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Alistar Build Guide by BabybackChamp

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BabybackChamp

Alistar - Rampaging Through the Twisted Treeline

BabybackChamp Last updated on January 28, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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NOTE: This is Strictly a 3v3 Guide. Do not vote on this Guide based on a 5v5 match. Please try this build before you vote as well.

Hello this is BabybackChamp and this is my first build. I primarily play in the Twisted Treeline Map. I was messing around trying to look for someone who is a Viable build with amazing CC. I played as Alistar and built him like I would if I were in a 5's match. That just didn't work. My buddies Adam and Ian said there is no room for Alistar in TT since his damage was too low and he was not worth it... I took that as a personal challenge to create this build and prove them wrong. This build is for smart players. It is all about procing your Sheen on Trinity Force and doing damage over and over while you pester the hell out of the enemy by CCing everything in sight.

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The runes I have selected are still in what I would like to call Beta.


Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Gold


Greater Mark of Attack Damage I choose this Mark because I think it really helps out your minion farming early game. Again it is all about getting that build started with these Marks it will help making last hitting minions much easier.


Greater Seal of Armor I chose it this Seal because I think Armor is key early game and I will say it over and over. It is all about sustain in lane to get that gold to get this expensive build rolling.


Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power This glyph was chosen to help late game. Giving you that bonus AP in the end will allow your abilities to all do a little extra damage and this will also help your rampage damage. There is nothing like a free Sunfire Cape endgame when you need it.


Greater Quintessence of Gold This should be the only Quint I believe you should use in this build. This build is so expensive and the three extra gold/5 helps our tremendously. You need to get that Rod of Ages and Trinity Force ASAP for the tides to start turning in your favor.

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These Masteries are more along the lines to get you started. The Items from the build allow you to do all the damage and give Alistar his true power. The AD/AP build really lets him tear people apart, while maintaining heals that are worth something and something similar to a Sunfire Cloak with his passive since one of his abilities is probably gonna be off cooldown rather fast.

    +Obtain 10% CRD
    +Get the bonus gold/5
    +Get the 3% Bonus Movement Speed

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This is where I think Alistar really shines. With a balance of Attack Damage, Ability Power, Attack Speed, Mobility, and Cooldown Reduction. I first start of this build buying Boots of Speed and a Ruby Crystal. I work as hard as I can to get 775 gold. I then immediately go back and buy Catalyst the Protector. This item allows for tremendous sustain for Alistar in TT. You can use it to start jungling by level 3-4. I then save up gold and get the 1600 required to build the Rod of Ages. Again buy this ASAP even if you are at 100% health. The stacks from this need to start accumulating. I then rush Sheen for more Damage, AP, and Mana. This allows you to stagger abilities to do bonus damage. Phage is next. After this I never go back until I am able to finish my Trinity Force.

Now those in my opinion are the core items since they are so dang expensive. Now your goal is to build 1 of 2 items next Aegis of the Legion or Zephyr. I really think this is situational. I have bought the Emblem of Valor then the Zephyr. Look at what your team is lacking, if you are blessed with good partners get Zephyr to allow more damage/Tenacity. If you are barely winning fights or losing hard. I would recommend buying the Aegis First. After you build both of these I then upgrade my Aegis of the Legion into a Locket of the Iron Solari. I finish my build with a Nashor's Tooth for the last 20% CDR I needed as well as the sweet sweet AP it gives.

Some may ask why U focused so hard of Attack Speed in this build too. Well That is because Alistar is the King of CC... ( Janna is Queen). Since Phage only provides speed bonuses now it does not have the lock down potential as much as it use to. But you can definitely still use the procs to stay on enemies and become a sheer nusiance.

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Skill Sequence

Now onto Skill Sequence. This is really, really, situational. I really do not prioritize anything. I do focus on maxing Pulverize asap since the farming capability of this skill makes Ali a beast! Not to mention the CC ability it offers. I then almost stagger between Headbutt and Triumphant Roar when playing and picking up his Unbreakable Will whenever I get a chance.

If you dont already know. You can use Headbutt and Pulverize to close gaps and knock-up enemies.

Another combo would be to walk up to the enemy and Pulverize then walk around the enemy to Headbutt the enemy into your team and let them let loose on the poor soul.

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Flash I would say this is key for Ali since it allows you to close gaps and intiate with a Pulverize instead of using the W -> Q Combo. Practice with Flash + Pulverize to make enemies cry and curse the day you looked at this Build.

