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League of Legends Build Guide Author Humanitarianist

Alistar the Wreckingball

Humanitarianist Last updated on July 23, 2011
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This being my first guide, the quality will be lacking, but I will try to make it as indepth as I possibly can. With This being my first guide, it is only appropriate that it be about the first champion I fell in love with... Alistar. In my opinon, the most rough and tumble character in the game, he is hard to bring down 1v1 or even 1v2 for a few reasons. One: he has a ton of natural health. Two: He can take a massive amount of damage because of his ultimate. Three: With the right items, he becomes a wreckingball dead set and bringing the enemy to their knees. Yes, you heard me right, a tank Alistar that can do some serious AD for being what he is: a tank.

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Skill Sequence

For the skill sequence I like to go for more of a farming to harass style. First start with Pulverize it will help you with assisting in the First Blood kill if the oppertunity presents itself. I dont like Headbutt here because I think it promotes chasing and I feel like that is not Alistars strong suite. Next, I go with Triumphant Roar to help with farming and lane survivablity and then Headbutt to give you the ability to harass your opponent. After that this is how I level: TR -> HB -> Ult(try and kill me now ;)) -> TR -> HB -> TR ->HB -> Ult ->HB -> TR -> P-> P -> Ult -> P -> P. Alistar really benefists from having a strong triumphant roar early because he will have so much health later on that it won't be worth for much other than activating his passive. Being able to knock enemeys back into your team with Headbutt is great, but why not give him a good pop with it at the same time. And pulverize is really just a set up move if needed and the occasional farm tool.

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Now this is where Alistar becomes an AD Tank. There are three things Alistar needs to become this: armour, health, and mana (mostly health and mana). When starting, grab 3 health potions and a Cloth Armor. As soon as you can get Chain vest or if you can afford it right away, upgrade right to Thornmail. Quickly grab a Boots of Speed. Then, start building the glorious manimuneManimune (preferably start building with tear of goddessTear of Goddess). Finish your boots with either or . It depends on the pace of the game. If it is slow and defensive go Mercs but if ganks are constant then Boots of Mobility will get the job done. By now Alistar will need some help in the health department, so why not go for a Warmog's Armor. The 920hp boost will really help make this next item hit home. My favorite take item of all time (drum roll please) ATMA'S IMPALER. It gives Alistar a much needed armor boost but also converts 2% of his health to attack damage. So when all of your abilities are on cooldown Alistar can start beating the pulp out of enemy champions and oh yeah, towers are screwed. Now this item depends on who you are upgainst. If it is casters, grab a Quicksilver Sash. If it is primarily a melee team, then bring on Randuin's Omen or Sunfire Cape for the health and armor boost. You have now created a walking wreckingball.

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Summoner Spells

Clarity in my opinion is great early on for the mana starved Alistar. So why not give him a little boost so he can last in the lane much longer. If he combos it with a lane partner with Heal, then you are set for quite awhile.

Ghost becomes your best friend when escaping ganks (Don't use it to chase. Alistar isn't on the playing field to get kills). When you seen 4 enemy champions coming for you, flip Ghost on as fast as your finger can hit the F button and get to the nearest turret.

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Runes are what are going to fill the voids that Alistar has and help him become a more powerful early game champion. Grab the Greater Mark of Alacrity. for the added attack speed. Alistar can hit hard, but not fast so go ahead and fix that. Next let's add a little mana. For this, you will want Greater Glyph of Intellect. Since health won't be added until later, greater seal of fortitude will Greater Seal of Fortitude will help boost Ali in that department. This rune selection isn't meant for the long term (except the attack speed boosts). Finally, Greater Quintessence of Warding will help a lacking magic resist department.

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This will be simple. It pretty much explains itself.
Defense: 21
Utility: 9

You can kind of do this how you like. Just make sure you get the mastery that boost your summoner spells.

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Farming is a trait of Alistar's that never comes easy, but with his passive it can become a little easier. Being able to spam Triumphant Roar early on will active his passive and allow him to bring minions down quicker. Never use Pulverize unless you know you can atleast kill three minions with it because it will come in handy later when you need to make sure an enemy champion doesn't get away.

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You see a lot of AP Alistar guides and that is not what he was meant to do. He is a turret bashing, wrecking ball that decides who lives and who dies with a single Heabutt. Alistar is one of the toughest champions to bring down and almost impossible to when his ult is activated. He is a great initiator when he comes in from behind and knocks the pulp out of a squishy champion who thinks he is safe. So why not grab the bull by the horns and swing him around like the wreckingball he is.

(Additions will come later. For right now, I am getting this out there for the build.)

P.S. If someone could tell me how to get a cheet sheet on here that would be great.