ultis with only 2 sec cooldown

Akali is laning really good with a stunner. Lets say Veigar, he uses his stun and u can charge in with ur ulti, use ur , auto attack then ur , and by that time the opponent should be dead

: This is Akali´s only AoE ability. With the right items this can go great damage.

: This is a really great ulti, its like a Flash only that it does damge. If ur opponent just flashed then just pop this ult and ur back at him again. Really good ult.

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Ye this was the guide i would suggest you use with Akali. Hope u enjoyed it and please give it a try and favorite/upvote.

Remember, this is the way i play Akali, im not saying u have to play Akali after this guide. Its just great for beginners who wanna learn and master Akali.

I appreciate comments but no hating ;>

Hope u enjoy playing Akali. GLHF!

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