Ignite This is actually surprising to have on Alistar right? Well this is not any ordinary Alistar. He is bred for ANYTHING. Run in do your damage Ignite walk away. (Cool Bulls walk away from Ignited Enemies). This is also good for 1v1 fights with enemies who excel at healing themselves. I dont know how many ADC's thought they were gonna kill my Alistar since they had Sanguine Blade. I just popped Ignite and watched my Unbreakable Will+ Sheen melt them away.

Other Possiblities

Ghost This would work. In some cases. The gap closing this allows to help a teammate in need is great. I really do not like it as much as Flash since it does not cover that combo capability. Another reason I do not like it so much is that you are in Three's Jarvan is a Great pick and with that you will have an easy escape with Flash over running realllly fast in circles while he pounds on you.

Exhaust This works in some cases as well. With your combos plus Trinity Force you will almost always be able to lock down 1 person. A reason why this might be a good choice is if you see the enemy team in draft and they pick all AD characters. I would then definitly recommend this over Ignite. There is nothing like taking a person out of the fight for ~3 seconds while you wail on another person.

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Pros / Cons


-CC of the Gods
-Unbelieveable Movement Speed
-Surpisingly good Damage
-Nearly uncatchable
-Your a Giant Bull that walks on 2 legs


=Sadly, "You can't milk those" LOL
-Not really a Super form of Damage

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Team Work

Alistar is meant for saving lives. Run to any teammate in trouble there is always something you are able to do to get your teammates out of trouble. Alistar is not the main form of damage usually in this buiild. I would recommend working with another carry to run around and catch people out of place. Another great thing about alistar is that he is able to select a target and throw them our of the way or into the fray. Use his combos to your advantage. Practice Practice Practice.

Being Alistar you can farm under tower and survive pretty well from tower dives. Make sure there are minions of plenty and constantly use you Triumphant Roar to stay alive while you use your abilities to CC unsuspecting divers under turret while Rampage takes out minions around you to refresh the Cooldown on you Triumphant Roar.

Feel Free to friend me and watch me play with him. BabybackChamp (NA Server). I am not the best at LoL and work hard to get better. But I do impliment some great ideas and stategies with Alistar to make him a huge force to be reckoned with.

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Cap you Pulverize first and use it to farm mage minions. You can usually hit them all 1 time each then Q to pop them all. I also try to save my Headbutt for seige minions. It is a reliable source of damage that will do much more damage than an auto attack. Gold is important in this build. Dont risk losing ~40 gold cuz you were being stingy on Mana.

Jungle when you can. Initiate with E to start the rampage tick. When you get your Sheen this also does great damage to the large creep. Then when the Sheen is ready to proc again. Or the Rampage timer is about to go away use Pulverize to finish the creeps. Early on this is a little slow but the bonus gold from killing minions from 1 altar is amazing as well as utilizing the Mana and health regen the catalyst the protector has to offer.

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This Alistar Build is all about ulitizing Alistar as everything he could possibly be. This is a breakdown on everything I did for him.

I got him 40% Cooldown Reduction to allow him maximum potention on CCing over and over as well as near spamming heals in lane.

He has Tenacity from Zephyr that does the same as Mercury's Treads except it allows him more attack damage attack speed mobility and cooldown reduction.

By having Zephyr I open up a new T2 boot slot. Mobility is King with Alistar so I got Boots of Swiftness This now reduces all slows on alistar and gives him an extra bonus to movement speed that greater than any other T2 Boot while in combat.

Rod of Ages not only gives alistar great amounts of AP it also gives him unbelievable amounts of sustain in lane with the Catalyst the protector proccing every time you level as well as giving you a large mana and health pool

Locket of the Iron Solari not only provides you with health, armor, and magic resist. But it gives bonuses to your team as well. This allows Alistar to reduce incoming damage by 50% normally. With his Ult activated the damage is reduced another 50% allowing Alistar to take 25% damage for the duration of his ult.

Building Attack Speed and Attack Damage after establishing a base of AP Alistar will now be able to use his ult to do amazing damage by properly staggering abilities. Sheen + Attack Damage + Slow and Low Cooldowns on Abilities = Great Damage.

Nashor's Tooth is a last item in the build because when you play this Alistar you will see that it is just Icing on the Cake. After all abilites are level 5 the abilities are on a rather low Cooldown. with the final Cap of 20% to round Alistar out to a capped out 40% CDR its a GG. The ability power and Attack Speed help again. Allowing his heals to do a bit more as well as his abilities to do a bit more damage. This is all about procs on that Trinity Force and When any bonus like Crit from Zeal. Bonus damage from Sheen. Now the Phage allows you to stay on their butt for a long time because the speed bonus.

Again, please try this build and ask me questions before voting down on this build. It is very viable and when played right with a decent team. You are almost garunteed a win.

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